New Time RXS Carbon fix cleats to road shoes

After making the fitting Time RXS Carbon pedals video I then made a video fitting the cleats to my shoes.
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Video Transcript
00:00 I'm going to try and do this with a 00:01 GoPro strapped to my head some bolts 00:11 little do - that bolt okay three each 00:31 and it tools for the job 00:38 shoes do the right one and right mess up 01:17 this boat full of crap right what if we 01:24 got through that telling it that 02:00 now we get do not want to thread that 02:20 puppy 03:00 yes she bears gone from that clearly 03:13 taking a hammering these things 03:55 so lovely mud spray a bit of GT 85 on it 04:13 like a phantom alright so this is my 04:42 right shoe and in the instructions on 04:50 the cleat it says there's some little 04:52 diagrams and depending which side you 05:00 put the cleat on if how far offset shoe 05:08 is from crank arm now looking at my 05:12 crank pedals I had on before we're 05:15 probably a little bit too close so I 05:18 might try the offset out a little bit 05:21 which means that on the right shoe we 05:29 want to put 05:35 for maximum offset position a cleat 05:38 figure a for a maximum offset position 05:43 the cleat figure a under the right foot 05:50 it's hard to see you probably can't see 05:52 it on the camera but it's the one with 05:55 the shorter on the left longer on the 05:57 right to that one so that goes on the 06:00 right foot now then these are totally 06:11 different pedals so I don't know maybe a 06:15 bit of trial and error I guess and got 06:18 pop them on and go for a ride and see 06:23 what they're like but we can do it right 06:29 so you want to put a bit of grease on 06:35 the nut I'm going to put these puppies 06:42 in 06:54 like okay 07:17 okay 07:46 that's close 07:55 I'm thinking that bohtan ZZ is it leave 08:11 that to them get clear under the gold 08:22 thing now I sit in the middle 08:27 gosh 08:32 sort of looking at where the other cleat 08:35 was to try and get an idea like I say 08:38 the different pedals so I don't know how 08:41 they're going to line up really tight my 08:45 bet tape there 08:46 these Shimano shoes have a hole in them 08:49 for vents which is great on a winter's 08:53 day because you immediately get a 08:54 soaking wet foot 09:35 all right 09:37 well there we go changing a cleat got me 09:43 doing more than that without going for a 09:44 test ride and doing the other one of 09:46 course so that's it