Giant 2018 Defy - TCR - Propel bike weights

I got a tip off from a viewer that the weights for Giant bikes, that are not listed on the UK Giant website, are listed on the Japanese Giant website:

Advanced SL1 7.4kg (M) £5,249
Advanced Pro 0 7.9kg (M) £3,999
Advanced Pro 1 7.9kg (M) £2,999
Advanced 1 9.0kg (M) £1,849
Advanced 2 9.0kg (M) £1,699

Advanced SL 0 6.6kg (M) £7,899
Advanced SL 1 Disc 7.2kg (M) £5,299
Advanced SL 1 6.8kg (M) £4,599
Advanced SL 2 6.8kg (M) £3,449
Advanced Pro 1 Disc 7.7kg (M) £2,999
Advanced Pro 1 7.0kg (S) £2,799
Advanced 1 7.7kg (S) £1,799
Advanced 2 7.9kg (M) £1,449

Advanced SL 0 Disc N/A £8,999
Advanced Pro Disc N/A £4,499
Advanced Pro 1 7.7kg (M) £2,999
Advanced 1 8.1kg (S) £1,899
Advanced 2 8.3kg (XS) £1,599
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Video Transcript
00:00 I'm always whining that giant don't put 00:02 the weights of their bikes on the UK 00:05 website 00:05 well somebody that saw my videos has 00:08 very kindly pointed out that on the 00:10 Japanese giant website they do put the 00:14 weights on their bikes so why the 00:16 Japanese are allowed to know how heavy 00:18 the bikes are on the website I have no 00:21 idea anyway I thought I'd make a very 00:23 quick video just showing the weights of 00:25 the different models of the defy a TCR 00:28 and the propel where possible starting 00:30 at the lower end of the range the defy 00:33 advant 2 comes in on a medium frame at 9 00:36 kilos and at that sort of price I guess 00:38 yeah that's fair enough gonna wait then 00:41 we've got the advanced one also medium 00:43 slightly more expensive nine kilos as 00:46 well then we've got the defi advanced 00:48 pro one so we're jumping up to the old 00:50 Tegra there it will take a group set 00:52 mechanical and that's coming in 00:55 obviously quite a bit more expensive but 00:57 we've shaved off quite a bit of weight 01:00 there so now we're moving into the sort 01:02 of okay weight territory if we go to the 01:05 event pro zero no change in weight but 01:08 it's gone up a thousand pounds because 01:09 it's got the DI 2 on it ok so moving up 01:14 again to the defi advanced sl1 we've 01:16 shaved off some more weight on the 01:18 medium frame it's gone up quite a bit of 01:21 money I believe that the SL stands for 01:24 superlight 01:24 so I think that SL versions have a 01:27 slightly different carbon ok there is an 01:30 advanced SL 0 on the UK website 01:35 however on giants Japanese website there 01:38 isn't one 01:40 so I couldn't tell you how much the sl0 01:42 weighs I'm afraid ok so that's a defi I 01:46 guess the SL 0 will be slightly less 01:48 than that so the SL 0 is quite a lot 01:50 more money than the SL 1 but I couldn't 01:53 tell you what it weighed ok so moving on 01:55 to the TCR at the lower end of the range 01:58 the lower priced end of the range we've 02:01 got the TC advanced 2 from medium frame 02:04 7.9 kilos and that's our price that's 02:06 that's a pretty good weight for that 02:08 price isn't it that's pretty cheap and 02:10 pretty light 02:11 TCR advanced one 02:13 little bit more money and it's shaving 02:15 off 200 grams and it's moved up to the 02:18 old Tegra group set there that still 02:20 good value for money I think advanced 02:22 pro one seven kilos 02:25 so we've shaved off 700 grams we've 02:27 added a grand to the price next we've 02:30 got the advanced pro one disc which has 02:33 gone up in price but there's also 02:34 heavier by 700 grams it's quite a lot 02:38 more for the disc that you've pay money 02:40 extra for the disc and you're adding 02:42 weight next up we've got the TC our 02:45 advanced SL to excellent weight there 02:47 six point eight kilograms over the 02:49 medium that's a fair enough price I 02:51 reckon that's a good buy that one next 02:53 up the sl1 we've added quite a lot more 02:56 money there for the DI to alt egg with 02:59 di 2 so that's over a thousand pounds 03:02 more for the same weight but it's di 2 03:04 you'd have to decide whether you really 03:07 wanted the DI 2 or not then we go to the 03:09 SL 1 disc which is slightly heavier 03:11 again and quite a bit more money so 03:14 there's a real toss-up there or a choice 03:16 as to whether these stick with rim 03:18 brakes or go disc brakes and pay more 03:20 money for a heavier bike it's an 03:22 interesting choice that one then we've 03:24 got the top of the range advanced SL 03:27 zero six point six kilograms medium 03:30 which is very light but that's a pretty 03:33 whopping big price there and we've moved 03:35 up to the duo race there do you erase di 03:38 - lovely bike but quite a lot of money 03:40 just something I was having a look at 03:42 was if you plot a graph between weight 03:44 and price and this is the top of the end 03:47 top-end SL 0 and the bottom we've got 03:51 the advance - you can see that the price 03:54 goes up quite rapidly against the weight 03:57 but you've got the two disc models that 03:59 you're paying a premium for the for the 04:02 discs but they're a bit heavier anyway I 04:04 just wanted to plot that graph to see 04:05 how that came out okay so the propel at 04:08 the lower end of the range we've got the 04:10 advance - and weirdly they sized that on 04:14 the extra small frame and it comes in at 04:17 eight point three kilograms don't know 04:19 why they did it on the extra small 04:20 because that throws it all out of it 04:22 advance one propel 8.1 kilograms but 04:26 that's on the small frame 04:27 so again I don't know why they did why 04:29 they did that then the propel advance 04:32 Pro one which is seven point seven 04:35 kilograms on a medium frame so that's 04:38 not a bad weight not a bad price however 04:42 that's not the new propel frame set that 04:45 you're getting on the pro disc which is 04:48 the new one however unfortunately on the 04:51 website which is very annoying again 04:54 even on the Japanese website they don't 04:56 have the weight likewise the 04:58 top-of-the-range sl0 disc no weight 05:01 listed but there's a heck of a price 05:04 jump net from the Altai gret to the Jew 05:06 race so you would hope that it was 05:09 lighter than the old frame set throw one 05:13 button till they list it well someone 05:14 tells me what the way is I have no idea 05:16 so there we go