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00:00 okay so in this biotic episode I have 00:02 set a budget of 999 pounds to see what 00:07 sort of road bike you can get for that 00:09 money but this sort of price I'm 00:11 thinking that somebody who is just 00:14 starting out in road riding or possibly 00:17 it's their second bike so the bikes I've 00:19 decided to look at are these five here 00:21 we've got the Scot speedster ten the 00:23 giant contend sl1 the trek domani al r3 00:28 the specialised aller elite I think 00:31 that's how you say and the Canyon 00:32 injuries al seven so I've racked my 00:34 brains to try and come up with a way of 00:36 explaining what you get for nine hundred 00:38 and ninety nine pounds and to that end 00:40 I've come up with this little graph that 00:43 I'll try and explain here let's imagine 00:45 you've got a pretty decent rider 00:47 intermediate rider producing about 250 00:50 to 300 watts and he's on the flat no 00:53 wind and he's tucked in if he was on a 00:55 Helford special bike and the cheapest 00:57 one I could find was a hundred and 00:59 eighty quid I think one could imagine 01:01 and have made all these numbers up you'd 01:04 have to do a test to actually work this 01:05 out this is just a attempt to explain 01:08 what you get for 999 pounds so if you're 01:11 on a hundred and eighty pound bike from 01:12 Halfords and you're this pretty good 01:14 rider let's say you're gonna be 01:16 averaging a speed of about eighteen 01:18 miles an hour because that bite weighs 01:20 about 11 kilograms if however you spend 01:23 upwards of 11,000 pounds so pretty much 01:27 a bike that cost more than your average 01:29 Tour de France rider will ride and but 01:32 the same rider on it perhaps they're 01:34 gonna go 27 mile an hour so it's just 01:37 hypothetical numbers but it's gonna be 01:39 in the in that region maybe in my 01:42 opinion there's a price sweet spot with 01:45 the price of bikes currently which is 01:47 sort of between two and a half and four 01:49 grand 01:50 my preference for a road bike is about 01:53 three and a half thousand pounds and if 01:55 you've watched any of my other videos 01:57 you'll see me mention that because I 01:59 sort of see that as the sweet spot on 02:00 the curve between what you have to pay 02:03 and what you get and what that bike is 02:06 capable of doing so for three and a half 02:08 grand you're gonna get a bike that you 02:11 can race on ting 02:12 do the fast social ride on the weekend 02:15 it's it's more than enough bike for most 02:18 people out there getting back to this 02:19 video we're talking about 999 pounds 02:22 you'll see in a minute but the bikes 02:24 weigh more in the region of nine 02:27 kilograms as opposed to the sweet spot 02:30 bikes that are more in the region of 02:32 seven kilograms so I've just 02:35 hypothetically come up with some numbers 02:36 here this intermediate rider a wild 02:39 guess on a 999 pound bike he's gonna be 02:43 averaging some sort of speed at like say 02:45 let's call it twenty three point two 02:47 miles an hour so you can see that if 02:49 you're in a group of people who are 02:50 riding the more expensive bike over a 02:53 given time you are going to struggle to 02:55 keep up with them however if that's your 02:57 budget that's your budget and if you're 02:58 just starting out in road riding it's 03:00 best to check that you enjoy it fully 03:02 before you start upping your amount of 03:05 money that you'll spend on your bike 03:06 anyway hopefully that makes some sense 03:07 and let's get back to the bikes we're 03:10 gonna have a look at now the other thing 03:11 I just wanted to mention before I get 03:12 into the bikes is it's worth 03:14 understanding the different group sets 03:16 that you get on these bikes so just 03:20 concentrating on Shimano because that's 03:21 what most of these bikes have on them 03:23 your tip top top of the range is called 03:26 dura-ace and if you get the electronic 03:28 shifting version it's called di 2 so goo 03:30 raised di to the mechanical is called 03:33 just dura-ace 03:33 and that's 11 speed the next price range 03:36 down and this is pretty much the sweet 03:38 spot group set it's called old Tegra and 03:41 again the electronic version of that is 03:42 called di 2 and mechanical version is 03:44 called El Tigre and