Why would you buy the Specialized Roubaix? Why would you buy the Specialized Tarmac - 2 very similar, but also very different bikes, with their own specific purpose. In this video I back-to-back compare the bikes and review their specific features.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so in this video I'm gonna look at the 00:01 differences between the specialized ruby 00:03 and the specialized tarmac so the bikes 00:06 I chose for this video fall into the 00:09 three and a half to four thousand pound 00:11 price range which yes is a lot of money 00:15 but I guess in the realms of reality if 00:18 you're able to get it on interest-free 00:20 credit I guess especially the Ruby 00:23 expert that we have here three thousand 00:25 eight hundred and the tarmac expert acid 00:28 pink apparently is what that's called 00:30 the Ruby expert is three hundred pounds 00:34 more expensive than the tarmac so who 00:40 are these bikes actually designed for 00:41 well obviously the tarmac is basically a 00:45 full-on race bike so you're gonna buy 00:47 this if you're racing or you just want 00:50 to ride super fast maybe on a chain gang 00:52 or something like that whereas the Ruby 00:55 it's a rope bike that you could race 00:57 maybe at certain events I mean that as 00:59 the name suggests it came about from the 01:02 Perry Roubaix which is a very brutal 01:04 race with cobbles and pretty much dirt 01:07 tracks so the Ruby is gonna be more 01:10 comfortable more relaxed fit more stable 01:13 so if you're gonna buy this you're 01:14 looking to do sport efz endurance type 01:17 riding and you're just looking for a 01:19 good fast road bike that's as 01:22 comfortable as possible so overall if we 01:24 look between the two quite similar 01:29 really as you can see there if I fade 01:31 between the two so let's start with the 01:33 biggest difference which is clearly the 01:36 cockpit area so as we can see the ruby 01:42 is a lot higher up there and that piece 01:46 of rubber there is covering up a little 01:49 bit of suspension that it has in there I 01:50 forget the exact details I think it's 01:52 something like 20 mils of travel you get 01:55 from here and as you can see the stem 01:58 and the handlebars are sitting much 02:01 higher up than the tarmac so it's gonna 02:03 be a lot more comfortable on the old 02:05 back the head tube angle of the Ruby is 02:08 seventy three point five and the tarmac 02:10 is 74 so not much in 02:13 - really and they've both got the same 02:15 rake of 44 millimeters moving down a 02:18 little bit we can see there the forks of 02:22 the Roubaix are a little bit chunkier 02:24 than the tarmac no I'm guessing that 02:26 that is because obviously the the 02:28 Roubaix is a disc brake bike it's 02:30 probably more stopping power than the 02:32 tarmac so maybe they have to chunk up 02:35 the forks a little bit but that's just a 02:37 guess next up you can see obviously that 02:39 the Ruby's got slightly chunkier tyres 02:42 not much in it actually less than I 02:44 thought 02:45 the Ruby's got 28 Mills on and the 02:48 tarmac 26 Mills the Roubaix has got 02:51 discs on it as I pointed out before and 02:53 the tarmac still on the rim brakes and 02:57 wheels wise they're both got SLX 24 03:04 rovol wheels on the only difference 03:06 really is that the Ruby wheel doesn't 03:09 have the braking track on it but of 03:11 course the tarmac does and if we keep 03:14 coming down what we have is this black 03:17 thing sat in the frame of the Ruby it's 03:20 a little box to hold a multi-tool and I 03:24 think it's got an inner tube in it and a 03:25 co2 canister personally I don't like it 03:28 so but you can pop it off so that's fine 03:31 each to their own on that one keep going 03:34 down and then we come to the to the 03:37 bottom bracket area being slightly lower 03:39 the Ruby bottom bracket is going to make 03:41 the bike slightly more stable and a 03:43 slightly higher bottom bracket for the 03:45 tarmac gives you slightly more clearance 03:47 when you're leaning over in the in the 03:50 corners so you can just see there that 03:51 the tarmac cranks a slightly higher up 03:57 they both come with old tegra mechanical 04:00 but the Ruby has a 50 tooth outer chain 04:03 ring and a 34 tooth inner chain ring so 04:07 sort of designed for your normal average 04:09 human being where's the tarmac more 04:12 designed for the racers we've got a 52 04:16 outer chain ring and