Clean bike chain - Specialized Tarmac SL4

I hate having to clean my bike and it's chain - buckets of water and de-greasers mean you have to do it outside, and in Yorkshire that means outside in the cold, wet and wind. So my bike would get left for weeks at a time, ride after ride, layer after layer of chain lube, getting filthier and filthier. Then one day I tried this method, and my bike is SO much happier for it.
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Video Transcript
00:00 this is my super dirty transmission on 00:03 my road bike I went out Sunday on the 00:09 roads of York shit and it was absolutely 00:11 immaculate and when I've got back it 00:15 looks like this so I'm gonna show you 00:18 how I clean it I've got it set up on my 00:24 golf club bikes and in my front room 00:27 which I've shown in another video I'll 00:30 put the link to that underneath this so 00:35 all that go up test goes multi surface 00:39 wipes about quid for fifty or so and I 00:46 just start up it and basically just give 00:59 it a white now controversially I've not 01:07 been using chain lube on this I've been 01:10 using olive oil and I find that it works 01:16 amazingly well it's not better than muck 01:24 off 01:24 ceramic chain lube that I have been 01:27 using but that's controversial you can 01:34 try that yourself I love it it seems to 01:38 work really well and it comes off nice 01:42 and easy 01:45 and as you can see pretty good 02:11 get the mic off it no buckets of water 02:31 no having to do it outside in the cold 02:36 that's how I like to clean my bike once 02:41 that wipes dirty grab another one like 02:52 so use it kitchen roll up to you how 03:12 much or how clean so that's the outside 03:15 of the chain see the inside I just pop 03:22 it on there spin it around 03:27 I also pop it up that it's looking 03:49 pretty good already 04:28 and then little trick for the cassette 04:34 old credit card or this is an AAA card 04:38 take the white fold it over the car 04:46 alright so and then the up and down 04:51 movement so you can see that yeah 05:13 is that a nice clean Oh easier than 05:24 taking like a step off and whatever 05:36 you go up and down I like it get caught 05:38 in the feet there we go yippee - pretty 06:01 clean and yeah unless they clean up with 06:10 water and if you like my videos click to 06:37 subscribe and give it the thumbs up 06:40 much appreciated