How to load GPX files to Garmin Edge 800

This is a follow on video from how to plot a route in Plotaroute - Where to save the GPX file onto your Garmin and then what to do in the Garmin software to get it to route you correctly on the plotaroute path.
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Video Transcript
00:01 it's very easy to load a route that 00:06 you've plotted and plot a route onto 00:09 your Garmin so you've saved your route 00:14 load it up okay hit the download button 00:21 download to a file 00:23 GPX then led to a file 00:26 I keep it in the default GPS GPX track 00:30 and it works perfectly every time 00:37 download thinks about it for a couple of 00:41 seconds dududu go to your Garmin Garmin 00:52 new files you save it into that folder 00:56 give it a name that saves it when you 01:04 then unplug your Garmin from the 01:08 computer turn it on it will load that 01:11 file into courses and then you can get 01:15 it from there so this is my trusty 01:22 Garmin 800 I think it is quite old now 01:28 but it has navigated me throughout the 01:36 UK and then I've got the maps for Spain 01:38 and Portugal and we've done done about 01:42 2,000 miles in Spain and Portugal now 01:44 all routed and put into GPX files and 01:51 load it onto this Garmin so to load up 01:54 the route you just made in plot a route 01:57 and you edit the file to the new folders 02:05 or new files folder on the garment then 02:09 go menu courses 02:12 go to the course that you put on which 02:16 has been loaded in now and what I always 02:19 do is for some reason turn guidance is 02:22 always turned off so I turn that on and 02:25 virtual partner is always on so I turn 02:27 that off because I'm on that one I leave 02:31 off course warnings on because sometimes 02:34 the Garmin doesn't know about the 02:39 Junction and doesn't warn you to turn 02:41 but what it does do it tells you when 02:44 you're off course with some buzzing 02:46 noises which is really handy because 02:48 otherwise you wouldn't notice and then 02:51 you just hit go and there's a few sort 02:58 of weird things that I will always start 03:02 the navigation before I start the timer 03:08 I don't know about the new Garmin's but 03:11 there's some oddities on this one that 03:13 if I start the timer and then start 03:16 course sometimes I don't get the 03:18 turn-by-turn instructions but that there 03:26 are some weird things and they do happen 03:28 but if you do it like I said there 03:30 generally it works and sometimes there's 03:37 some weird stuff that happens if you're 03:38 not at the start of your route when 03:44 you'd start it and it can sometimes take 03:48 a while to get get sorted out but 03:51 generally it works okay the biggest 03:55 problem I find with this device is when 03:58 I'm cycling along on a sunny day maybe 04:01 going downhill at 40 miles an hour 04:04 looking at the screen and where you're 04:10 supposed to go with this little pink 04:12 line it's just not strong enough in the 04:14 sunlight and it can be really difficult 04:16 to see where you're going 04:18 so that would be my big problem with 04:23 this thing but from that it tends to get 04:26 even in the right place so there we go