Giant Propel 2018 Zebra paint job

Giant Propel 2018 Zebra paint job!! - Yesterday I painted off the electric blue paint job from the new Giant Propel 2018, which I don't like - and replaced it with a more subtle paint job inspired by the old Propels. This morning I woke up and thought 'I wonder what it would look like with a Zebra paint job' - so, I had a crack at it. Photoshop workflow.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so this is the new paint scheme for the 00:02 propel and I'm not really keen so 00:05 yesterday I looked at doing my own paint 00:07 job for it you might seen that video 00:09 it's the one before this one and then I 00:11 was just messing about this morning 00:13 decided that it would be cool to make it 00:16 look like a zebra I downloaded some 00:18 pictures of zebras and in Adobe 00:22 Illustrator I arranged some bits of 00:27 zebra just traced out their their 00:31 pattern to the giant logo stuck that on 00:35 the forks and then just took little bits 00:38 of zebra it was just for a bit of fun 00:41 really and then the idea was I was gonna 00:44 take these elements into Photoshop and 00:47 try and blend them on to the black frame 00:50 where I'd taken off the blue from the 00:53 original paint job and see if I could 00:54 create a zebra paint job for the new 00:57 propel for no other reason then I wanted 00:59 to see what it looked like really this 01:01 is the the black paint job that I did 01:04 yesterday when I took off the blue just 01:07 adding in the bits at some point had the 01:12 rest of the head on the front just 01:13 blending that back a bit there we go add 01:16 the head paint up some bits I don't want 01:18 and then I just bring back the 01:19 handlebars and then I thought right 01:21 there's too much of it I need to start 01:22 taking some bits off so I just start 01:24 messing around pulling bits off then I 01:28 had a little think about it and I 01:29 thought well let's try the giant 01:31 littering up there and make the fork one 01:33 smaller and I tried that 01:36 so the original electric blue and here's 01:39 my zebra creation so just a bit of fun 01:44 really let me know what you think in the 01:47 comments below and give us a thumbs up