Giant TCR vs Giant Propel - which is best

Other than the obvious, whats the difference between the top of the range Giant TCR SL0 and the top of the range Giant Propel SL0? I compare the 2 bikes and look at the geometry numbers from Giant's website.
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Video Transcript
00:00 what's the difference between the giant 00:01 top-of-the-range 2018 00:03 TCR SL 0 and the top-of-the-range 2018 00:08 propel SL 0 well I thought I'd have a 00:11 look and work out what the difference is 00:13 between them so here's the TCR this is 00:15 the SL 0 version which is a rim break 00:19 bite you can't get a disk version of 00:21 this one and it's seven thousand eight 00:23 hundred and ninety nine pounds this is 00:24 the bike that Tom Dumoulin one zero on 00:27 this year so it's a pretty important 00:29 bike with regard to professional road 00:31 racing so let's compare that against the 00:33 propel this is the giant propel SL 0 00:36 2018 and the first thing we notice is 00:39 the price difference price difference 00:42 between the propel is 1,100 pounds more 00:45 than the TCR so why is that well first 00:48 thing you notice between these two bikes 00:49 is you get a heck of a lot more carbon 00:52 real estate with your propel all the 00:54 tubes are massively bigger just more 00:56 bike so I guess that makes it more 00:58 expensive in that way but also it's got 01:00 the disc brakes on it which I guess 01:02 they're more expensive so the other 01:04 thing I looked at is geometry what's the 01:07 difference between the TCR and propel 01:09 with regard to geometry well 01:11 interestingly there is no difference 01:12 other than the stand over height so 01:15 these numbers here of the medium-large 01:17 frame which i think is probably the one 01:18 i would buy if i was going to get one of 01:20 these bikes and the only numbers that 01:22 were different with a stand over height 01:24 and that's purely because of the 01:26 slightly different angle of tube I guess 01:28 which makes the propel slightly higher 01:30 which we can tell there but apart from 01:32 that everything else is exactly the same 01:35 all the angles are the same and you 01:37 could set up each bike exactly the same 01:39 way to fit you so what is the difference 01:42 between them well the propel with all 01:44 this extra carbon it's shaped to be as 01:46 aerodynamic as possible even the cables 01:49 are hidden away in this great big thing 01:51 here but presumably and I can't tell 01:53 from giants websites because they don't 01:55 publish the numbers you would have to 01:57 imagine that the propel weighed quite a 02:00 lot more just because there's so much 02:02 more of it even the wheels are bigger so 02:04 if anybody knows the weights of these 02:06 bikes maybe you could comment down below 02:08 and let us know because it's really 02:09 difficult to get hold of that 02:10 information the other thing I noticed 02:12 was 02:13 on the website Giants website but so 02:15 looking at Giants website it says that 02:17 both bikes are equipped with dura-ace 02:21 3652 chain rings that's the propel and 02:24 that is the TCR 3652 okay yet if we look 02:29 at the two pictures that come on that 02:30 website as well there's clearly a 02:33 difference there so either it's a typo 02:35 or when they took the pictures of the 02:37 bikes they had the wrong chain sets on 02:40 well that looks like a 5336 this to me 02:43 looks more like 50 34 on the TCR but who 02:46 knows if you're gonna buy it you might 02:48 want to check that so that's about it - 02:50 very similar bikes in their geometry but 02:53 two very different bikes and both very 02:56 expensive obviously well which one would 02:58 you buy I think it would all depend on 03:00 what roads do you normally Road on if 03:02 you've got a fair amount of hills to do 03:04 it's this one the TCR if you happen to 03:06 live in a very flat area then it's this 03:08 one they propel because this is gonna 03:10 cut through the air quicker than the TCR 03:12 how much quicker there's a question 03:15 hopefully some want to bring out a test 03:16 and we'll be able to see which one how 03:19 much quicker it is we might be talking 03:20 tenths of a second we might be talking 03:22 minutes over say a hundred mile ride 03:24 hard say anyway there we go which one 03:27 would you buy let us know in the 03:28 comments below and if you like my videos 03:30 give it a thumbs up and subscribe