Following on from my video about the Cannondale Supersix Evo and CAAD12 in this video I checkout the Cannondale Synapse. I have a look through the range and decide which would be most suitable for my budget. I also compare it against the Supersix evo, Giant Defy, Canyon Endurace and Specialized Roubaix - I also have a quick look at the new Cannondale aero bike.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so in this video I'm gonna look at the 00:01 Cannondale synapse but just before I 00:03 do that I made a video the other day 00:05 about the super 6 Evo and the cat 12 00:09 from Cannondale it was quite interesting 00:11 to see the comments that I got about 00:13 more about the cat 12 than the super 6 00:16 to be honest even at one point I 00:18 referred to the cat 12 and the super 6 00:21 is you know I've kind of taken the 00:23 mickey and I called it a bit of a farm 00:25 gate what was interesting was that in 00:27 the comments rather than get upset and 00:30 be rude people wrote just quite honestly 00:33 how much they liked the cat 12 how it 00:35 worked for them 00:36 just some really good informative 00:38 information came through and it was 00:40 really quite pleasing to see really I 00:42 was expecting people just to lay into me 00:45 but just seemed like the owners of the 00:47 cat 12 are quite discerning purchases 00:49 and fair play to you guys so I thought 00:52 that was good I looked through the 00:54 Cannondale sign ups range and I thought 00:57 I would have a look at this one because 00:59 it was my favorite to look at and this 01:01 is the Cannondale sign ups hi mod disk 01:04 read eat app six and a half grand 01:07 Cannondale don't list their weights so I 01:09 can't talk about that we all know how 01:11 much that annoys me anyway this fight 01:13 obviously comes with the SRAM red 01:17 which is rather lovely and I do like 01:19 this very subtle sort of gloss black 01:22 going into the matte black like that a 01:24 lot as ever I'm a complete sucker for 01:27 the for the gum walls there I never 01:29 really know if they're called gum walls 01:30 or white walls does anybody know what a 01:32 gum wall is sure somebody knows and I 01:35 think that's a rather rather 01:36 good-looking bike I like that which 01:38 after my last video on Cannondale that's 01:41 quite encouraging to be saying that if 01:43 I'm honest so what I thought we'd do 01:44 first of all is I thought we would 01:45 compare this against the Super Six so 01:49 this is the Cannondale Super Six Evo hi 01:52 mod disc team and this is an extremely 01:55 expensive for half up to four and a half 01:58 eight and a half thousand pounds so just 02:04 flicking between the two you can see the 02:05 obvious difference is there and 02:09 basically the wheel base of the 02:13 Super Six is very slightly shorter 0.6 02:17 of a percent shorter the Super Six is 02:20 reach is 1.78 percent longer or more 02:23 stretchier and the stack height of the 02:27 synapse is obviously higher than the 02:30 Super Six by three point eight nine 02:32 percent as you can quite clearly see 02:34 there and there's obviously quite a 02:38 difference in the angle at the top tube 02:42 it'd be more sloped down on the synapse 02:46 which gives you more seatpost which in 02:48 theory gives you more flex and more 02:50 comfort although a lot of people 02:54 commented that the Super Six and CAD 02:56 twelve are actually very comfortable 02:57 bikes 02:58 sign-ups must be super comfortable the 03:03 chainstays are quite an interesting 03:05 shape they sort of look like they're 03:07 gonna flex a bit in the middle there and 03:10 in fact the Super Six has been the other 03:14 way which is quite interesting 03:16 so the sign-ups has clearly got a 03:20 through axle and the can't quite tell on 03:23 the Super Six but that looks like not a 03:27 three wax or didn't have a look on their 03:28 website 03:29 well it says hubs 100 times 12 through 03:32 yeah okay QR rear so that's a that is a 03:35 quick-release rear nice interesting as 03:37 it didn't spot that last time around 03:38 where as this signups is a 12 Mill 03:42 through axle right okay so that is the 03:44 difference between the synapse and the 03:48 supe six as far as just looking at the 03:50 two bikes together is concerned and the 03:52 other thing I did was I read some 03:54 reviews of the synapse online one that 03:56 was quite interesting was that it won 04:00 cycling weeklies editors choice 2017 so 04:04 I'm guessing they're talking about 04:05 