A quick video having a look at what you get for your money at the TOP end of Giant's TCR range and the BOTTOM. Then a look at what you could do with the cash you save if you went for the cheaper bike!
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Video Transcript
00:00 so all my videos just lately have been 00:01 super long and taken me ages to put 00:04 together so today I thought I'd do a 00:06 nice quick one and I've just been 00:07 wondering just lately what do you get if 00:10 you buy the most expensive end of the 00:13 range the cheapest end of the range in 00:15 the manufacturers range of bikes I 00:18 thought I'd do this with the giant TCR 00:20 just because it's a good example of a 00:22 all-round road bike so what do you get 00:25 for your money what do you actually get 00:27 for your money if you buy the top of the 00:29 range in this instance it's the giant 00:31 TCR advanced sl0 dura-ace di2 seven 00:35 thousand eight hundred and ninety nine 00:37 pounds so that is a big suitcase load of 00:41 cash however superlight 6.6 kilograms 00:45 and comes in with a pretty low mycotic 00:48 bite value score of thirty two point 00:50 nine seven which will only really make 00:53 sense when we compare that to the 00:54 cheaper bike so what do you get if you 00:57 actually pay that kind of money well I 00:59 had a look at the website and I guess 01:01 the main thing is is that it's made of 01:03 advanced SL grade composite carbon I 01:05 believe that SL means superlight which 01:08 is obviously reflected in the weight 01:09 here and then if you continue to read 01:11 through the website giant's website you 01:13 get stiffness to weight ratio so 01:16 obviously super light super stiff you 01:18 get a sublime ride quality and if you 01:20 dig into that a little bit but the seat 01:22 post is designed to flex slightly to 01:24 absorb road noise you get razor sharp 01:27 handling so she's super stiff at the 01:29 front end it's a legendary all-rounder 01:31 so yep it's won lots of races it comes 01:34 with a power meter which is quite 01:36 difficult to see in this picture but if 01:39 I brighten it up you can see just there 01:42 that's the new jurors power meter so 01:45 there we go 01:45 a very lovely bike for very large 01:48 suitcase of money so at the other end of 01:50 the range we have the giant TCR advanced 01:53 to one thousand four hundred and forty 01:55 nine pounds seven point nine kilograms 01:57 better value for money with a bike otic 01:59 bike rally score of 45 as opposed to the 02:02 more expensive SL 0 of 32 that basically 02:06 means you're getting more for your money 02:07 now to line these images up I've 02:09 actually put up the seat on the advanced 02:12 two and 02:13 drop the handlebars to match the 02:15 position that they have on the 02:17 photograph for the sl0 02:21 both bikes have got the same geometry 02:23 and what do you get with the cheap one 02:25 you get advanced grade composite as 02:27 opposed to SL grade 02:29 she's a versatile performer pedal 02:31 stomping stiffness mega drive down tube 02:34 so it's got a down tube which is always 02:37 good and according to the website you 02:39 stay fresh so that is super cool I guess 02:44 good so if we just look between the two 02:47 bikes you've got the DI two obviously on 02:49 the expensive one and you've got the 105 02:51 group set on the cheaper bike different 02:54 gear ratios they're going on another big 02:57 difference you're gonna find is the 02:59 wheels we've got the carbon giant wheels 03:03 on the expensive bike and you've got 03:05 cheaper aluminium wheels on the cheaper 03:08 bike but appears you can set them up 03:10 pretty much the same so obviously other 03:13 than the grade of carbon and the layup 03:15 the big difference between the two is 03:18 that with the expensive bike you get the 03:21 do race group set all these components 03:23 including the brakes and the chain and 03:25 what-have-you and on the cheaper bike 03:28 it's the 105 group set which is 03:31 basically two down from zero race so it 03:34 goes do race then down to El Tigre and 03:37 down to 105 okay so that's kind of the 03:40 the differences between the two bikes 03:42 what that would equate to over say a 03:45 50-mile ride on undulating terrain with 03:49 the same rider I have absolutely no idea 03:51 I would love to get my hands on both of 03:54 these bikes so that I could actually do 03:55 two back-to-back rides and see you know 03:59 how much quicker this bike actually is 04:00 and without actually riding them and 04:02 doing some testing and timings on 04:06 different terrain it's very difficult to 04:08 know what you're really actually getting 04:10 for your money other than the promise 04:11 that it's better the cheaper bike is 1.3 04:14 kilograms heavier and I did look for a 04:16 calculator online to see if I could just 04:18 put those numbers in they ever say 50 04:20 miles but I couldn't find anything 04:22 really that would calculate it for me if 04:24 you know of a good calculator let me 04:26 know 04:26 the comments down below and then I can 04:29 try it out but at the end of the day the 04:31 bottom line by five of these advanced 04:33 twos and actually have 654 pounds left 04:36 over to have a party whatever you want 04:38 to do with it 04:39 or alternatively you could buy the 04:41 advance two and then also get yourself a 04:44 2007 Mazda mx-5 1.8 roadster with air 04:48 con two doors 53,000 miles on the clock 04:51 full service history and not only that 04:53 you'd have a hundred and fifty five 04:55 pounds left over for three tanks of fuel 04:56 so you can have a lovely weekend away 04:58 with the missus so that's another option 05:00 the other option which is quite 05:03 interesting is you could get yourself 05:06 some nice zip wheels maybe a 404 on the 05:09 front 808 on the back nice set of 05:12 Victoria Corsa tyres 25 mils you could 05:15 then also get yourself a nice sort of 05:17 matte black paint job it is then 05:20 arguable that on flat terrain with the 05:24 same rider that the cheap bike here the 05:26 advance two would actually be faster 05:28 than the SL 0 what with it being much 05:31 more aerodynamic in the wheels so that's 05:33 an interesting one not only that you'd 05:35 have plenty of cash left over and you 05:37 could get yourself a giant rain - full 05:39 suspension mountain bike for when the 05:41 weather's not so good they'd end up with 05:43 two pretty cool bikes instead of just 05:45 the one so there we go 05:47 what do you think is it worth parting 05:49 with a huge suitcase full of cash for 05:51 the top of the range advanced SL 0 di - 05:54 or do you get yourself the cheaper bike 05:56 and enjoy spending the change that you 05:59 have left over let me know what you 06:00 think in the comments down below if you 06:02 liked the video give a thumbs up and 06:03 subscribe to my channel