Orange 5 Pro 2018 vs Evolution from 2001 vs Canyon Spectral AL 7 0

The Orange 5 is a stalwart of the UK mountain bike scene - the simple farm gate single pivot frame design has been handmade by Orange in the town of Halifax, West Yorkshire, England since 2001. In this video I look at the bikes evolution from the Sub 5 to today's 2018 5 Pro version and why I love the bike, but wouldn't buy one.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so I wanted to make a quick video about 00:02 the orange 5 basically as much for 00:06 myself as anything so I wanted to see 00:07 how it ended up the way that it has I've 00:10 done a little bit of research to try and 00:11 find out when it was first made and all 00:14 the different changes over the years 00:16 so it turns out that orange started hand 00:20 making there aluminium frames and 00:22 Halifax the orange 5 as we know it now 00:25 started off as the orange sub 5 and in 00:29 2001 this is what it looked like as you 00:32 can see very small it's very difficult 00:34 to get big pictures of these bikes what 00:37 I've had to do is take the little 00:38 picture and zoom in so there it is as 00:41 far as I can tell that's the first 00:42 orange 5 even though it's called the sub 00:44 5 it's from 2001 no disc breaks you know 00:48 the you know Gators on the forks they're 00:50 XT triple chain ring single pivot 00:53 suspension design it hasn't really 00:55 changed over the years so the next thing 00:57 I came across was the orange sub 5 disc 01:00 which as far as I can tell was the same 01:03 year 2001 quite a big frame design 01:05 changed their fantastic long stem there 01:09 those were called the sub 5 and then in 01:13 2004 and this is the only picture I 01:15 could find of this it was the birth of 01:17 the orange 5 the mark 1 2004 no those 01:20 look definitely like Fox Forks there and 01:23 frame hasn't changed massively from the 01:25 sub 5 this breaks obviously ok if then 01:29 got a jump to 2009 which is where the 01:31 orange archived on their website picks 01:34 up that's the first one that they show 01:36 up on that archive foxfox obviously 01:38 triple chain ring this is the orange 01:40 probe orange 5 Pro Fox fish shop still 01:44 got the single pivot design suspension 01:46 which basically there's still there 01:48 today and a nice pair of quantum 01:51 mountain kings I've got about ten of 01:53 those in the shed ok 2010 can't see many 01:57 differences there did spot was the the 02:00 brake caliper angle changed quite a lot 02:03 2011 tires got fatter into the SLX crank 02:06 set so that's a tapered bottom bracket I 02:09 think I'm not sure what you call that in 02:11 Shimano but it's like the GPX as a 02:14 politic is it ah the other thing gone to 02:17 the tapered headset 2012 who looks very 02:20 similar other than we've gone back to 02:24 the Race Face crankset I'm sure that 02:27 looks like a tapered bottom bracket 02:29 could be wrong 2013 can't see many 02:33 differences there dropouts changed a bit 02:36 it's gone to a through X or totally safe 02:39 through axles for granted now I've had 02:41 them on the front there on the 2009 02:43 model so 2014 okay so there's a big 02:47 change here we've gone up to 27.5 inch 02:51 wheels there's a 26 inch wheel and 02:54 there's the bigger wheel now it's quite 02:55 difficult when you line these up to know 02:57 if I've got it the right size but what 03:00 is interesting is the wheel got bigger 03:02 but they sort of put smaller tires on so 03:05 in the end it doesn't look much bigger 03:07 anyway so the frame has got lower stand 03:11 over in fact it looks like the whole 03:12 bike karate-chopped for right in the 03:14 middle you just push the bottom bracket 03:16 down has it and we've also gone to a 03:19 slightly different hit you know I don't 03:21 know what you call that but I think the 03:23 fork inside is probably still tapered so 03:25 that was 2014-2015 ok frames changed 03:30 quite a lot there you've got this new 03:32 extra support in the frame looks like 03:34 the bikes got a bit longer and the other 03:36 thing is we've gone from gone from a 03:38 triple chain set to a double so it 03:41 wasn't until 2015 that orange introduced 03:45 a double chain set 03:47 okay 2016 still no reverb we've gone 03:51 over two single chainring so 2014 triple 03:55 chain sir 03:56 2015 double chain set 2016 a single with 04:00 an MRP chain device can't see many other 04:03 changes there Fox have gone to 34 so I 04:06 think they were thirty twos slightly 04:08 further beefier Forks 04:10 okay so 2017 okay that's quite a big 04:13 difference we've got quite a lot higher 04:15 at the front and we seem to have got 04:17 longer again and hallelujah the reverb 04:20 turned up that took a long time to turn 04:22 up that the reverb internally routed 04:24 those and that 04:25 cool so what have we got we've got a bit 04:27 more travel at the front don't we 04:29 I'd have to check that but what's it 04:31 gone from a 140 to a 160 maybe right so 04:35 2018 I can't see many changes there what 04:39 I did notice is that maybe these aren't 04:44 the final pictures for 2018 because 04:47 there's a bit of dodgy Photoshop from 04:49 2007 teens bikes you can see that there 04:53 this has been photoshopped from the 04:56 other bike maybe there will all be re 04:59 photograph in that but I can't see many 05:01 changes that it's quite interesting 05:02 though to look between the difference 05:06 between the sub 5 which was well let's 05:10 look at the one without the discs there 05:11 we go so you can see there's quite a big 05:13 difference over the years however if you 05:16 look at the 2009 it's not such a massive 05:19 difference we've gone 26 to 27 point 5 05:23 wheels a suspension pretty similar I 05:26 guess we've gone a bit longer but you 05:28 can definitely see that evolution from 05:30 the 2009 model to the 2018 model orange 05:34 are well known for just tweaking their 05:36 design rather than radical changes I 05:38 think that's why the orange 5 gets its 05:40 name as the farmgate from people who 05:42 ride it it just kind of does what it's 05:44 supposed to do every day so the next 05:47 question is how much does the 2018 05:49 version cost a slightly by watering 05:53 three thousand seven hundred pounds 05:54 which of course a I've ridden quite a 05:58 few orange fives and I do love them but 06:00 I've never been keen to buy one that 06:04 just seems like a lot of money to me and 06:06 currently I ride one of these which is a 06:10 Kenyan spectral al7 comes in a slightly 06:14 less eye watering to $4.99 and in fact 06:18 mine's a couple of years older than this 06:19 and it was only 2 mm and actually my 06:22 ones got a single ring on the front I 06:25 don't know they seem to have gone 06:26 backwards a bit there at Kenyan and the 06:28 other super important reason why I got 06:31 this rather than a orange 5 is a hate 06:34 carrying a backpack or a camel back with 06:37 my water in I just fine 06:39 really annoying so I like to carry my 06:42 water bottle on the frame and then I 06:44 don't have to carry anything so what do 06:46 you guys think do you have an orange 5 06:47 have you written an orange 5 if you have 06:50 leave your comments down below and if 06:52 you like this video give a thumbs up and 06:53 subscribe to my channel