Giant Propel 2018 Gulf Racing Livery

Giant Propel 2018 repainted in Gulf Racing Livery - In a previous video I did a make over on a new Giant Propel 2018, because I don't like the new colours. SOmeone watched that video and asked if I could create a Gulf Racing version - so I did, it came out really well I think.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so someone that watches my channel saw 00:02 that I turned the new propel into a 00:06 zebra print today and asked if I could 00:08 do the Gulf Racing livery which I did I 00:13 think it came out pretty good quite 00:18 difficult to turn black into blue and 00:20 orange but I think it came out alright 00:22 what do you think leave your comments 00:26 down below