At first glance the Specialized Roubaix and the Specialized Diverge look very similar - so what are the differences and are road bikes becoming more like mountain bikes??? Gravel vs Road/Cobble....
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Video Transcript
00:00 so nice quick one this morning I started 00:02 researching my next video or next 00:04 possible video cuz I do change my mind 00:06 quite a lot my next video is possibly 00:08 going to be about endurance bikes 00:09 sportif bikes endurance bikes whatever 00:12 you want to call them and the first one 00:13 I started looking at was the Roubiax from 00:16 specialized I was going to use that as 00:18 sort of my base compare bike to compare 00:21 the others to and when I went to the 00:22 specialized website and I typed in 00:24 Roubaix obviously the Roubiax's turned up 00:26 it also listed the diverged which is a 00:30 bike I've never really seen before on 00:32 you anything about and I looked at it 00:34 and I thought hang on that looks the 00:36 same as the Roubiax but of course once you 00:38 start digging into it you realize it is 00:40 different and I tried to find some 00:42 resources online to see what the 00:44 differences are and it was a little bit 00:46 unclear so I thought I'll do a quick one 00:49 this morning 00:50 so the first bike obviously was the 00:52 s-works 00:53 Roubiax mclaren dura-ace di2 and if you're 00:57 willing to pay another 495 pounds over 01:02 the s-works Roubaix dura-ace di2 and get 01:06 the mclaren version you get this gushing 01:09 orange paint job if that's your thing 01:11 lovely jubbly you get some different 01:13 hubs on your wheels and you get some 01:16 different bar tape and I think that 01:18 might be it you can check out the 01:19 website and see but don't know seems 01:22 like a lot of money for nothing to do 01:24 with McLaren to me anyway always a 01:26 skeptic so this bike here 01:28 the McLaren version nine thousand nine 01:31 hundred and ninety five pounds there's a 01:36 lot of money for a bike well would you 01:39 race on it well I don't know I guess if 01:42 you're gonna do the pie repair you might 01:44 race on it interesting would I spend 01:46 that sort of money well probably not 01:48 though anyway so what does it weigh you 01:51 know you're gonna spend that much money 01:52 it's probably good to know how much it 01:54 weighs but between them specialized and 01:57 McLaren can't seem to sort out some 02:01 scales to weigh their bikes so it's a 02:04 mystery I've got no idea and I've looked 02:06 online to try and find other resources 02:08 with the weight but I can find nothing 02:10 so that's good on the specialized 02:12 website it 02:13 talks about how it's made of the fact 11 02:15 our carbon and how that's their top tier 02:17 carbon but I know that the tarmac sl6 is 02:20 made of 12 our carbon so I know 12 02:24 higher than 11 isn't it so I'm imagining 02:26 that it's not the top tier carbon anyway 02:29 there we go do you raise di to disks so 02:32 we've got this thing it's called the 02:33 future shock suspension it offers 20 mil 02:36 of travel and specialized describe it as 02:39 a piston in the head tube 02:41 so obviously this bike gets its name 02:42 from what is possibly my favourite race 02:45 of the year the power ube where they 02:47 have to ride over cobbled roads that are 02:51 pretty rough so the manufacturers have 02:54 been experimenting with different types 02:55 of little bits of suspension in their 02:57 endurance bikes and that's where they 03:00 test it out so on the on the rear we've 03:02 got this this thing here and I can't 03:05 actually see anything on the website 03:06 about what's going on here but they used 03:09 to have a thing on this called the zip 03:11 insert that was a little plastic thing 03:14 that gave it a bit more flex and I can't 03:17 see that on this model so I'm assuming 03:19 this does something similar but also 03:21 we've got this rather weird shaped seat 03:24 tube that kind of looks like a bird that 03:27 swallowed something but I guess you can 03:30 tell by looking at that that the carbon 03:32 flexes and a little bit of rubber there 03:34 stops it flexing too much but you're 03:37 gonna get a bit of compliance in the 03:39 seat area so I guess that's good it 03:41 looks weird to me don't really like that 03:43 this looks weird to me as well I don't 03:45 really like that but I'm sure it's all 03:46 super comfortable and lovely what I 03:48 really really cannot tolerate is this 03:50 thing here that just looks hideous 03:53 I'm sure it's it's lovely to be able to 03:55 carry something in that