Homemade bike stand - Specilaized Tarmac SL4

Nothing more annoying than trying to work on your bike without a bike stand - but to get a good one they are expensive and take up a lot of room. Here is my very simple, cheap way to hold the bike steady while I work on it or clean it.
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Video Transcript
00:00 okay this is my hack for my bike stand 00:03 in my front room I've basically got an 00:06 old golf club with in the tube wrap 00:10 around it cable tie each end just to 00:14 hold it in place and then I've got this 00:19 spin bike could be anything could be a 00:22 chair or something just holding the golf 00:25 club with a cable tie you can see that 00:29 okay I get my bike I want to clean my 00:35 bike so what I do is I just get the seat 00:43 and put the seat on the golf club like 00:50 that so put the inner tube around the 01:05 golf club so that where it touches the 01:08 bike it doesn't scratch the paint okay 01:14 that's pretty secure if you want it more 01:16 secure you just put a cable tie around 01:18 there and that'll hold it steady no 01:21 suppose you need you to Gulf Club you 01:23 could use any old Pole really that's the 01:24 right length for your bike what that 01:28 means I can do now was happened the ride 01:33 yesterday my bikes filthy but 01:40 I can spin it up 01:43 and I'm gonna make another video and I 01:44 say how I'm gonna do it real quick clean 02:01 cheap indoor bike stand