Quick bike clean wash - Specilaized Tarmac SL4

Cleaning your bike outside with soapy water, especially if its cold and wet, can be a tedious and miserable task. I wanted to find an easy way to do it in my front room while I watched tv, in my own time. This video is what I came up with - now my bike is always immaculate, unlike before when I would leave it for weeks before I could be bothered to clean it.
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Video Transcript
00:00 in this video I'm just gonna show how I 00:02 cleaned my bike really quickly in the 00:05 front room while I watch the telly on my 00:09 golf club bike Stan which I showed in 00:12 another video basically I went on the 00:19 ride yesterday and my bike is filthy 00:22 so to clean it after these wipes from 00:29 Tesco's there acquit you get hundreds 00:32 over and I don't have to do but I get 00:36 these little Polish wipes as well and 00:39 kitchen roll basically I just you know 00:51 why 01:13 and you can basically get it cleaned in 01:16 about ten minutes without getting a 01:20 bucket of water out I'm having to do it 01:23 outside which is tedious when it's 01:27 raining and cold so once I've done it 01:34 with that white put a kitchen towel 02:07 polish wipe you don't even have to do 02:09 this bit but I like to do this bit 02:20 there we go 02:28 do that all over take as long as you 02:31 like worst to tell you why he do it 02:35 that's how I clean my bike it's pretty 02:41 much the same deal with the transmission 02:43 but I'm going to make another video to 02:45 show how I do that