obviously last year's model but what 04:07 caught my eye was it says in partnership 04:09 with Canada doesn't that mean that 04:11 Cannondale pay cycling weekly to say 04:13 it's the editors choice or if I got that 04:15 wrong so I thought that was quite 04:16 interesting so I read quite a few 04:17 reviews of the new 2018 synapse 04:23 basically the general consensus is that 04:25 is 04:27 lighter and stiffer than its predecessor 04:28 and they're saying that even the 04:30 geometry and performance attributes of 04:33 the frame were fought and now more 04:34 aligned with its race brethren so the 04:36 Super Six so there's lots of good 04:38 reviews out there but the general 04:40 consensus is that it feels racier 04:44 compared to the outgoing model but with 04:46 no less comfort so it almost looks like 04:48 you're getting the best of both worlds 04:49 you're getting a racy road by with good 04:52 tire clearance I think you can put mud 04:55 guards on it as well in the winter but 04:57 not only that you're getting very good 04:59 comfort so got even I'm thinking about 05:01 the Cannondale synapse now the marketing 05:04 is working on me 05:05 so in line with that looking through the 05:08 range which one would I consider buying 05:11 sadly the red eat app version is well 05:15 out of my price range at six and a half 05:17 grand and so at a price range say 05:20 between two and a half and three and a 05:21 half grand there's two bikes to look at 05:24 we've got the synapse carbon discs or 05:26 Tegra 2 seven one thing you'll notice if 05:31 you don't buy the electronic shifting 05:33 versions of these of this bike so say 05:36 the di2 or the eat app then you get this 05:39 curly cable that comes right round into 05:41 the down tube which by today's standards 05:46 that looks a little bit messy to me I 05:48 have kind of got used to looking at that 05:49 now but that's just one thing to notice 05:53 and then the next one up in the price 05:56 range is this one and this is the 05:59 synapse carbon disco Tegra SC at three 06:02 to four nine so I would kind of be 06:05 looking between these two so obviously 06:10 this one is 550 pounds more expensive 06:15 but this is a good-looking bike isn't it 06:18 I like that color is it just me or does 06:21 that look really cool and of course 06:24 again 06:25 Gumble sidewall but they look cool I 06:29 think all bikes come with tires like 06:31 that really I think the 30ml those WTB 06:35 tyres yeah so actually in in April I'm 06:39 going to ride the 06:40 the prey Roubaix sportif the day before 06:43 the pay rube a race and my SL for tarmac 06:49 will only take twenty five mil tires on 06:51 it and I'm looking at this by trial the 06:54 longing Li because I think this would be 06:56 a hell of a lot more comfortable than my 06:58 my specialized tarmac sadly I won't be I 07:02 won't be in a position to buy this buy 07:04 it before sportif so all I can do is 07:07 look and that's about it 07:10 maybe you'd buy the cheaper one and 07:12 gradually up upgrade the bits as you 07:14 went along I definitely prefer this 07:16 color and the look of this one so I 07:18 don't know maybe you would cough up the 07:21 extra money anyway there we go so that's 07:23 what I would buy the other thing I did I 07:25 had a look at the dew race version the 07:27 dew race di2 07:27 okay so this is oh yeah the one thing I 07:30 didn't point out between the cheaper 07:32 bikes is they're obviously not the hi 07:34 mod so yeah what I did was I looked at 07:36 the DI two version that's what I wanted 07:38 to do was then compare that against some 07:41 of the competitors and I thought if I 07:44 looked at all the DI two versions 07:46 they've obviously got whopping great 07:47 price tags and will show up the 07:50 differences in the brand pricing more 07:53 than if I looked at the cheaper bikes so 07:55 here we go this is the giant defi 07:57 advanced SL 0 another bike that I rather 07:59 fancy and as you can see these 08:07 manufacturers have very different ideas 08:08 about how to lay the bike out a giant 08:13 being a lot lower at the front I'm just 08:20 a much more compact frame obviously with 08:22 the drops each day's price wise giant 08:26 the bit cheaper and obviously the defi 08:30 gets very good write-ups as well so not 08:33 sure you could really go wrong with 08:34 either of those really and the next one 08:36 I looked at was the Kenyan and do race 08:40 CF SLX disc nine dura-ace di2 the first 08:45 thing that we obviously notice here is 