then the group set 03:46 down from that is called 105 and if 03:48 anybody knows why it's called 105 please 03:51 leave a comment down below cuz I've 03:53 always been curious about that I've got 03:55 no idea why it's called that and 105 you 03:57 can still get in 10 or 11 speed mostly 04:00 11 speed is not in one now in my opinion 04:02 105 is about the lowest in the Shimano 04:06 group set that you want to have on your 04:08 bike obviously you want to erase di 2 so 04:10 with 105 you've got a very competent 04:13 group set that you can do sport efz 04:15 chain gangs all that kind of stuff on 04:17 really the main thing you get from a duo 04:20 race group set is it's a bit lighter as 04:22 I've mentioned before you get 04:23 diminishing return 04:24 from the amount of money you spend but 04:26 if you go below the 105 next up is T 04:28 Agra ten-speed next up surah 9 speed 04:32 next up klaris 8 speed they all work 04:35 absolutely fine there'll be a little bit 04:37 heavier than 105 cyclists can be quite 04:39 snobby I wouldn't buy a bike that didn't 04:42 have at least 105 on it so it's worth 04:44 remembering all these because when you 04:45 go into the bike shop these are the 04:47 things you want to look at the thing to 04:48 look out for is that the manufacturers 04:50 are quite clever in the way that they 04:51 work and they might mostly put on 105 04:55 group set but then swap out the crank 04:58 chain rings for a cheaper version 05:02 likewise the brakes so you might get a 05:05 bike with 105 transmission but then they 05:07 put on some some cheaper brakes so you 05:09 just need to watch out for that ok so 05:11 the first bike up that we're gonna have 05:12 a look at is the Scott speed 210 eight 05:15 point eight five kilograms and it 05:17 doesn't say which bike they measured 05:19 whether it was medium or small or 05:21 whatever so I don't know 999 pounds not 05:24 a bad-looking bike quite like the color 05:26 it's got carbon 4 so that's good but all 05:29 the bikes were looking at today frame is 05:31 made of aluminium these days the 05:33 manufacturers are quite clever with the 05:35 way that they make the aluminium frames 05:36 because they smooth the welds out and to 05:39 the untrained eye you think you're 05:41 looking at a carbon frame but if you 05:42 look closely you can see the welding and 05:45 that's how you know that it's aluminium 05:47 ok so this bike has got 105 derailers 11 05:52 speed it's a good ratio of gears so it's 05:55 a 50 34 and 1132 so you're gonna be able 05:58 to get up everything with that where 06:00 Scott have saved some money is they've 06:02 put some third-party brakes on 06:05 Tector oh I try to look up Tetro I'd 06:07 never heard of them but it turns out 06:09 they make quite a lot of the cheaper 06:10 brakes that go on these cheaper bikes 06:12 and the other thing is the cassette 06:15 isn't a 105 and chain set or crank set 06:20 the chain rings isn't 105 its Shimano 06:23 but not 105 so that's the Scott 06:25 speedster next up we've got the giant 06:27 contend SL 1 9 kilograms now this was 06:30 measured on a small so the time you've 06:32 got a medium framed who knows what 06:33 you're looking at there 9.2 may be quite 06:36 a different frame shape from the sky 06:38 more of a compact frame a little bit 06:40 shorter and this bike comes with a 06:43 carbon-composite fork 100% sure that 06:46 means but I think it might mean that 06:48 four legs of carbon and the steerer tube 06:50 is aluminium and whether or not the fact 06:53 that Scott call there's carbon means 06:55 it's got a carbon steerer not sure if 06:58 you know the answer to that is leave a 07:00 comment below so the giant comes with 07:02 105 front and rear derailleurs it's got 07:05 the tech trailer brakes on again at 07:07 least this time we've got a 105 cassette 07:09 and again we've got cheaper Shimano 07:12 crank set but we've got the same gear 07:14 ratios as we have on the Scott so again 07:17 you're gonna get up anything okay so 07:19 that's the giant contend sl1 next up to 07:21 have a look at trick domani al3 so this 07:25 is coming in on the heavy side we 07:27 measured on a medium frame nine point 07:29 four four kilograms that's quite a heavy 07:31 bike and not only that you're paying 07:34 another pound for this bike now the 07:37 trick has a cool feature in the frame 07:40 which