Time RXS Carbon pedals Unboxing

First in my Time RXS Carbon pedals videos, in this video I unbox my new pedals and take a look.
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Video Transcript
00:00 alright discover some Federal's of chain 00:04 reaction when the pedals I had before 00:10 lifeline and they cost about 17 quid and 00:15 they're copies of the likio pedals and 00:18 they've been awesome other than they 00:24 started making a lot of squeaking noises 00:26 I guess I've done a couple thousand 00:30 miles on them but anyway I'd get some 00:32 new pedals so I went for chain reaction 00:36 they have some time pedals on offer loop 00:49 [Applause] 00:55 time 00:57 and unlike wiggle 01:02 there's no harrybo in there after the 01:05 show what did they cast $74.99 I think 01:14 we reduced our water quick something 01:18 like that bio performance not for this - 01:26 that's always a good start 01:28 bag with clips in quite heavy pedals the 01:37 pretty cool aspects carbon 01:53 how you adjust the spring on them must 01:59 be that thing all right let's do those 02:11 might go get my scale so I can weigh 02:14 them and ready then soak up the scales 02:19 Oh top one pedaling that there's a 02:27 hundred in ways that one hundred and 02:33 hundred and ten ish sofa Terra will see 02:42 that makes two hundred and is that yeah 02:50 maybe to fishing anyway on to 03:05 instructions gold bit 03:18 testing go Pizza let's check on them 03:26 check bolts in 03:29 we're looking at camera 350 just under 03:40 sir what's maybe 3:40 there we go get 03:53 them fitted onto my bite hopefully 03:59 they'll be awesome