Giant TCR 2018 vs TCR 2017-2011

Giant have released the new 2018 TCR, a very important bike in the world of Pro cycling, it won the Giro this year with Tom Dumoulin. On offer is a rim brake version and a disc brake version - in this video I look at the SL1 version and it's previous incarnations, going back to 2011..
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Video Transcript
00:00 giant have released the new TC RS for 00:03 2018 so I wanted to have a look through 00:06 all the different TC RS they've made and 00:09 see how the new ones what they've done 00:11 to them so is the 2011 model can't find 00:15 a price for anyway so I don't know what 00:16 it cost but it was a good-looking bike 00:18 do you race 00:20 mechanical wheels a do race c24 great 00:24 climbing wheel I used to have some of 00:25 those kind of and obviously that's 2011 00:29 couldn't find a 2012 2013 first one I 00:33 could find a price with four thousand 00:35 nine hundred and ninety nine pounds and 00:37 if we compare the two obviously the 00:40 frame has changed quite a lot between 00:43 those two years still do a race but it's 00:46 gone to the giant wheels whereas before 00:50 we had the new race wheels quite a big 00:52 change in the frame okay moving on 00:55 couldn't find 2014 so the next one is 00:58 2015 and it's got a rather gushing paint 01:02 job on it 01:03 not a big fan the frame looks a bit 01:06 different maybe four to four nine was 01:12 the price that was a bit cheaper in 2015 01:15 still mechanical and I think what I 01:17 forgot to mention is I'm looking at the 01:20 sl1 01:20 model should have said down at the start 01:22 okay so 2016 comes in a bit cheaper and 01:28 quite a big frame update there as you 01:32 can see seat post is quite different and 01:34 we've gone to opt a grow di - that would 01:39 be wise a bit cheaper looks like we've 01:40 also gone from a 11 25 to 28 they're 01:44 easier to get up the hills and the 01:46 wheels I've got a bit deeper a bit more 01:49 Aero it's cool stem looks the same hood 01:53 a bit different okay 01:56 so now moving on to the 217 model well 02:00 we've gone up 500 quid rain looks very 02:03 similar gearing looks exactly the same 02:06 pretty much wheels and the varies 02:09 similar different braking track but look 02:12 on the wheels there looks a bit smoother 02:14 on the 17th good-looking bike the 17 I 02:16 thought about buying that long cuz I 02:18 like that one 02:19 never digs I never found enough money ok 02:21 so moving swiftly on to the new bikes 02:24 and the first one up is the 2018 rim 02:27 break version done a tiny bit more 02:30 expensive under quid and what's changed 02:33 frame has a very similar shape but it I 02:37 can only get these images lined up so 02:40 well so I couldn't tell you whether that 02:42 it's a remoulded frame or a different 02:45 size but it looks a bit longer doesn't 02:47 it we've also gone to the new old Tokra 02:50 dr2 group set it definitely looks like 02:52 they have tweaked the frame very similar 02:55 but slightly different looking at the 02:56 drop out there that's definitely changed 02:59 maybe the wheels weren't different in 03:01 2017 it's just the lighting to go back 03:04 to the 16 they look very similar to the 03:07 18 right 03:09 is it just me or if they made a bit more 03:12 clearance there maybe that's what 03:14 they've done right so it looks like it's 03:16 sitting up a bit more hmm 03:18 well it does look like they've tweaked 03:19 the frame but really not very much and I 03:21 don't know maybe that could be the 03:23 camera lens or it's a different size or 03:25 something I don't know how I plan to 03:27 tell so next up is the new 2018 disc 03:30 version of the TCR and here comes dinner 03:34 so that's quite a lot more expensive 03:36 five to nine nine and what are we 03:39 getting for our extra money really much 03:41 the same frame except for disc same 03:45 gearing I think through axle at the back 03:48 di2 obviously same chain rings and the 03:52 through axle at the front Thank You 03:54 theory that should be a stiffer ride but 03:56 possibly a bit heavier than the rim 03:58 brake version that's all the same 04:00 obviously the cabling is neater on the 04:03 disc brake version which one would I buy 04:05 um good question I think it would come 04:08 down to weight more than anything I'd 04:10 have to try and find out how much they 04:11 weigh but of course these websites they 04:14 don't show how much they weigh so I'd 04:16 have to go along to a shop and find out 04:17 no completely honest totally my favorite 04:19 one is the 2011 that's a great-looking 04:22 buy 04:22 and God prefer that just my opinion I've 04:24 never ridden a TCR so I couldn't tell 04:27 you what the differences are in the ride 04:29 quality if you know the answers to these 04:30 questions leave them in the comments 04:32 below