TCR 2018 vs Emonda vs Tarmac vs Ultimate

I look at 4 race winning road bikes in the light weight/all round category (i.e not aero specific) - at approx. £3,500 price point. Giant TCR, Trek Emonda, Specialized Tarmac SL6 and the Canyon Ultimate. Which is the best value for money?
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Video Transcript
00:00 so in this video I'm gonna look at four 00:01 road bikes pretty much sort of all-round 00:04 road bikes really but if you're gonna 00:06 race on them I guess you're gonna call 00:08 them the sort of lightweight climbing 00:11 bikes if you like but you can kind of 00:12 use them for everything really so 00:15 basically I've come up with a price so 00:17 the giant TCR is gonna be the benchmark 00:19 and I think three and a half grand is 00:22 about the right price for a wellspect 00:25 road bike I think if you're gonna pay 00:26 any more than that you're looking at 00:28 diminishing returns really and for a 00:30 normal bloke who just wants a bike and 00:32 you're reasonably good you do maybe some 00:33 chain gangs and you do a little bit of 00:35 racing that's a pretty good price I mean 00:38 you don't wanna spend more than that 00:39 really do when you can do you can spend 00:41 a lot more than that but the games that 00:43 you start seeing are a lot smaller 00:45 anyway so here we go the giant TCR sl2 00:49 2018 three and a half grand so what have 00:51 we got on this we've got mechanical old 00:54 Tegra a new one you've got giant wheels 00:56 pretty shallow they're climbing wheel 00:58 okay annoyingly giant don't specify 01:00 their weights infuriates me cuz you know 01:03 when you're buying a bike like this you 01:04 want to know how much it weighs okay so 01:06 this is the bike that Tom Dumoulin one 01:09 2017 giro d'italia on so it is a fully 01:12 fledged race bike from the stable of a 01:15 fully fledged race bike so what else 01:17 have we got on here we've got Nia Monda 01:19 from Trek it was very difficult to meet 01:22 that price point with the trek in Monda 01:24 so I had to that fell close that I could 01:27 look at and that was the SL r6 which is 01:30 this one or it was the SL six pro now 01:34 the SL r6 is from 2017 and the SL six 01:40 pro is from 2018 so they both fall 01:43 either side of the price point that I 01:45 was looking at and actually this 2017 01:47 model is closer but the thing to see on 01:49 the Amanda is the incredible low weight 01:52 a bit more than my price point that I 01:54 wanted to pay but it's incredibly light 01:56 so if you are living in a very hilly 01:58 area this might be your choice the 02:00 Bontrager wheels Bontrager wheels 02:03 bending any say you've got the old 02:05 autograph that's not the new groups that 02:07 that's 3,800 so it's more expensive than 02:10 the TCR as to regard to its race 02:13 pedigree 02:13 alberto contador who retired this year 02:16 2017 he won a very important stage on 02:20 the Vuelta 2017 stage 20 in his last 02:23 Grand Tour it's a good stage you should 02:25 look that up and have a watch and this 02:27 is GCN looking round Contador's bike 02:29 which is the Amanda 02:31 so certainly an incredible bike that's 02:33 in the list 02:34 next up specialized tarmac sl6 2018 02:38 perfect on the price again the wait guys 02:40 come on I need to know what the weight 02:42 is so annoying 02:43 so the tarmac it's got the new old Tegra 02:45 group set it's got the Rove all in-house 02:47 specialized wheels I think that's a 02:49 good-looking bike like that one I've got 02:51 the SL for tarmac myself so I'm a bit of 02:54 a fan race pedigree potato Trenton took 02:57 four stages of the welter this year 2017 03:00 he's definitely riding the tarmac here I 03:02 don't think I saw him on the Venge at 03:04 any point but the tarmac has won a lot 03:06 of races okay so next up it's the 03:08 ultimate CFS LX 8 di - 2018 from Kenyon 03:14 Thank You Kenyon you put your weights on 03:16 I appreciate that 03:17 now then price point wise I was looking 03:19 at 2 choices for this one and I