I made a video where I changed the colours of the new 2018 Giant Propel, because I didn't like the new colour way - Joe saw that and asked if I could make a Gulf Racing version, I did and it looked great - Dom, took that design and had his Giant Propel resprayed by Fat Creations, it looks amazing - this video has a look at the finished result.
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Video Transcript
00:00 October last year I messed about with 00:02 the paint scheme of the new giant propel 00:05 cuz I wasn't happy with this hideous 00:07 blue when I did that someone who watched 00:09 the video called Joe asked me if I could 00:11 change the propels paint to the Gulf 00:15 Racing livery of the light blue and 00:18 orange which I thought was a great idea 00:21 so I did and this is what I came up with 00:22 and without trying to blow my own 00:25 trumpet I thought it came out pretty 00:26 good and I'd have been chuffed to bits 00:28 with a bike that looked like that well a 00:29 subscriber to my channel called domme 00:31 saw the the new golf racing paint scheme 00:34 I guess liked it so much that he took 00:36 his propel to fat creations in 00:39 Chichester who do a lot of bike custom 00:42 paint and they took my design and added 00:45 it to Dom's propel 00:50 and look how shiny that is 00:57 look at that it's gorgeous what an 00:59 amazing job they did on it it's come out 01:01 lovely vibrant color lovely and shiny 01:04 and the paint is is excellent it looks 01:07 sort of sparkly I don't think they could 01:09 have done a better job really and here 01:11 it is Dom's 01:12 newly painted propel and I think yeah I 01:15 think that looks pretty bling and I 01:17 would certainly like to have that in my 01:19 shed so lovely jubbly so there you go if 01:23 you'd like to have your bike repainted 01:25 let me know and I'll do a nice design 01:27 and then we know that it can be done we 01:30 just have to send it to fat creations so 01:32 if you liked this video give it a thumbs 01:33 up and subscribe to my channel