In this video I take a look at the new Canyon Spectral range for 2018, see how the different builds stack up and which offers the best value for money. At the end of the video I then take a look at the GIANT Trance and see how that compares to the new Canyon Spectral.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so just before I get stuck into this 00:01 video about the new Canyon spectral 00:03 earlier this morning I got up to 200 00:06 subscribers on my channel which I 00:08 thought was a bit of a landmark I've put 00:10 a little pole up in the up in the 00:13 right-hand corner because what I want to 00:15 know is what you guys think whether I 00:17 should concentrate on road bikes and a 00:19 bit of mountain bike or a bit more 00:22 mountain bike or just stick to road 00:24 bikes I'd be interested to see what you 00:26 think so I've put a little pole up there 00:28 if you could just click on that and see 00:30 what you think that would be great 00:31 so Canyon have brought out the new 00:33 spectral quite close to my heart 00:35 spectral because I've actually got the 00:36 version from a couple of years ago and 00:38 it's pretty amazing bike does everything 00:41 very well but when I saw this picture 00:43 not knowing that it was a spectral I 00:45 think it popped up on my Facebook feed I 00:47 looked at it and thought ooh Canyon have 00:48 brought out an electric bike and I think 00:50 that is because of this bit here which I 00:53 don't know I'm not sure I'd really like 00:55 the look of it it's one of those things 00:57 it's you know maybe it's the picture 00:58 maybe I need to see it in real life but 01:00 just my initial reaction was I'm not 01:03 sure if I like the look of it so far not 01:06 a hundred percent anyway so this is the 01:08 new Canyon spectral cf9 limited if I 01:11 just have a quick look at the website it 01:13 has got 150 on the front and 140 on the 01:17 back we've got the SRAM xx1 eagle group 01:20 set which is quite hilarious when you 01:23 look at the cassette because it goes 01:24 from a 10 to a 50 if you'd have asked me 01:27 a few years ago if anybody would be 01:29 running a 50 2 3 a cassette I'd have 01:31 probably laughed at ya but here they are 01:33 you got the mm 60 wheelset you got the 01:36 SRAM xx1 01:38 Eagle carbon cranks 32 tooth on the 01:41 front and you got the rental bar and 01:43 stem so it's pretty bling bike this and 01:46 coming in with a pretty bling price of 01:48 six thousand three hundred and forty 01:49 nine pounds and at twelve point five 01:52 kilograms this is the lightest spectral 01:54 in the range so not many people are 01:57 going to be able to afford that one so I 01:58 thought what I'd do is just have a look 02:00 through the rest of the range and coming 02:02 in next we've got the CF 9 SL and this 02:07 comes in at four thousand four hundred 02:09 and ninety nine pounds and just 10 grams 02:11 heavier 02:13 no that's hundred grams heavier so this 02:16 has got the giant dinner plate on the 02:17 back as well but this is XO rather than 02:20 the XX one that we have on the limited 02:23 version so that's the SL next up is the 02:25 nine Pro different paint job and this is 02:27 three five nine nine a little bit 02:29 heavier 13.1 quite like that paint job 02:32 still not sure about this bit here 02:35 though and then next up or next down is 02:37 the CF 9 three one nine nine and again 02:42 just a hundred grams heavier again 02:44 pretty cool color scheme we've obviously 02:46 got the internal reverb on all these 02:48 bikes that one doesn't have the 50 on 02:50 the back don't know what that is but 02:52 it's obviously smaller so that's the 02:53 nine and then we drop down to the eight 02:56 CF eight and that is again another 02:59 hundred grams heavier but quite a bit 03:01 cheaper two six nine nine I think that's 03:03 got sort of a glossy finish on the top 03:05 and then a matte finish underneath 03:07 pretty cool next up the seven and we've 03:09 dropped down to the aluminium frame on 03:11 the seven two four four nine so bit 03:14 cheaper quite a lot heavier it's another 03:16 kilogram heavier so whether or not you 03:18 just save up that little bit extra and 03:20 get the carbon frame that's probably 03:22 what I would do and I'm not keen on this 03:25 bit here that world looks really messy 03:27 doesn't it no attempt to smooth out the 03:29 welds on this and we've got first front 03:34 derailleur in the in the lineup XT so 03:38 seven is an interesting one for such a 03:41 smallest drop in the price you'd 03:43 definitely go for the eight wouldn't you 03:45 I certainly would 03:46 so that's the seven then we've got six I 03:48 like the red paint scheme that's pretty 03:50 snazzy and again not a huge amount 03:52 cheaper quite a bit heavier we're now up 03:55 to fourteen point seven kilograms to two 03:57 nine nine so I'm still thinking you'd 03:59 want to save up for the eight that we've 04:01 gone back to the one by so there's 04:05 obviously people still asking for the 04:07 front derailleur setup which is where 04:09 they've put that on the seven I guess 04:11 okay so that was the six and then we've 04:13 got the a l5 under grams heavier coming 04:17 in at one nine nine nine so if you were 04:19 gonna get an aluminium one mmm it's well 04:23 off getting the five as you are the 04:24 seven I think pretty much 04:26 so that's the new spectral line up and 04:28 if you've noticed there's the BBV score 04:31 on each one of these what I did was I 04:33 ran each one of these bikes through the 04:37 bike otic bike value calculator which 04:39 I'll put a link to down below and you 04:41 need the price and the weight in this 04:43 instance it's quite cool because you've 04:45 got a range of bikes and it will tell 04:47 you which it thinks it's the best value 04:49 price to weight wise so if you order 04:51 these bikes using that this is what we 04:54 come up with so the top of the range 04:56 gets 50 and the bottom of the range gets 05:00 50 and then it arranges the other ones 05:02 according to what it considers to be the 05:04 better value and interestingly it's the 05:07 cf8 that comes out on top and the al6 05:10 which comes out at the bottom which is 05:12 what I was just talking about a second 05:14 ago so I would definitely go for the CF 05:15 eight so the CF eight gets my best value 05:19 score now the other thing I did just out 05:21 of curiosity who's there compared the CF 05:24 nine limited to the giant Trent's 05:27 advanced zero which is the top of the 05:29 range trance from giant Canyon is 05:31 slightly more expensive but it does have 05:35 more blingy kit on it so it's got the X 05:37 x1 and the giant is just EXO you've also 05:40 got the reverb on the on the canyon I've 05:44 never used the giant equivalent don't 05:47 know how that stacks up and you've got 05:49 the Fox factory 34 s versus the Rock 05:53 Shop pikes on the front you've got the 05:55 Kashima coating on the on the foxes 05:58 there likewise on the rear shock as well 06:01 they've both got the same travel similar 06:04 price so it's hard to call there which 06:06 one you'd go for but what is interesting 06:08 is if you overlay these two bikes whilst 06:11 interesting is how amazingly close some 06:14 of the angles are and the oval shapes of 06:17 the bike obviously they've got different 06:19 suspension layouts however add a little 06:21 play around and literally you can cut it 06:24 down the middle and create a cut and 06:26 shot and it matches absolutely perfectly 06:31 which seems a little uncanny 06:37 so if you ever happen to find yourself 06:43 with half of each one of these bikes you 06:46 can join them together that's the other 06:47 way around so I thought that was quite 06:52 interesting amazingly similar ideas from 06:55 the two different manufacturers there 06:57 with regard to the geometry of these 06:59 bikes so there we go that's it for this 07:00 one if you liked the video give it a 07:02 thumbs up and keep subscribing let's get 07:06 it up to 500 subscribers that would be 07:08 cool