Giant Defy 2018 vs Defy 2017-2013

A quick look back through the years of the Giant Defy, upto the new release of the Giant Defy 2018 SL1 Advanced.
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Video Transcript
00:00 so I wanted to make a quick video about 00:02 the giant 5 because giant have just 00:05 brought out the 2018 version and I 00:09 thought I'd start by looking at some of 00:13 the older versions to see what's changed 00:15 over the years 00:16 so the first one I could find was in 00:20 2013 and I'm looking at the sl1 00:25 advanced version and so we'll just run 00:31 through the years quickly 00:33 that's 2013 so it's old Tegra looks like 00:39 di 2 yeah so that was four thousand two 00:49 hundred forty nine pounds in 2013 00:53 obviously no disc brakes back then so 00:57 let's have a look at 2014 so what's 01:02 changed obviously the stem changed the 01:10 frame changed quite a lot as well like 01:14 so that's 1314 big change there in the 01:20 frame and that version went to 01:26 mechanical it should be why it's cheaper 01:30 I guess so that was to $9.99 01:35 that was fourteen fifteen so that's 01:41 where disc brakes came in and frame 01:44 changed again obviously still mechanical 01:52 oops from one that's 1514 normal quick 02:05 release 02:12 the normal quick release with a disk 02:20 stack I changed considerably it's 02:25 changed quite a lot that's 15 14 when we 02:35 lost the self in off the back there 02:37 and then to 16 not such a big difference 02:43 between 15 and 16 02:56 still looks like a normal dropout frame 03:03 looks pretty similar 16 to 17 all right 03:14 big difference I can see there is the 17 03:19 it's got the rep mount disc brakes you 03:25 can see on the 16 model it's got the 03:29 adapter in there and the 17 that hasn't 03:44 also looks like it's gone to a thru-axle 03:47 at the back 03:53 and a longer cage right so Luke's got 03:57 17s got the 32 on the back up front it's 04:05 pretty similar can't tell what that is 04:09 probably a 36 maybe 50 36 04:24 everything else pretty much the same 04:26 really slightly higher spacer okay so 17 04:39 to 18 what's the big changes well 04:43 price has gone up considerably yes okay 04:55 so the first thing that we can see is 04:58 it's now a leg with di - that's the new 05:01 or Tegra 05:16 the rear derailleurs changed quite a lot 05:20 there's the 18 05:30 brakes look different 05:48 I think the rim profiles changed as well 05:54 looks slightly rounder on the new 05:57 eighteen model 06:13 Oh hoods have changed quite a lot 17:18 06:25 different too 06:32 frames pretty similar I've seen many 06:39 changes there 06:55 oh there we go so between 18 and 13 07:06 that's the difference discs new old 07:13 Tigris group set 32 on the back that 07:18 looks like a 28 much lower stack at the 07:24 front different frame shape