Trek Madone 9.9 2018 vs 2004 to 2017 Trek Madone

Which 2018 Trek Madone is the best value for money? A look back through the evolution of the Trek Madone, influenced by Lance Armstrong, from 2004.
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Video Transcript
00:00 last weekend I was lucky enough to head 00:02 out to Portugal for a ride with some 00:03 friends out there I got to try out a 00:06 couple of track mode owns one from 2007 00:10 and one from 2014 00:13 they were great bikes I've never been a 00:15 big huge Trek fan I find their bikes a 00:17 little bit boring to look at but you 00:19 can't deny that they ride very very well 00:21 I thought I'd make this quick video as a 00:24 quick look at the Madone have a look 00:26 through the years at all the different 00:27 versions and then check out the new 2018 00:31 versions and see what the different 00:33 models are on offer so you can't talk 00:35 about the trek Madone without mentioning 00:37 Lance Armstrong who basically helped to 00:40 develop Trek and the Madone when he won 00:43 the Tour de France is there actually he 00:44 didn't win because now they've scrubbed 00:46 them from history but that's a whole 00:48 other conversation just a very quick 00:49 look at Google Trends we can see that we 00:53 can go back to 2004 the trek Madone came 00:55 out in 2003 and you can see that the 00:58 specialized tarmac wasn't really around 01:01 however the TCR was was out there and 01:04 then later on we get the Scot addict and 01:07 the super six from Canada it's cool the 01:10 way that you can see that these spikes 01:12 come in June and July and I'm guessing 01:14 that's because that's when the Tour de 01:15 France is on and we get more interest in 01:17 the bikes then for some reason 2009 was 01:20 a big year for the trick Madone after 01:22 that uh okay so the first one I could 01:24 find was from 2004 5.9 and it's really 01:28 difficult to find good pictures of the 01:30 old threatenin downs basically told 01:32 through the trek archives and the 01:34 pictures are all very small but I 01:36 thought I'd put them up anyway so this 01:37 is the 2004 5.9 one of the earliest 01:41 versions of the trek Madone like this 01:43 going on here and it's obviously all 01:44 carbon 2005 that's a very bad picture 01:47 but that's all I could find a few 01:49 updates there I'll have all the spaces 01:51 in there those bikes were both dura-ace 01:53 this is dura-ace so this is the SS LX 01:56 from 2006 2007 and then we got into 2008 02:02 we had a pretty big update so you can 02:04 see we jumped from the fair sloping top 02:07 tube to the more compact design frame 02:09 and if you keep your eye around here you 02:11 can see some sort of design cues that 02:13 still around today like these wheels are 02:16 pretty cool for 2008 02:18 so that was six point nine six point 02:19 nine Pro 2009 that's got the SRAM on it 02:22 there that's got white tires like to get 02:25 some white tires that's cool 02:27 that's a good-looking bike I like that 02:28 bike I'd ride that now in fact I might 02:30 have a look on eBay see if I can find 02:31 one that's cool I like that 02:33 2010 6.9 I think that looks cool as well 02:36 very sort of racy looking do you race ok 02:40 2011 6.9 SSL they've toned it down a bit 02:44 for 2011 I can't help but think of the 02:47 TCR when I look at that one 02:48 okay 2012 we've changed at a 700 series 02:53 Carbon 2013 we've then had quite an 02:57 update there as well we've sort of gone 02:59 from the sort of thinner head tube area 03:01 and then they've started filling it in 03:03 here in the 2013 model we've also gone 03:07 to di - this is the 7.9 so for the 03:12 madhan's the higher the second number 03:14 after the decimal point the more 03:15 expensive it was when you bought it 03:17 so the 0.9 is the top of the range and 03:19 then 7 being or the model number so 03:22 we're up to 7 here in 2013 700 series 03:25 carbon and you've got the Bontrager 03:28 wheels seat handlebars Bontrager is the 03:31 is basically the in-house Trek brand so 03:34 they supply all their own bits there ok 03:36 2014 not much of a change there that 03:39 just looks like paint job still the 700 03:42 series Carbon 2015 I couldn't find a new 03:45 picture for 2015 so whether or not they 03:48 didn't update it I'm not really