has trickled down from their more 07:43 expensive bikes like the Madone and it's 07:45 called the iso speed decoupler at least 07:48 that's what it's called on the more 07:49 expensive bike and the idea of that is 07:51 it allows the seat tube to flex lightly 07:53 when you go over bumps making it more 07:55 comfortable but there's a huge catch 07:57 with this bike this really affects its 07:59 core for me is this bike comes with Sora 08:02 which if you remember Sora is two down 08:06 from 105 nine speed so that's a pretty 08:10 big compromise in comparison to the 08:11 other bikes on on this list again we've 08:14 got the cheaper tech trailer brakes and 08:16 not the 105 carbon fork again but it's 08:19 hard to get away from 9 speed so you 08:21 need to think carefully about that one 08:23 okay so next up we've got the special 08:25 eyes and they elite I think it's la or 08:28 Alize however you want to say it this 08:30 comes in an eight point seven seven 08:32 kilograms in a medium that's the 08:34 lightest one so far isn't it yes 08:36 999 pounds bang on the budget carbon 4 08:39 again and we've got 105 front and rear 08:42 dérailleur 11 speed however we have 08:45 something called a praxis Works crank 08:48 which I quite like the look of fact I 08:50 actually prefer the styling of that over 08:52 the 08:52 tomorrow one but I don't know 08:53 performance-wise where that comes in 08:55 really so that's actually got a praxis 08:57 elba 2d same chainrings as the other two 09:00 bikes we've looked at the cassette is 09:02 105 1132 so that's good and again we've 09:05 got the ticket row access caliper brakes 09:08 so so far all the bikes have got the 09:11 cheaper brakes on it's a good-looking 09:13 bike this one I quite like this 09:15 I even quite like the color it's a bit 09:17 different if you follow by tracing at 09:18 all you'll know this styling 09:21 straightaway comes from its esteemed 09:24 bigger brother tarmac which for me is 09:26 one of the best-looking bikes on the 09:28 market at the moment ridiculously light 09:30 at six point three five kilograms 09:32 it's the s-works tarmac ultralight any 09:35 problem is this one cost nine thousand 09:37 pounds 09:38 obviously quite a lot of money but 09:39 interestingly if you overlay the touch 09:42 points on the front here of the 09:43 ultralight and then compare that to ally 09:47 at the minion bike for nine hundred and 09:50 ninety nine pounds you'll see that the 09:52 frame has borrowed a lot of cues from 09:54 the tarmac but the most important change 09:56 is how much higher up the headset is so 09:59 the tarmac being a full-fledged race 10:01 bike ridden by the pros they need to get 10:04 much lower at the front because they're 10:06 used to being in an arrow position for 10:08 the whole day so you can see how this 10:10 bike is designed much more for someone 10:12 if you want some comfort but it's a 10:14 good-looking bike that so a thumbs up 10:16 okay so next up we've got the canyon and 10:19 do race al seven so al aluminium eight 10:23 point four kilograms in a medium so 10:26 that's our lightest one so far so well 10:29 done Kenyon it's not too bad a weight 10:30 for this price range carbon four 10:33 Shimano 105 11 speed derailers front and 10:36 rear the first bite with a full Shimano 10:39 105 50:34 cranks it and we've got the 10:42 105 11:32 cassette so can enough stuck 10:46 on the full Shimano 105 and this first 10:49 bike in the list that's done that and 10:51 it's even got the 105 brakes on it so 10:53 that's good weld on Canyon it's also got 10:55 a fairly decent set of Grand Prix tires 10:58 on it just have a quick look at the 10:59 differences in the the geometry between 11:02 all these bikes let's take the canyon 11:04 bike as our base Gian 11:06 and we just mark out the sort of 11:08 important measurements and that's where 11:10 you make contact with the handlebars at 11:13 the front there where the seat tube is 11:15 in relation to the handlebars wheelbase 11:17 and where the bottom bracket sits okay 11:20 so that's the Kenyan and it's the endure 11:22 race so I know this this geometry is 11:24 quite designed for comfort I've actually 11:26 done a whole video where I compare the 11:28 Indu race with the air road and the 11:31 ultimate which are two other bikes in 11:34 canyons range if you watch that video 11:35 you'll see