This is a shout out to Andy Lau who commented on my last video - 'Could you have a look at the new Rose Bikes X-Lite 4 and do a comparison against the Tarmac? Million thanks!' Here it is!! Rose X-Lite Four and Six vs Specialized Tarmac - which represents the best value for money?
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Video Transcript
00:00 so this video is a quick shoutout to 00:01 Andy Lau who left me a message yesterday 00:03 on my last video where I was looking at 00:05 the tarmac and the Roubaix could you 00:07 have a look at the new rows bikes x-lite 00:10 4 and do a comparison against the tarmac 00:12 well I thought that was a pretty good 00:13 idea because I haven't done much with 00:15 rows bikes like I say real quick one 00:17 this is obviously the tarmac that we 00:19 looked at yesterday and this is the Rose 00:20 X light for disk or Tegra di 2 priced in 00:25 euros but it works out at about 3 grand 00:27 which is 500 quid cheaper than the 00:29 tarmac good old rose they put their 00:30 weights on and it comes in at 7.2 00:33 kilograms now for that money bear in 00:35 mind that the tarmac is mechanical old 00:38 Tegra with the ROS X light for not only 00:40 do you get disks but you get old Tegra 00:42 di too as well and you know how much it 00:44 weighs so if we do a bit of a comparison 00:46 between the two just on the white shop 00:48 start with there's the tarmac and 00:51 there's the X light for so 01:04 so there's a few things that stand out 01:06 but just zoom in on the cockpit area I 01:10 have quite a lot of trouble lining up 01:11 these Rose pictures they they seem to 01:14 have been shot quite differently to the 01:16 specialized ones but I've got them as 01:18 close as I can and obviously looking at 01:22 that you can see that the head tube of 01:25 the the Rose bike is quite a lot taller 01:27 so I don't know whether they're sort of 01:29 aiming more of a sportif market or 01:31 whether people race these I don't know 01:33 maybe you can tell me that obviously 01:34 it's got the disc brakes and it's 01:36 obviously got the di2 so it's in pretty 01:38 good value for money I mean don't get me 01:41 wrong I like the tarmac but I would 01:43 wager that even for more money less well 01:46 kitted out I would say that the tarmac 01:49 will probably be heavier just because I 01:51 know that specialized from my own 01:53 experience I had to change a lot of 01:55 things on my bike to get the weight down 01:56 because things like the stem and the 01:58 handlebars all weighed a ton I 01:59 definitely prefer the clean lines of the 02:02 tarmac but hey the roads looks you know 02:12 it looks like a nice bike and it's very 02:15 well SPECT out and a good price 02:20 so yeah maybe not as good-looking as the 02:22 tarmac but I would say definitely great 02:25 value for money obviously without riding 02:26 these bikes it's incredibly difficult to 02:28 know what the ride quality will be like 02:31 keep an eye out for some reviews on the 02:33 rose bike I'm not sure how long the 02:35 exlights been out for if you know that 02:37 put it in the comments below so there is 02:39 a another option and that is the X light 02:43 six-disc old Tegra di 2 now this comes 02:46 with what appears to be better quality 02:48 carbon and looking at just the frame it 02:51 weighs 100 grams less the this one the 02:54 six and for that 02:55 you're paying an extra seven hundred 02:57 pounds which is 200 pounds more than the 02:59 tarmac that we were looking at but if we 03:01 do a quick flick between the six and the 03:03 four again I've got these lined up 03:05 absolutely as closely as I can but 03:07 there's still a little bit of a movement 03:09 there in the frame but immediately what 03:15 you see is it comes with some deeper 03:17 section wheels which is always nice they 03:21 look at they look about right to me but 03:23 we handle the wind pretty well looks 03:24 like the raus raus 03:26 they look like roses home brand but 03:29 apart from that the rest of the kit all 03:30 looks exactly the same really so you're 03:32 paying an extra seven hundred pounds for 03:36 it to be a hundred grams lighter 03:37 presumably a bit stiffer but again 03:40 you've got the old Tegra di2 so yeah 03:43 lovely bike now you can buy these both 03:46 these bikes without discs so with the 03:48 rim brake version but discs are 03:51 beginning to gain traction I think 03:54 there's more pros riding on them now I 03:56 think it's becoming time to start 03:57 thinking about if you are looking to buy 03:59 a new bike to buy it with discs 04:02 I wouldn't necessarily think about 04:03 buying a new bike just to get discs but 04:06 if you are thinking about a new bike 04:07 probably discs are the way to go because 04:10 in a couple of years time we will find 04:12 it funny that we actually bought bikes 04:14 or rode bikes where the brakes were 04:17 constantly wearing down the rim of the 04:19 wheel because you know with our 04:21 expensive carbon wheels that's stupid to 04:23 be wearing them down all the time 04:24 there's no getting away from the fact 04:26 that 04:26 disks have more stopping power and if 04:28 you ride mountain bikes you know they're 04:30 better so it's a done deal 04:32 as far as I can tell so there we go 04:34 that's the X like 4 and the X like 6 04:37 they both look like a pretty good buy 04:39 like I say look out for someone doing a 04:41 review on the ride quality or again you 04:45 got the tarmac right in the middle 04:46 price-wise so there we go 04:48 if you liked this video give it a thumbs 04:50 up if you have some bikes that you'd 04:52 like compared put it in the comment 04:53 below and I'll maybe do a shout-out for 04:55 you and please subscribe to my channel