sure 03:50 those are the pictures from the trek 03:52 archive 2016 ok big jump now we've gone 03:56 from the 7 700 series carbon to the 9 04:00 and we've actually downgraded the carbon 04:02 according to the trick website it says 04:04 the 700 series is better so I'm not sure 04:07 about that 04:07 but we've got a massive change in the 04:09 shape of the frame and the Madone has 04:11 become tricks arrow bike all these tubes 04:14 are designed to be aerodynamic we've got 04:17 the one-piece bar aero bar and we've got 04:20 the new integrated front brake with I 04:23 forget what they call them now but we've 04:24 got these little wings that flap 04:26 when you turned corners to cover up the 04:29 front brake pretty cool no cables 04:32 showing and you've got is that the ISO 04:34 speed decoupler have to check that 04:36 Madone iso speed decoupler increasing 04:40 vertical compliance to twice that of our 04:42 nearest competitor without compromising 04:44 pedaling efficiency so basically that 04:46 makes it more comfortable and we've got 04:48 the bond tree get a ulis 5tl are TLR 04:53 tubeless ready I think that means I 04:55 think you pronounce that Paola seems 04:57 like a weird name to me so that's the 04:59 9.9 2016 model then we go to 2017 this 05:03 is the first one I could find with a 05:05 wait it's the top of the range and it 05:07 comes in at six point eight seven 05:09 kilograms for an arrow bike that is nice 05:13 and light that's a very good way can't 05:15 see many changes to the frame there on 05:17 the 2017 model bit of a paint job and 05:21 it's got the new juror race on it so 05:23 then we come to the 2018 model so this 05:26 is the new one and it's the nine point 05:28 nine and this way slightly less six 05:32 point eight as opposed to six point 05:34 eight seven 05:35 so they've shaved some weight off and 05:37 there's also been a bit of a redesigned 05:39 to the frame there like so 2017 2018 I'm 05:44 guessing we're trying to make that lower 05:46 at the front the top tube curving down 05:48 and the head tube is a bit shorter apart 05:50 from that all pretty similar there's 05:52 another view of it I do like these 05:54 details inside the forks with the 05:56 different colours I think that's pretty 05:57 cool 05:57 and this is all very air around here 05:59 yeah like that looks good what i don't 06:02 really like about this is this sort of 06:03 bit where the c2 goes in this looks a 06:06 bit a bit rubbish to me that needs to be 06:09 smoother junction there so this is the 06:10 top of the range 2018 9.9 Madone and it 06:14 comes in at a whopping shade under ten 06:17 thousand pounds so that's a lot of money 06:20 but you get a very light Aero bike for 06:22 that so the nine point nine is the top 06:24 of the range the next one down is the 06:26 nine point five which weighs just shy of 06:30 a kilo more there's a little bit more 06:31 but the other thing I noticed is that 06:33 the model down from the ninth 06:36 9 the 9.5 appears to have the 2017 frame 06:41 so it looks like the 9.9 is the only one 06:44 that has the updated frame according to 06:46 the trick UK website but that's 06:48 interesting here's another view of that 06:51 that's a pretty cool looking bike I like 06:52 that again I like the blue inside the 06:55 forks there like that again I just don't 06:57 like this junction at the seat tube 06:59 looks a bit bit weird to me that okay so 07:01 this is the 9.5 and that comes in that 07:04 6500 pounds so still well it's still way 07:07 outside my price range expensive so 07:10 what's the next one down we've got the 07:12 9.2 so the 9.2 now the interesting thing 07:16 here is there wasn't one saying that it 07:18 was a 2018 so this is a 2017 model which 07:21 looks very similar really there's 07:24 another angle of it we've obviously gone 07:25 down to the old Tara mechanical whereas 07:28 the 9.5 has the di tuned so the 9.2 from 07:34 2017 again a little bit heavier not too 07:37 much heavier than the 9.5 only just over 07:40 10 grams that's not very much is it and 07:42 the 9.2 is 4,200 pounds which again is 07:47 still slightly outside my price range 07:49 unless I win the lottery I'm not really 07:52 gonna spend that much money on a bike so 07:54 what's the next alternative well there's 07:56 only one more left and that's the 9.0 07:59 