Chris Froome and his positive test for illegal levels of Salbutamol during the 2017 Vuelta really annoyed me, so, I had to make this video about doping to get it off my chest :(
A conspiracy? The more I think about it the more it seems that way!! Froome was the poster child of the clean new world, now he has to get a ban, he has to be chucked out of Team sky, Sky will have to pull its sponsorship, the team will have to fold, there will be a mass of investigations into other star riders injecting Salbutamol, truck loads of money exits Pro cycling....the ripple back is massive, no wonder its being covered up - I would go as far as to say the teams probably have an arrangement with the UCI and doping agencies that they will turn a blind eye to high levels of Salbutamol in test results, until The Guardian and Le Monde turn up and crash the party - personally I wish they had left it well alone, I just want to see bloody bike racing ffs.
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Video Transcript
00:00 why am I making this video because I'm 00:02 so fed up cheating in cycling is 00:05 stealing from me the people that cheat 00:07 how do they sleep at night if you cheat 00:10 it's not winning it's stealing it's the 00:13 same as breaking into my house and 00:15 stealing my possessions except that 00:17 you're stealing my time and my attention 00:19 should dopers get a prison sentence and 00:21 a lifetime ban probably yes it might put 00:25 them off who is professional high 00:27 profile by tracing actually for us the 00:31 fans 00:32 sponsorship deals and TV rights that 00:35 bring money into the sport depend on us 00:37 the viewing public if we didn't turn up 00:39 to watch in our Millions the whole 00:41 shebang would come to a grinding halt 00:44 why do i watch by tracing I watch it for 00:47 the shot of adrenaline I get as the 00:49 Sprint teams lineup full gas with 10k to 00:52 go jostling for position vying to give 00:55 their sprint to the best chance of the 00:56 win I've watched it to see the Warriors 00:59 of the Spring Classics smash it over the 01:01 cobbles i watch it to see who can stay 01:03 with yet another stinging attack on the 01:05 gila ba i watch it for the excitement 01:07 here's my problem with the current 01:09 system every time a cheat is cooled out 01:12 after the event it dilutes the 01:15 excitement of watching bite racing as a 01:17 whole and this saddens me for example I 01:20 spent hours of my time watching Lance 01:22 Armstrong win the Tour de France seven 01:24 times only to now be told it didn't 01:27 happen I can assure you it did it was 01:30 some of the best racing ever none of 01:32 this should have come up after the event 01:33 they had seven years to catch him what 01:36 the heck were they doing I say let 01:38 sleeping dogs lie 01:39 and clean up the future there are now 01:42 reports that French magistrates are 01:44 investigating big-name riders for 01:46 mechanical doping ah no no no I don't 01:50 care I don't want to know the day that 01:53 one of my heroes like Fabian Cancellara 01:55 gets called out for mechanical doping 01:57 will be a black bleak day I don't want 02:01 to hear about that even if it was true 02:02 now is the time to catch mechanical 02:05 dopers before the start of the next race 02:07 so here's how it should be in my opinion 02:10 one hour after a bike race finishes the 02:12 result is sentence 02:13 don't there's an amnesty a truce no 02:16 result can never be overturned 02:18 it stands for eternity the dope police 02:20 had their chance to catch the dopers 02:22 before the start and an hour after 02:24 finish then we move to the next race 02:26 none of this weeks months years of 02:29 wondering if this or that result will be 02:32 overturned by Abby's arm for a court 02:34 case it's not good for the sport or my 02:37 viewing pleasure all I care about is the 02:39 next race the next battle now I realize 02:42 this idea is completely flawed but hey 02:45 if you have a better idea put it in the 02:47 comments below and this brings me to the 02:50 latest doping scandal doing its utmost 02:51 to put me off ever bothering to watch a 02:54 bike race again Froome and his asthma 02:57 inhaler give me strength 02:59 this literally is the worst thing that 03:01 could have happened in cycling for the 03:03 love of bike racing ban him or don't ban 03:06 him but get on with it it's unthinkable 03:08 that he could start the Giro without 03:10 this case being resolved one way or the 03:12 other the result of the 2017 Vuelta that 03:16 I invested a lot of time in watching is 03:18 in serious doubt damaging its reputation 03:20 what a shame for a great race a quick 03:23 look back through the history books 03:24 reveals that Froome should be banned for 03:26 his illegal levels of cell butanol in 03:28 his system Alessandro Petacchi was 03:31 banned for 12 months and stripped of 03:33 five stage victories from the 2007 Giro 03:36 he was way less over the limit than 03:38 Froome so it's like a plaster it should 03:41 have been ripped off there and then 03:43 stage 18 of the Vuelta Froome should 03:45 have been removed from the race 03:47 immediately given his 12-month ban and 03:49 be disgraced forever the race goes on 03:52 and we get a real winner however my 03:55 actual opinion on froome's case is this 03:57 he's not an idiot he knew too many puffs 03:59 on his inhaler would put him over the 04:01 limit but perhaps he got to the top of a 04:02 mountain stage after hours of grueling 04:05 effort and actually had an asthma attack 04:07 anybody who knows the feeling of panic 04:09 when you have an attack knows you will 04:12 do anything to make it better perhaps in 04:13 that moment he had a few puffs too many 04:15 he is a human after all 04:17 my answer to this is to level the 04:19 playing field but sail butanol in the 04:21 same category as caffeine everybody is 04:24 then allowed to use it if they want as 04:25 their all stem there are two Oh 04:27 to abuse anyway do they don't they 04:29 actually have asthma I've read studies 04:31 where they can't even decide if there's 04:33 a performance gain for an athlete 04:34 without asthma taking cell buta mo 04:36 anyway 04:37 on a sidenote wada are actually looking 04:39 at whether they should ban caffeine as a 04:41 performance-enhancing drug as well 04:43 madness that would mean no coffee no tea 04:45 no sports drinks what's next no sunlight 04:48 no water no training so there we have it 04:53 that's my ramp over wouldn't it be 04:55 interesting if they lifted all doping 04:57 bans leaving races free to experiment 05:00 with any drug combos and they wanted to 05:02 it would sure make for exciting racing 05:04 as monster-like drug enhance bike racers 05:06 battled it out in their steroid and EPO 05:08 frenzies far from the death toll this 05:12 probably is the only answer to a level 05:14 playing field in our sport sadly and on 05:16 that bombshell let me know what you 05:18 think in the comments below if you like 05:20 my video give it a thumbs up and 05:21 subscribe to my channel let's get up to 05:24 a thousand subscribers come on