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How to ride with a slower rider and still have fun - 28/05/2017

Maybe you'd like to ride with someone who's slower than you but you don't want to keep looking over your shoulder to see if they're able to keep up - that's annoying, and once they drop off the back it's frustrating, you have to break your rhythm to wait for them 

Well there is another way, what you can do is stick your heart rate monitor on them and make sure that your heart rate monitor is paired to your head unit. Then you monitor their heart rate as you're cycling along.

Come up with a BPM number to start with, so quite a good number is about 150 beats per minute for a 40ish moderately fit rider, look at your head unit and check their heart rate as you're cycling along.

You can see if they drop off because the heart rate won't show up anymore, but you can also see kind of where they're comfortable and where they're not comfortable and depending how long your ride is you can then try and keep them in that zone - that's a lot more fun than having to keep looking behind you all the time to see if they're still there.

You can keep a rhythm going and it's quite satisfying to actually keep them comfortable so that they don't get dropped off - they have a better ride you have a better ride and its cakes all around, give it a go.

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