just before I go to the 9.0 there were 08:01 some nice pictures of the 9.2 I think 08:03 that looks pretty cool Aero bar as that 08:06 design Qi was talking about earlier just 08:08 sort of flared out top of the steerer 08:10 there you got your little flaps covering 08:12 up the front brake that's a cool picture 08:14 you've got the ice so speed decoupler 08:17 there's the little flap sticking out as 08:19 you turn the corner not sure what I 08:20 think about that I guess it is cool long 08:22 as it doesn't break and there you've got 08:24 the one-piece bar and stem so that was 08:26 the 9.2 okay so the 9.0 that is a 2018 08:31 model so the main difference here as 08:33 we've gone to the more standard stem and 08:37 separate bar the only problem with that 08:39 is this all looks all looks a bit bit 08:42 weird because it was designed to have 08:44 this here so on the 9.0 08:47 rather messy so that's a bit of a 08:49 compromised yeah the good thing about it 08:51 is you can get a pair try bars to fit on 08:53 there which I do use now and again 08:54 another angle that looks really odd to 08:56 me and again it's the old Tegra 08:58 mechanical so this is coming in three 09:02 and a half grand which is well it's 09:04 still expensive but it's in the realms 09:07 of reality isn't it if you've got that 09:09 on not percent financed you could maybe 09:10 afford that as a normal human being 09:12 question is would I buy that with this 09:15 sort of weirdly compromised handlebar 09:17 setup not sure it's also getting up to 09:19 the sort of heavier weight heading to 09:21 the eight kilos time you got some pedals 09:23 on there drinks bottle so that's the the 09:25 cheaper end of the range what I thought 09:27 I'd then do was I would do a comparison 09:29 of the four different models of the 09:31 Madone that you can buy top into the 09:33 range 09:33 bottom end of the range so if you take 09:36 the 9.0 is your base model to then get 09:39 the top end of the range you're looking 09:41 at paying an extra one hundred and 09:42 seventy percent over the base model that 09:45 means that you could buy nearly three of 09:48 these to one of these so that's a heck 09:50 of a jump and then you've got the two 09:52 in-between 9.2 it's just 20% more than 09:55 the base model and the 9.5 that is 86 09:58 percent more than the base model so that 10:00 gives you an idea of the costs involved 10:02 there where you see green that means 10:04 they've all got the same equipment spec 10:06 so they've all got the same frame which 10:08 says on the website they've all got the 10:10 same frame but obviously the 9.9 has got 10:12 a revised frame with the more curved top 10:15 tube whereas these three haven't 10:17 according to the website they've all got 10:18 the same fork and they've all got the 10:20 same headset and they've all got the 10:22 same brakes interestingly and where 10:25 they're different probably the biggest 10:26 difference is in the wheels and in the 10:28 drivetrain so top of the range is di to 10:31 do race then we've got the DI to old 10:34 Tegra and then the to lower expect me 10:36 domes have got the mechanical 11 speed 10:39 so there we go that's the comparisons 10:41 and then if you look at the weight which 10:43 is the bottom line 10:44 literally the bottom line your base 10:46 model seven point eight one kilograms 10:48 you're then paying nearly three times as 10:50 much for a 13 percent reduction in 10:53 weight and presumably the wheels will be 10:55 stiffer as well it's like more error so 10:58 which one would I buy well like I say 10:59 haven't 11:00 ridden one the other weekend it is a 11:02 fantastic bike but expensive but I have 11:05 to say I would probably well there's no 11:08 way I could ever afford that one or 11:10 justify that one it's just too expensive 11:12 and I don't like the handlebars on this 11:14 one the way they don't fit properly so 11:16 it'd have to be between these two 11:17 probably the best value for money I 11:19 would say is the 9.2 so there we go what 11:22 do you think I'm going to set up a 11:24 little pole up in the top right hand 11:25 corner if you click on the eye you can 11:27 then choose which one you would prefer 11:29 to buy not be interesting to see what 11:31 people think or leave some comments down 11:33 below and give us a thumbs up