Giant Defy vs TCR Geometry 2017

This is a quick video looking at the differences in the geometry of a 2017 Giant Defy and a 2017 Giant TCR. Which you should buy depends on the type of riding you intend to do on it. Long all day non-competitive sportives, rougher roads, general fun go Defy...if you need the absolute fastest road bike, as proven in the 2017 100th edition of the Giro D'Italia, then go TCR!!
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Video Transcript
00:00 so this is just a quick video looking at 00:02 the giant defy and the giant TCR and 00:07 differences in their geometry and how 00:09 that would affect the handling of the 00:10 bike and the comfort so we're looking at 00:14 the five 2017 design for endurance and 00:18 sporty and TCR more of a race bike 00:22 in fact Tom Dumoulin won the Giro 00:27 d'Italia on it two days ago three days 00:31 ago two days ago so what I've done is 00:35 basically lined up the front wheel as 00:42 best I can on each image to the center 00:50 of the axle there okay 00:57 and using the measurements from the 00:59 giant website as compared to the 01:04 different frames so the first thing I 01:08 looked at was trail and the TCR has 5% 01:18 less trail than the defy which is going 01:23 to equate to slightly quicker steering 01:29 the less the trail the faster the 01:31 steering that was on a medium-sized 01:34 frame next thing I looked at was the 01:41 wheelbase and the defy 2 percent longer 01:51 than the TCR which means that it's going 01:56 to be more stable at higher speeds 02:00 downhill what-have-you if i zoom in on 02:06 the back there you can see the defiers 02:12 quite a bit longer the TCR is going to 02:17 be a bit more nimble but a bit more 02:23 jittery at high speed ok 02:30 next I looked at stack height and reach 02:35 and as you'd imagine that defy has got a 02:45 higher stack and assure to reach so four 02:49 percent higher stack and a 1.5 percent 02:52 shorter reach we zoom in there you can 03:02 see there that basically that the ride 03:07 on the defy is going to be more 03:09 comfortable on your back and your 03:11 shoulders and your neck is going to be 03:13 sitting slightly higher up or more 03:15 upright however you would be more arrow 03:21 on the TCR there we go that was my quick 03:28 look at the differences between the TCR 03:31 and the defy frame geometry