how this is a nice 11:38 comfortable bike for sort of new riders 11:41 and people who want to be comfortable on 11:43 their bike so let's compare this against 11:45 the specialised fairly similar other 11:48 than yeah the specialized discus has 11:51 just got more space as in above the head 11:54 tube so you could stack up the canyon if 11:56 you wanted to that's the only real 11:57 difference there the seat set back very 12:00 slightly further so you just stretched 12:01 out a little bit more bottom brackets 12:03 slightly lower but not by much next up 12:06 the trek so there's quite a big 12:08 difference there assuming that this is 12:09 the same size frame that's been 12:11 photographed my guess is it probably is 12:13 Trek seat is slightly further back and 12:18 the stack heights a little bit higher so 12:19 you are gonna be stretched out a little 12:21 bit more and the bike is a little bit 12:23 longer so it's gonna be a little bit 12:25 more stable going fast but not quite as 12:28 flickable in the corners next up the 12:30 giant now the giant very similar to the 12:33 canyon or depending how you look at it 12:34 maybe the canyons very similar to the 12:36 giant pretty much the same wheelbase 12:38 very similar stack height very similar 12:41 seat position yep pretty uncanny next up 12:44 Scott now then the Scott quite a bit 12:46 longer so again it's gonna be stable at 12:49 high speed but not quite as flickable as 12:52 the canyon but you do look quite 12:53 stretched out on the Scott the seat set 12:55 back a little bit more so possibly not 12:58 quite as comfortable as the canyon for a 13:00 new rider well that's just an 13:03 observation 13:04 okay so conclusion well I'm gonna go 13:07 with the canyon in first spot it's the 13:09 lightest it's got the best overall group 13:12 set package so we're gonna give the 13:14 canyon the top spot that's a pretty good 13:16 bike for 999 pounds 13:18 delivered to your door 13:19 in a box because you can't buy it from a 13:21 shop second place I'm gonna give to the 13:25 specialized la elite second lightest in 13:28 this set of bikes and I've also given it 13:31 the best-looking I think it looks pretty 13:32 cool third place is the giant and it was 13:34 very tight between the Scot and the 13:36 giant he's got coming in fourth and I've 13:38 given it to the giant because I feel the 13:41 Scot might be a bit stretched out a stem 13:43 it comes with looks a bit long to me but 13:45 both good bikes and in fact the Scots 13:47 actually a little bit lighter than the 13:48 giant so it was a bit of a toss up that 13:50 one and then I'm a bit disappointed with 13:52 Trek I've had to put the domani al3 and 13:56 I've had to put that in fifth position 13:58 just because they've put the soar a 14:01 group sail on it 9 speed so it's not 14:02 even in the same league as the other 14:04 bikes I'm afraid but it's is in this 14:06 budget so probably a very comfortable 14:09 bike but yep we're gonna put that in 14:11 last place the other thing that this 14:13 gets is the worst quality picture and 14:16 what I mean by that and it's across the 14:18 board with Trek on their website 14:20 pictures that they put up a really poor 14:22 they've got terrible compression on them 14:25 which makes them all sort of blurry and 14:27 not very impressive at all so come on 14:29 Trek sort yourselves out and puts post 14:31 nice crisp pictures up its 2017 and most 14:34 of us have got broadband now there's no 14:36 reason to put up crap pictures ok so 14:38 that's about it the only other thing I 14:40 wanted to just quickly mention is and 14:43 I'll probably make a video about this in 14:44 the future but the next price point up I 14:47 think is about 1,500 pounds and if you 14:51 can push your budget you can expect to 14:53 get something more like the giant TCR 14:56 advance 2 which is quite a lot lighter 14:59 over a kilogram lighter you got the full 15:02 105 frame is carbon as well and you're 15:06 getting a pretty good bike for that but 15:08 I probably I can use a new video about 15:09 this price point I just wanted to show 15:12 you what you could expect to get if you 15:14 can put your budget up a bit 15:15 anyway if you liked the video if it was 15:17 useful to you give me a thumbs up and if 15:20 you want to stay tuned for some new 15:22 videos then subscribe to my channel