How to plot a GPX for your Garmin Edge 800

If you ride bikes and like to plot routes from the comfort of your front room and avoid that annoying feeling when your lost and your mates are moaning - then this is for you. Plot routes using Street View and satellite maps, then export to your Garmin or mobile as GPX files for easy navigation - even abroad. Navigating your next road bike adventure really is a breeze once you view this video explainer.
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Video Transcript
00:01 so this is Plata root as far as I'm 00:04 concerned is the best routing software 00:06 if you ride on the road and you've got a 00:12 bucket Garmin 800 or sink new on newer 00:17 ones the 1000 that allows you to put a 00:21 route in from a GPX file and then you 00:24 can follow that but what's great about 00:27 plotter route and I've used lots of 00:32 these things we start a new one let's go 00:37 to a Ovington so these are roads I've 00:48 ridden round for I guess about 10 years 00:53 now and we always kind of go the same 00:58 way we always go along there and into 01:00 Pocklington up a hill but we always kind 01:05 of go the same way because because I've 01:07 got court and a habit well we had some 01:10 other people join the ride the other day 01:12 and a guy I ride a lot with suggested 01:17 that we maybe reroute or change some of 01:21 the roads that we go on to see what else 01:23 there is 01:23 and I was like right yeah ok 01:28 and the great thing about plotter route 01:32 which a lot of them don't have is ok so 01:36 let's start there we can drag the street 01:40 view and actually get a very good idea 01:46 what that road surface is like and how 01:50 big it is how much traffic it's going to 01:51 have on it so that looks fine I mean 01:57 usually we branch off here but how about 01:59 this time we take this road up here they 02:03 go Pathan have a look yeah well let's 02:07 see that looks like quite a good road so 02:09 let's go up there 02:11 and I know this road I know that's a 02:13 good one so let's go up there now I've 02:16 no idea what really happens here I don't 02:18 want to go on the 1079 I have a look 02:23 around and I know that I want to get up 02:28 to where it Lincoln this Brit so I wanna 02:36 get up to this road here so we've a 02:39 thought down there 02:40 so obviously I'm a little blocked off 02:44 here don't want to go into pop Clinton 02:49 maybe I should actually go up mister 02:51 road here so some do that go up there 02:56 let's just check that you know that 03:02 looks okay 03:05 and then I know there's a main road here 03:07 that I don't want to go on and then I 03:13 want to get up to Bishop Wilton 03:20 I'll do I know so I want to get across 03:24 up to here and then I can get onto the 03:26 Roman Road this is an awesome road along 03:28 here I don't want to go through 03:31 Pocklington so somehow I've got to get 03:34 kind of a cross there I have no idea 03:38 what these roads are like so let's have 03:41 a look at this road that cuts across 03:43 drag this on yeah that looks like a nice 03:49 quiet road I can't tell you how 03:52 brilliant it is to move the street view 03:55 and just drag it on and have a look 03:56 around all the other ones I've used 04:00 don't have that so you have to have 04:02 Google Maps open in another window and 04:04 like trying to sync the maps together 04:09 and it's just a pain in the ass so if we 04:14 go up along there we can come back down 04:16 there so I wonder what it's going to be 04:19 like around here again that's all fine 04:24 for me 04:25 I'm glad bring it to there and you know 04:33 you probably could do it Auto Plata 04:35 route and click there and click all the 04:39 way up here and it will work it out for 04:42 you trouble is it won't be on roads that 04:44 you want to go on and we did that once 04:47 years ago when I hadn't done much of 04:50 this and we ended up on a cycle track in 04:53 the middle of a field completely lost 04:56 because it thought it would be great way 05:01 for us to go but it wasn't so you really 05:04 are better off plotting your own route 05:06 checking out and if you don't know the 05:10 area almost better off checking every 05:12 single Road to see if it looks like one 05:15 you don't mind cycling along right so I 05:19 know this hill I know what I want to go 05:20 up here but I don't want to do that 05:23 undo 05:27 check that is a good road no it's a bit 05:32 rough but it will do so we will go along 05:35 there come up here now I know this is a 05:40 hill but if I didn't I can turn Hills on 05:43 as you can see the road starting to go 05:45 up usually we'd go up here along to 05:50 Friday thought and then down to slid 05:53 near but I want to take in this Roman 05:55 Road here which is where the Tour de 05:58 York shit would went next year 2017 and 06:04 I actually watched it from the top of 06:05 the hill here I've never been on this 06:07 road I'm just going to have a look at 06:11 that again yes I wouldn't want to drive 06:18 a bus up it but it will do on my bikes 06:20 so that will be fine and this is quite a 06:24 busy road so don't want to spend too 06:26 longer than that but that's fine because 06:29 we could see that we could turn off and 06:33 I can also see there's a bitter hill 06:36 it's not enormous and I still make it up 06:40 there right 06:43 oops done against but then I want to get 06:48 around here to Weezer that Weaver 06:49 thought because I know then I can come 06:52 round to slid me I know there's a cafe 06:55 there that does good cake so not really 07:00 ridden over here very much I've been to 07:02 molten a few times but I don't really 07:05 know what these roads are like I do it 07:11 you know this is a great road I rode 07:12 this at