08:48 well down to Kenyan for listening their 08:51 weights but also 08:53 the price comparing it to the wrong bike 08:58 so the canyon bike is Wow is that right 09:04 the canyon bike is 1,900 pounds cheaper 09:07 for the same group set di to do race di 09:12 to a Cannondale has the Cannondale brand 09:16 crank set and who knows if you know is 09:20 the Cannondale crank actually better 09:21 than the jus race crank 09:23 much lighter there's something for you 09:25 to comment on down below because that'd 09:27 be interesting to know okay so that's 09:28 the ender ace and the next one that I 09:31 looked at was the Ruby from specialized 09:34 s-works and it's a freaky looking bike 09:37 I've done a review on these before it's 09:40 supposed to be awesome bikes but they 09:42 just look weird to me and I just can't 09:44 help but think that in two or three 09:46 years it's gonna look super dated but 09:48 we'll see 09:49 anyway if you compare that to the sign 09:51 ups well the first thing to obviously 09:57 look at is the price and the Ruby is and 10:03 and I've said it before I watering extra 10:06 one thousand seven hundred pounds oh 10:09 gosh that's a lot isn't it what are you 10:11 getting for that arguably more 10:14 comfortable more comfortable weird shape 10:16 seatpost 10:17 yeah you either love it or hate it and I 10:20 don't know people are obviously prepared 10:22 to pay that extra money let me know what 10:26 you think is the Roubaix worth that much 10:30 more money considering they've both got 10:32 the di2 on 10:39 McLaren applied technologies does that 10:42 say 10:43 specialized working with Formula one is 10:45 it so that's kind of the competition and 10:47 there's sort of different pricing 10:49 between the brands obviously the canyons 10:51 coming out like a lot cheaper the other 10:53 thing I looked at very quickly the 10:55 Google Trends for these bikes so this is 10:57 over five years obviously the Kenyan 11:00 Indu race has come along quite a lot 11:02 later on and doesn't get anything like 11:04 the same attention as say the most web 11:07 searched of all these bikes which is the 11:10 giant defy but what is interesting is 11:11 that all the trend lines are pointing 11:13 down so what does that mean that we're 11:15 all fed up with the endurance bike now 11:17 which is hard to believe and then you 11:18 always get these spikes in the summer be 11:20 that because the Tour de France is on or 11:22 just because the sun's out who knows so 11:24 there we go that's Google Trends on 11:25 those bikes so then the next question I 11:28 asked myself was if I was in the market 11:30 for new bike and I was looking at like I 11:32 said that two and a half to three and a 11:34 half grand range would I actually buy 11:37 the synapse or would I head over to 11:40 the canyon Inn do race which clearly is 11:44 coming in a lot cheaper this version 11:46 here of the Jew race CFSL disc eight old 11:51 Tegra is a lot cheaper than the 11:54 similarly SPECT synapse and in fact 12:02 you can get the DI 2 version of this 12:03 Canyon bite as in the old tech word di 2 12:06 and that's still coming in cheaper than 12:08 the Cannondale synapse however I think 12:12 I would go as far as to say that I 12:14 definitely prefer the look of this 12:16 Cannondale synapse over the canyon 12:20 into your race it's just a better 12:22 looking bike I think is it worth the 12:24 extra money that's the million-dollar 12:26 question I'm gonna say something nice 12:28 about Cannondale bike so there it is I 12:30 prefer that one done deal and just 12:31 before I wind up this video I was quite 12:34 interested to see well I mentioned in my 12:36 last Cannondale video how and this was 12:39 what a week ago I mentioned how 12:41 Cannondale didn't have an aero bike and 12:43 then literally the day after or the day 12:46 after that GCN reported on Cannondale 12:50 using or the Cannondale 12:52 back team using a new arrow frame at the 12:57 I think it was the the Dubai tour or 13:00 something like that and that is 13:01 definitely a Cannondale and it 13:02 definitely is arrow rumor is it might be 13:05 called systematics but who knows so 13:07 there we go I thought it was quite 13:08 interesting thing as I mentioned it a 13:09 couple of days before and there it is so 13:12 I have to take all that back right so 13:13 there we go my verdict is I like the 13:15 look at this one really like that color 13:16 yeah if you liked this video give it a 13:18 thumbs up and subscribe to my channel