Giant Propel 2018 vs 2017-2014

Giant have released the new 2018 Propel - in this video I look back through from the 2014 model upto the new model to see what has changed over the years.....alot! Including the price!!
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Video Transcript
00:00 don't have brought out the new propel 00:03 2018 so I wanted to have a quick look 00:05 through the years to see how the bikes 00:09 progressed and what's changed so here's 00:13 the first one I could find 00:14 the 2014 model a whopping price I'm 00:19 looking at the SL one here with a 00:21 whopping price of six thousand nine 00:23 hundred ninety nine pounds very 00:25 expensive good-looking bike and it's got 00:30 the full dura-ace which will be partly 00:33 why it's so expensive but on top of that 00:35 you've got the zip 404 pretty expensive 00:39 so that's the 2014 model and now if we 00:43 look at the 2015 model same price frame 00:48 very similar can't see any changes there 00:52 again dura-ace full do race mechanical 00:57 14 was mechanical and we've got the 404s 01:00 again again super expensive right so 01:05 2016 price has gone down by two grand 01:10 frame wise again pretty much the same I 01:14 think still mechanical do race what we 01:18 have got there it's the 2015 looks like 01:22 it was 1125 2016 looks like we've got up 01:27 to a 28 on the back people were 01:29 obviously struggling to pedal it before 01:31 up a hill and we've gone to the the 01:33 giant wheels which are clearly cheaper 01:36 than the zip bringing the bike in a lot 01:38 cheaper by 2 grand Wow 01:40 a lot cheaper ok apart from that no big 01:43 changes there so looks like a 2017 last 01:47 year's model well this year's model bit 01:49 cheaper again 500 quid cheaper that's 01:54 500 quid cheaper and it's got di to AH 01:56 that we've gone to all Tegra late so now 02:00 it's October on the 2017 SL one again 02:05 the frame looks pretty similar 02:08 really 02:09 can't see any changes there No okay so 02:14 2018 model tada 02:17 what it's a grand more expensive and 02:20 we've had a lot of changes obviously a 02:23 few standout gonna have to go to this 02:25 thing first of all what do I think of 02:27 that so hang on right so it's the new 02:32 old Tegra di 2 group set okay so that's 02:36 why their hoods are different and then 02:39 we've now got all the cables coming 02:41 through this massive stem down to what 02:43 looks like a massive hole in the headset 02:45 in the head tube which I guess is more 02:48 Aero I think you have to wait till they 02:50 see one in the flesh before I passed a 02:51 comment on that cuz from the side it 02:53 looks hideous did it have to be that 02:55 hideous point like that okay the other 02:57 elephant in the room is the color scheme 02:59 I'm not happy with that color scheme 03:01 it just looks hideous to me say okay I 03:05 don't like the paint scheme this is 03:07 great because it's hiding all the cables 03:08 but I'm not sure if I like the look of 03:10 it and of course the other big thing is 03:12 we're now bisque break last year's model 03:18 and now we've got this brakes on the 03:20 2018 and the wheels less deep section so 03:29 the wheels look I don't know not much 03:31 more than 30s do they maybe that was a 03:35 40 something I'm sure I'd have to check 03:38 that but hold up the rear wheel is 03:40 deeper section than the front wheel so 03:43 that's quite pro quite like that should 03:45 be better in crosswinds so all-in-all 03:48 propelled sl1 2018 I'm guessing it's a 03:54 lot more Aero 03:55 I like the spec don't like the price and 03:59 I hate the color scheme and I'm not sure 04:01 about this pointy thing on here you 04:02 don't want to hit but lately not that 04:04 I've ever had buttered my stem but you 04:06 know anyway there's your 2014 propel 04:11 2018 I think I probably preferred it 04:14 when it had the zip Wheels bit cooler 04:17 right there we go let me know what you 04:20 think in the comments below