went for 03:23 the DI 2 version which is a bit above 03:26 the price point but it's a great weight 03:27 seven point one kilograms and it's di - 03:30 that's where the extra money is if we 03:32 look at the one below that it's 600 03:35 pound cheaper but it's mechanical so I 03:39 went for the DI - version but at this 03:41 price that that way you've got the DI - 03:44 new old Tegra group set which is 03:47 supposed to be awesome 03:48 you got the Maverick cosmic midsection 03:50 aero wheels and you've got the canyon 03:53 one-piece aero bar 03:54 now that spec is pretty awesome for that 03:57 price and Canyon do that by not having 03:59 any retail shops they just post the bike 04:01 straight to you in a box you get it out 04:03 you stick a few bits together and you 04:06 get more for your money slightly above 04:08 the 3500 pound but you know for this 04:11 extra kit that is great value for money 04:13 as far as race pedigree nairo quintana 04:16 won the Vuelta 2016 on it so you can't 04:20 really argue with that so I looked at 04:22 which teams are riding these bikes and 04:24 you've got Peter sargans Bora hands grow 04:27 team using specialized and they'll be 04:29 using the tarmac and the Venge and then 04:31 you've got quickstep floors who are 04:33 using specialized we've got movie star 04:35 team using Canyon and you've got katusha 04:38 a person using Canyon using the Giants 04:41 we've got team some web so that's Tom 04:44 Dumoulin then trick Sega Fredo use the 04:47 the tricks though they're all pro 04:49 peloton bikes geometry wise just looking 04:51 at frame sizes Canyon smash it out the 04:54 park here and you can buy seven frame 04:56 sizes followed by the tarmac in six 04:59 sizes TCR in four sizes and the amon de 05:02 lagging way behind here with only three 05:05 frame sizes available so as far as bike 05:08 fit Canyon really are offering you a lot 05:10 more there other than the fact you can't 05:11 go to a shop and get bike fit for a 05:13 canyon because you've got to order it by 05:14 post so that's the catch as far as 05:17 measurements looking at what I consider 05:19 to be the medium for all of these frames 05:21 it's incredible how close all the 05:23 numbers are there really is not much 05:25 difference between any of these numbers 05:27 which point out the an all-round 05:29 lightweight racing frame they've pretty 05:31 much nailed that down what size that 05:32 should be with regard to price the price 05:35 order so the Cheka maunder is the most 05:37 expensive but it's superlight followed 05:39 by the canyon which is a little bit 05:41 above the price point I set then you've 05:43 got the tarmac bang on and then the 05:45 giant comes in 50 quid below so 05:48 price-wise the TCR is the cheapest and 05:51 then my choice as to which one's what 05:54 order I'd buy them in I think I'd have 05:56 to go with the canyon the equipment on 05:58 it is just awesome and the weight is 06:01 awesome and it wins races so that's 06:03 awesome and I think it looks pretty good 06:05 my favorite bike to look at it's 06:07 probably the tarmac I think it looks 06:09 great the sl6 and this tarmac and the 06:12 TCR come in joint second for me I'd have 06:15 either of those bikes happily and then 06:17 I've put in fourth place the Amon de 06:19 which don't get me wrong it's an awesome 06:21 awesome bike and tricks they always look 06:25 better in the flesh and they always ride 06:27 nicely but sometimes I don't know just 06:31 it doesn't look as good I don't think as 06:33 these runs it's more expensive because 06:36 it's the 2017 it's got the older kit on 06:38 it so yeah that's 06:40 I've put it in and forth there we go 06:42 that's my take on a Kenyan ultimate a 06:45 specialized tarmac the trek Amanda and 06:48 the giant TC are my winner is the Canyon 06:52 ultimate so what do you think if you 06:53 have any thoughts on this leave them in 06:55 the comments below and if you liked the 06:57 video give it a thumbs up and I'll make 06:59 some more ooh and subscribe to my 07:01 channel thanks