The following list is what I consider to be essential kit for every road rider. I have trawled through various online bike retail shops to bring you the best deals I can find. (Yes, I get a tiny commission on any purchases made via these links - but, every penny helps me make more videos and content!!)
My current favourite bike pick! -
Giant TCR Advanced SL 2 2018 - Road Bike for as little as £72 per month!!!
You will need some pedals, new bikes don't come with pedals! -
Look Keo Classic 3 Clipless Road Pedals With Keo Cleat great pedals that last for ages!
Next up, a pair of road bike specific shoes -
Shimano RP300 SPD-SL Road Bike Shoes Shimano shoes, do what they say on the tin and fair value!
Socks, a very hot debate among roadies - how long should your socks be?? -
Madison RoadRace Premio Extra Long Socks AW17 It's all in the length!!
Live in the UK, you WILL need some over shoes! -
BBB BWS-04 - HardWear Shoe Covers or your new shoes will get wrecked!
I think leg warmers are awesome, wear your normal shorts and take them off if you get too hot! -
Mavic Vision Leg Warmer I love Mavic kit, great quality!
These are just the best shorts I have ever used, period! -
Mavic Cosmic Pro Bib Cycling Shorts I love Mavic kit, a joy to get into!
I can't really explain why, but the short sleeve vest base layer feels good to wear! -
Endura Translite Sleeveless Baselayer I wear mine all year round!
The tighter your jersey the more aero, the faster you go. If its baggy send it back! -
Castelli Perfetto Light 2 Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey Promise me you will never wear a Sky replica top, sooo not cool! I also beleive a bright jersey on the road is good for viz, however the black one looks the coolest, your call!
Thats it for now - check back soon though, I will be updating these links and there are many more essential items you will need!
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