GIANT Propel 2018 Horrible paint job REMOVED

New Giant Propel 2018 - the top of the range model has an electric blue paint job which I don't like - being a fan of the old Propel retro paint job I wanted to see what the new bike would look like painted a bit like the old ones. So I took the new Propel 2018 into Photoshop, painted off the blue and then added some more retro graphics. I think it's an improvement, what do you think
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Video Transcript
00:00 so if you've watched any my videos about 00:01 the giant propel you'll know that I'm 00:04 not keen on the paint job on the 2018 00:07 version and I had a harebrained scheme 00:11 that I would have a go at taking off the 00:15 new decal from the new bike and then 00:20 just experimenting with some some 00:24 slightly different ones inspired by the 00:26 old propels which I used to think look 00:29 really cool and I thought they had 00:31 really good decals on them so here this 00:36 is just a real speeded-up version of me 00:38 and Photoshop and basically blocking out 00:42 the old decals and then you have to 00:44 bring back in the highlights which is a 00:46 little bit tricky but I did it quite 00:50 quickly just so that I could get it done 00:53 just to see what it looked like really 00:56 [Music] 00:58 so just getting the rest of the blue off 01:03 the bike just bringing it to a black 01:05 colored frame so that I could then use 01:10 that as a base to try out some new stuff 01:15 just finishing up the seat post there 01:18 this little highlight was a bit tricky I 01:22 think that's good enough for now finish 01:27 off the blue on the seat before and 01:29 after so it's now just black then now I 01:33 thought I'd have a look at the lettering 01:34 on the wheels just because I don't like 01:40 the wheels either on the new one and I 01:45 did a bit of fiddling about popped in 01:48 the lettering like that and then brought 01:55 that back into Photoshop 01:58 and then I had a crack at putting a 02:01 texture through the through the 02:04 lettering on the wheels 02:06 I didn't quite get them how I wanted 02:11 them to look not sure he's the right 02:13 typeface really so in the end I did all 02:15 that work looked at it and thought yeah 02:18 and took them off again and just leave 02:21 them left them blank that sort of 02:22 texture in the background and then I 02:24 tried out these old-fashioned each sort 02:28 of graphics from the old papel and then 02:30 took a point off that stem so there's 02:32 that before and after so what do you 02:35 think 02:36 I think definitely looks better to me 02:39 mostly needs more time on it but let me 02:42 know what you think in the comments down 02:44 below and if you like my videos then 02:48 give it a thumbs up and subscribe