How to install pedals - neat trick

Following on from my unboxing of my new Time RXS Carbon Pedals, this video sees me removing my old pedals and fitting the new ones. Tip: to undo pedals always unscrew in the opposite direction to the drive of the transmission to the back wheel. Remember that and you don't need to remember if its anti-clock or clock for left or right!
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Video Transcript
00:05 right I'm going to change the pedals 00:07 over on my bike it will have to excuse 00:09 the dirt and fact I've still got my 00:13 pajamas on but tomorrow morning I've got 00:17 to do 150 mile ride probably a really 00:22 bad idea to change my pedals the day 00:24 before but something I'm going to have 00:28 to do because these have got one creaky 00:31 and squeaky and they're driving me mad 00:33 so I need to take the old ones off and I 00:39 always get confused about which way to 00:41 turn it sometimes you use a spanner that 00:44 side sometimes the bikes upside down 00:46 sometimes it isn't but the easy thing to 00:50 remember is to undo it do the opposite 00:55 of the drive so drive is that way 00:59 because it's turning the wheel that way 01:01 which means I need to turn that way to 01:05 undo it and I can be pretty confident 01:07 about that 01:17 try not to get grease on my carpet 01:20 drives that way which means I'm undoing 01:23 it that way and yes I had loosened these 01:29 off before I made the video just to make 01:35 sure I could get them off but if you 01:38 remember that rule and they're stiff and 01:41 you can't get them off at least if you 01:44 remember the rule you can take a hammer 01:45 to it right grease put some grease on 01:50 some people say that you should use like 01:54 Loctite or copper grease or whatever 01:57 I've used normal grief for most of my 02:01 life now so I don't think it's a problem 02:05 and it drives that way so I need to do 02:07 it up with the drive these ones have got 02:19 slightly bigger drives that way ok god 02:30 sake when you do this it should be 02:32 really easy to do up if it feels like it 02:37 isn't you might be cross threading it 02:38 and if you do that you've got a real 02:40 problem ok doesn't need to be up too 02:48 tight the other one on drives that way 02:56 I'm doing it up so it's that way 03:03 I already got some grease on it here we 03:14 go 03:18 and while I'm here this would probably 03:23 change my stages battery again because 03:26 it seems to run out every single ride 03:28 which drives me nuts but I shall do that 03:33 and to turn this camera off