great but 03:57 there's other ways of carrying stuff and 04:00 that just ruins the look of the bike for 04:02 me just my personal opinion it's 04:04 supposed to be an amazingly good bike 04:06 don't know what it weighs I don't like 04:08 the look of it and the whole McLaren 04:10 thing I think is just the marketing boy 04:12 is having a laugh anyway so onto the 04:15 diverged and we'll look at these numbers 04:17 in a minute when we look at the diverge 04:19 to see what the differences are this 04:21 works diverge and flicking between the 04:24 two initial reaction is Oh 04:27 yes it is quite a lot different it's 04:29 clearly longer quite a lot longer look 04:31 it's obviously got a single chainring up 04:34 front so no derailleur up front looks 04:37 like you can fit on there maybe and it's 04:39 not dura-ace it's actually XDR on the on 04:43 the back I think di - and this paint job 04:45 looks quite interesting look sort of 04:46 iridescent which is quite cool I quite 04:48 like that obviously got your hideous 04:50 shopping basket in the bit there which 04:52 obviously again I hate the Fox are quite 04:54 a different shape bit more burly and 04:56 obviously we've got us a bit more rake 05:00 down isn't it that's what it's got a 05:02 head tube angle that is one degree 05:04 slacker than the Roubaix so you can see 05:07 that straightaway it's got your future 05:09 shock suspension piston thingy the 05:13 diverge has 38 mil tires on it and the 05:16 Roubiax has 28 mil tires in fact they 05:20 basically are the same wheels not me by 05:23 the looks of things this is quite 05:25 interesting here they've put a dropper 05:26 post on it I call it a dropper post it's 05:29 35 mil of travel which I don't know it's 05:33 obviously gonna be heavier does that 05:35 weigh up don't know is it worth it for 05:38 35 Miller travel not sure about that one 05:41 so just looking at the numbers obviously 05:43 8,500 so that is quite a bit cheaper 05:46 than our McLaren again the weights of 05:49 mystery if anybody knows what these 05:50 weights are putting in the comments 05:52 below that be handy again fact 11 our 05:55 carbon the wheelbase as we can see the 05:58 diverge is definitely longer by 18 06:00 millimeters actually quite a lot the 06:02 stack tiny bit - all that - mil and the 06:06 reach slightly less by 2 mil over the 06:11 Roubaix head angle as I just said is 1 06:15 degree socket which gives it a trail 06:17 that is 3 mil more than the Roubiax which 06:22 means that with the what but with the 06:24 longer wheelbase and a bit more trail 06:27 it's gonna feel more stable but a bit 06:30 more sluggish in the turns 06:31 okay so that's the diversion the Roubiax 06:33 geared more towards sort of gravel 06:36 riding I guess that's what we're calling 06:37 it now I guess this is specialised 06:39 gravel 06:40 like and you might start wondering to 06:43 yourself well is this getting into 06:46 mountain bike territory and that is 06:48 exactly what I thought to myself so I 06:50 thought what I can do is I can compare 06:52 it to one of specialized mountain bikes 06:54 and I chose in the end the camber 29er 06:59 because actually a 29 inch wheel has the 07:02 same has the same as at the diameter I 07:05 guess it's the diameter oh how is rubber 07:07 ship maths at school anyway he 29 inch 07:11 wheel is the same as the 700 C wheel in 07:14 in most respects moving on a camber so 07:19 who immediately you can see the gravel 07:22 bike is nowhere near a mountain bike yet 07:25 and with my set up here on the diver on 07:29 the diverged showing you the camber 07:31 doesn't even fit on the screen because 07:33 it's so much longer and you can see 07:35 obviously how much higher up you are at 07:37 the front so that when you're going 07:38 downhill when you hit a rock or 07:40 something you used to travel in the 07:42 forks rather than all your weight going 07:45 over the front and you going over the 07:46 handlebars which is obviously a problem 07:48 obviously the mountain bikes got a bit 07:50 more drop on its dropper post 125 mil 07:53 and a heck of a lot more suspension so 07:55 no the diverge is not a mountain bike 07:57 and if you overlay the handlebars the 07:59 seat and the back wheel of the diverge 08:02 it gives you a really good indication of 08:04 how different they are so there we go 08:05 that was a quick video just to have a 08:10 look at the difference between the 08:11 diverged and the Roubiax just because I 08:14 thought they look quite similar but 08:16 they're not really okay so if you liked 08:18 this video give it 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