the weekend it's a really great 07:16 road that we will take that 07:22 don't know what this roads like yep 07:28 I'll do it will crack across there 07:39 all the while I'm looking for new roads 07:41 that are going to be nice and small so I 07:45 mean there is a cut across here the 07:46 other thing you can do is if you drag 07:48 the street view basically the street 07:52 thing is made by a little smart car 07:54 so wherever it goes blue you know that 07:57 you can get a smart car along it and 07:59 you'll probably be ok on your road bike 08:03 so I can see there is a cut to across 08:07 drag that on beautiful look at that so 08:12 that's going on there that's all now 08:15 downhill as well so result that looks a 08:21 bit weird this little corner here too 08:23 let's check it out it's a little village 08:26 should be okay now when you're riding 08:31 with like six other guys and you're in 08:34 charge of navigation you really really 08:36 really want to know where you're going 08:38 there's nothing worse than stopping 08:41 every Junction trying to work out which 08:44 way you're going everybody gets pissed 08:46 off with you and it's no fun whereas if 08:50 you spend the time doing this you can 08:53 create them awesome route and know 08:58 exactly where you go in get the Garmin 09:00 to tell you where the next turning is 09:03 and it really really will improve your 09:07 ride so then we get up got to weave a 09:11 thought and I know this road is good and 09:14 fast love that road okay 09:23 so I'm not going to do it now but I 09:26 would have routed this what mileage we 09:31 don't that's 33 miles so we were looking 09:33 to do about 90 miles I'd loop that up - 09:36 what's that 45 no I know that there's a 09:44 nice little diagonal road there so if we 09:49 go along like that but nope they want to 09:51 do that up to there okay you can see 09:58 that diagonal row goes all the way along 10:00 it's not all the roads do so like little 10:05 lanes that just stop like farm roads and 10:08 stuff I know that goes up to slip near 10:11 and I know that the cafe is about there 10:15 now looking at that I can immediately 10:17 see that that's not going to fly off 10:19 that's only 36 miles so what I need to 10:22 do is add a bit more mileage so it's 10:25 pretty simple to just go undo undo and 10:30 I've not been up here let's see what 10:32 that's like beautiful all lovely roads 10:39 to cycle on that's 36 and let's see if 10:48 we then just now let's try that let's go 10:53 up to there down there and there - slid 10:58 me boom 45 miles perfect coffee cake I'm 11:07 sure the Sun will be out someday 11:09 and then you could even just go back the 11:13 way you'd come or route another 45 miles 11:16 to create a loop I know there's some 11:18 excellent roads around here 11:24 so I just say the coffee shop where is 11:30 it you turn it to satellite there we go 11:40 and the coffee shop is just about there 11:46 right if it is dr. lovely coffee then 11:53 turn that back to the normal map alright 12:03 so you can save that get save button 12:08 give it a name private or public road 12:11 cycling boom save it assuming you've 12:15 made a and logged in as yourself made an 12:18 account then if you want to change parts 12:24 of it you've got all these excellent 12:25 tools here and again lots of room top of 12:29 the top of the pile as far as I'm 12:31 concerned they've got really easy to use 12:36 ways to change parts of your route I 12:41 just do a quick quick one so if I want 12:44 to reap lot a section ok let's say that 12:50 I want to go up and around there so what 12:54 I can do is click that that's the start 12:59 of where I want to change that's the end 13:00 of where I want to change hello ok you 13:07 can change that in an out point then all 13:12 you got to do is drag this little dot 13:14 boom look at that so easy confirm 13:21 there we go so easy and I need to save 13:26 it again and there's various things that 13:28 you can do now double it 13:32 once you're done you hit download and I 13:37 use it like I said a Garmin 800 people 13:41 eight hundred and a lot of these mapping 13:45 sites I have real problems with the 13:48 outputs that I load them in get out on 13:51 the bike turn them on and the Garmin 13:54 just doesn't read it properly and it's 13:57 sometimes really difficult to tell 13:58 that's going to work until you actually 14:00 get out on the road and if you've 14:03 actually had to travel somewhere to then 14:07 find that your route doesn't work 14:09 properly is a real pain in the butt 14:12 however clutter route I always keep the 14:16 default GPS GPX track download it to my 14:20 desktop never had a problem with it all 14:25 has to do is go into my Garmin and I 14:28 think I have to turn on the things that 14:32 says it's like turn directions or 14:36 something like that for us to do another 14:39 video on that khatma what it's called 14:41 and I think you have to turn off virtual 14:45 partner which is a bit annoying but if 14:48 you do those things it works perfect 14:50 every time it's awesome bum-bum-bum I 14:58 think that's it 14:59 but I've done a lot of these now and so 15:05 well maybe three or four years ago we 15:09 started cycling in Spain and I used some 15:15 of the early mapping routing websites 15:18 and yeah 15:21 without the Street View thing it's a bit 15:23 of a nightmare especially when you're 15:25 going to a foreign country so this 15:29 it just makes it so much easier and I 15:34 thought I can think of if you got any 15:36 questions leave some comments and I will 15:40 maybe do another video sometime about 15:43 how I plot the roots in Spain when we go 15:45 and write in Spain and Portugal because 15:49 yeah that's all good right all right it 15:54 isn't