a 36 in a chain 04:18 ring okay nice little feature on the 04:21 tarmac is the slight curve on the seat 04:24 tube which we don't have on the Ruby 04:26 so that is gonna be a slight aero 04:29 advantage I would think which is a nice 04:34 touch I like that the other thing I 04:36 noticed was the bottle cage for the 04:40 tarmac is gonna be quite a lot lower 04:41 down than on the Ruby presumably because 04:44 of this black box here they've mounted 04:46 it slightly higher up towards the back 04:48 of the bike I've noticed here is that 04:50 the chain stays on the Ruby quite a lot 04:54 more chunky than the tarmac which is 04:58 interesting you'd have thought to keep 05:00 the tarmac as stiff as possible it would 05:01 have pretty chunky chain stays as well 05:04 but specialized no best maybe maybe 05:06 again it's the whole disc braking thing 05:09 that they've had to make the Ruby 05:10 chunkier there the Ruby comes with a 05:13 long cage old tegra derailleur and the 05:16 cassette here's an eleven thirty-two so 05:19 pair that with the slightly smaller 05:21 front chainrings to the tarmac and 05:23 you've got quite a nice laid back gear 05:26 to get up the hills whereas the tarmac 05:29 is an 11:30 so again slightly more racy 05:33 next thing to look at is the wheel base 05:36 so the Ruby is eight millimeters longer 05:39 which is probably less than I thought it 05:41 was gonna be so we'll make it a bit more 05:43 stable tarmac will feel slightly more 05:48 nimble well they're both they've both 05:50 got drop seats days but the Ruby they 05:54 attached the seat tube slightly higher 05:57 up again I'm guessing that this is 05:58 something to do with the disc brakes and 06:00 the extra braking forces but the whole 06:02 idea of it drops each day is to make the 06:04 bike more comfy that is one of the big 06:06 features on the SL 6 tarmac from 2018 06:12 okay so then the other weird thing we've 06:14 got is this little thing here on the 06:16 last video I did on the the Ruby I got 06:19 told off by someone in the in the 06:21 comments for not knowing what this was I 06:23 thought maybe it was like a little 06:24 rubber insert but of course it isn't 06:26 turned out to be the seat post clamp no 06:28 it's partly right it's lower down to add 06:31 a bit more compliance to the seat post 06:33 so it's got a little bit of wiggle room 06:35 making it more comfy now when I was 06:37 researching this some people mentioned 06:39 that they were getting a bit of 06:40 taking from their rubies if any of you 06:43 guys have actually got a ruby maybe 06:44 write in the comments below whether 06:45 you've had any problems would that be 06:47 interesting to know slightly further up 06:49 and what do we have we have this weird 06:54 thing so I'm guessing this is a bit of a 06:57 love/hate personally I can't bear to 06:59 look at it it's actually called the 07:01 cobble gobbler and it's carbon it's got 07:04 a damping insert but it actually gives 07:08 you 18 millimeters of vertical 07:11 compliance and in fact you can buy this 07:12 seatpost separately if you want and it's 07:14 a hundred and fifty quid quite expensive 07:16 but gobble gobble gobble it's a pretty 07:19 good name cuz it actually looks a bit 07:20 like a turkey doesn't it not my cup of 07:22 tea 07:22 right there we go and then last but not 07:25 least the top tube and interestingly 07:27 here on the Ruby it's obviously quite a 07:32 lot thinner than the tarmac and I'm 07:35 guessing that that is again all about 07:38 compliance and making the ride as 07:40 comfortable as possible the Ruby has a 07:42 reach shorter so more comfy and easier 07:45 on your back whereas the the tarmac 07:47 obviously having a bit of a longer reach 07:49 will stretch you out a bit make you 07:51 slightly more Aero so there we go so in 07:53 summary the tarmac 07:56 it's a racy good-looking bike certainly 07:59 a bike I would like to have I actually 08:00 own a specialised time my SL 4 so I'm 08:03 quite a fan yeah SL 6 nice whereas the 08:07 Ruby well for me it's an oddball looking 08:11 bike I think you either love it or hate 08:12 it obviously built for comfort which is 08:15 fair enough 08:15 so if that's what you're after I think 08:17 it's a good choice so there we go 08:20 also if you liked the video give it a 08:21 thumbs up so that others can find it and 08:23 please please subscribe to my channel so 08:26 if you could subscribe that would be 08:27 great