TREK H1 vs H2 FIT - Madone and Emonda

Eh, H1 & H2, whats that then????.... It's possible to buy the Trek Madone & Emonda in 2 geometry setups - the H1 geometry is more aggressive and racy than the more relaxed upright H2 geometry - which should you buy? In this video I look at the differences in the H1 & H2 frame shapes.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so I'm just making this video about the 00:02 trek h1 and h2 fit which is something 00:06 that caught me out on another video I 00:08 made about the trek Madone basically in 00:10 that video the trek Madone 9.9 2018 I 00:14 took this photograph from their website 00:16 assuming that this was the frame that 00:19 came with this stock 9.9 Trek Madone 00:22 which clearly is a different shape to 00:24 the picture that they have on the 2017 00:27 9.9 but assembly pointed out in the 00:30 comments what I'm actually looking at 00:32 there is the difference between h1 00:34 geometry and a h2 geometry now the 00:38 peculiar thing is if you go to treks 00:40 website and look at the nine point nine 00:42 this is the image I collected and it's 00:44 got the h1 racing geometry however if 00:47 you go all the way down to the bottom 00:48 there's a comment here where someone 00:51 asked exactly the question of the h1 the 00:54 pictures of this model seem to show an 00:55 h1 fit now the person from trek has 00:58 replied for 2018 the Madone nine point 01:01 nine stock bike comes in the 600 series 01:04 carbon h2 geometry the Madone 9 series 01:07 sll frame set is the only stock option 01:11 for 2018 that is offered with an h1 01:13 outside of the p1 program P 1 being 01:16 project 1 so what that means and this 01:18 I'm missing something is the trick I've 01:21 got the wrong picture up here because 01:23 that is a h1 frame and not the stock 9.9 01:26 h2 frame now if I've got that wrong 01:28 somebody explain it to me in the 01:30 comments below but whatever way you look 01:32 at it I don't think the trick really 01:34 make it very clear about this h1 and h2 01:36 business and in fact on some of the 01:38 pages for the amando and stuff like that 01:41 they don't mention the fit at all so 01:43 it's almost like you need to know this 01:44 stuff before you even come to their 01:46 website I'm not sure where you're 01:47 supposed to learn about it really so I 01:49 thought I'd make a very quick video and 01:51 show you the difference so this is the 01:53 image I've collected for the trek Madone 01:55 9 frame set 2018 3000 pounds this is 01:59 made from 600 series o CLV carbon and as 02:03 the h2 fit now initially I thought that 02:05 h2 and the fact that it was 600 series 02:08 carbon were linked together but it's not 02:10 h1 and h2 adjust the geometry of the by 02:13 as you'll see on the amana in a second 02:15 it just depends what they use 56 02:17 centimeter frame and I'm assuming this 02:19 is with the forks I would imagine so 02:21 it's 2.27 kilograms and we've got the 02:24 stack reach and wheelbase there that yes 02:26 that will make sense in a sec when I 02:27 show you the next frame this is the 02:29 frame that the 9.9 comes with stock now 02:32 if you want that h1 geometry you need to 02:34 order through project one or you can buy 02:37 the RSL frame set RSL stands for race 02:41 shop limited frame set to get the h1 fit 02:45 with 700 series carbon this time you've 02:48 got to pay another 1,300 pounds which 02:51 seems like an awful lot of money to me 02:53 when the difference is about 10 grams 11 02:57 grams however the geometry is quite 02:59 different as you can see here if i zoom 03:01 in so that's the difference there as 03:06 Evert wrecks awfully compressed images 03:09 letting me down a bit there but the race 03:11 shot limited h1 frame set has a stack 03:15 height that's 4.8 percent lower than h2 03:19 and a reach that stretches you out by 03:22 another 2% over the h2 apart from that 03:24 they're exactly the same length 98.3 03:27 centimeters okay so that's the Madone I 03:29 think we've cleared that up there now 03:31 moving on to the Emonda de which is 03:33 another frame set that comes in h1 and 03:35 h2 the trekking Monda SLR frame set 2018 03:39 is two thousand five hundred and ninety 03:40 pounds it's made with the 700 series 03:42 carbon but is h2 so this is what I was 03:45 talking about earlier carbon and the fit 03:47 and not linked together so this is a lot 03:50 lighter than the Madone and you can see 03:53 there it's a lot lighter because it's 03:55 it's an awful lot less carbon the 03:57 numbers are very similar between the h2 04:00 Madone and h2 the Monda so the stack 04:04 height is fractionally lower on the 04:07 maunder but the reach and the wheelbase 04:10 exactly the same they also do an h2 disc 04:14 frame set which is actually exactly the 04:16 same price and according to the website 04:17 all the numbers are the same as the h2 04:20 rim break version which is unusual 04:22 because the wheelbase of a disc bike is 04:24 usually longer but that's what the 04:26 website says so I have to believe them 04:28 you can buy the maunder RSL same as you 04:32 can the mado so it's the race shop 04:34 limited frame set and this time that's 04:36 exactly the same price because it too is 04:37 also made out of 700 series carbon it's 04:40 the h1 fit and again if we zoom in on 04:42 the headset area try and ignore that 04:44 hideous 04:45 compression of the image you can see h1 04:48 h2 and that's basically the difference 04:51 h1 now according to the website even 04:54 though that RSL version is quite a lot 04:56 less carbon it's actually only 10 grams 04:58 lighter than that but for frame and fork 05:01 that's already ridiculously light I 05:03 guess that's okay and very similarly to 05:05 the madhan's the Emonda de RS l is four 05:09 point eight five percent lower at the 05:11 front as you can see and is stretched 05:14 out by another 2% and the wheelbase is 05:16 exactly the same so if you compare the 05:18 RSL Emonda with the RSL Madone very 05:22 similar and then if you look at the SLR 05:24 frame set of them under and the Madone 05:27 nine frame set again very similar so 05:30 there we go I hope that's cleared up the 05:31 h1 h2 05:33 thing which I got kind of confused with 05:36 in the Madone video it is quite 05:38 confusing I don't think make it clear 05:40 enough but before you buy one of these 05:42 bikes make sure you know which geometry 05:45 you're looking at especially if you're 05:46 buying it secondhand 05:47 because it will make a difference when 05:49 you try and set it up if you liked this 05:51 video give it a thumbs up and if you 05:53 want to see more of this sort of stuff 05:54 subscribe to my channel