Canyon 2018 Ultimate vs Aeroad vs Endurace

Direct sale, mail order bike manufacturer Canyon have 3 models of road bike to choose from, Ultimate, Aeroad & Endurace, but which one is right for you!!?? I compare their geometry and look at their pros and cons.

00:17 Canyon Jargon
01:28 Ultimate, Aeroad & Endurace Geometry comparisons
03:42 Most Expensive Ultimate 10.0 EVO
09:55 The Winner
11:39 £3000-£3500 Price range
15:31 Canyon STAR BUY!!

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Video Transcript
00:00 in this video I'm planning to look at 00:01 three models of bike from Canyon the 00:05 ultimate the air road and the Indu race 00:08 three road bikes the first glance all 00:11 look fairly similar but they each have 00:13 their own specific design purpose that 00:16 we'll get to in a sec this is the canyon 00:18 labeling for their bikes I'm not gonna 00:20 read it all out so if you want to read 00:22 it pause now okay 00:25 so first up is the ultimate and this 00:27 bike is designed as the lightweight 00:30 nippy zippy fun climbing all-rounder 00:34 bike and here's a picture of alejandro 00:36 valverde sprinting it up a mountain so 00:39 it's a fun bike that likes to do 00:40 everything basically 00:42 next up Canyon Air Road this bike is all 00:45 about aerodynamics and I know this guy 00:47 skiing's got nothing to do with bikes 00:49 but I thought it was a hilarious picture 00:51 maybe one day we'll be riding bikes with 00:53 helmets like that on that could be quite 00:54 funny anyway here's a picture of 00:56 Alexander Kristoff on his canyon air 00:58 road giving it the beans so it's a 01:00 proper race bike next up the enduro race 01:03 obviously sounds a bit like endurance 01:05 and I guess that kind of what it's for 01:07 so it's kind of about comfort and it's 01:09 about wanting to be able to do like a 01:12 hundred mile sportif and still being 01:14 able to walk at the end if you're a 01:16 normal person here's a picture of a guy 01:17 doing a sportif and he just had to have 01:20 a little bit of a lie down a little bit 01:21 of asleep before he carried on so that's 01:23 the ndu race so what's the difference 01:25 between all these three bikes these 01:26 three models well using this cool 01:29 overlay system in Photoshop I can show 01:31 you exactly what the difference is 01:32 between those three bikes and if we zoom 01:35 in on the handlebar area you can see 01:37 straight away that the handlebars on 01:39 each bike is at a slightly different 01:41 level so in the middle you've got the 01:43 ultimate right bang smack in the middle 01:45 at the bottom you've got the arrow so 01:47 the idea with the arrowed is it drops 01:48 you down as low as possible at the front 01:50 to make you as aerodynamic as possible 01:52 and then at the top you've got the 01:53 injuries which is designed to lift you 01:56 up at the front take the weight off your 01:58 wrists and stop you're getting a bad 02:00 back we go to the rear of the bikes here 02:02 it's quite clear to see also that the 02:04 air road is the has the seat set 02:07 furthest back so the reach is the 02:09 longest and again has to stretch you out 02:11 and bring you down into an 02:12 dynamic position smack bang in the 02:14 middle again is the ultimate as you can 02:16 see there and the endure a s-- has the 02:18 shortest reach again to take the weight 02:21 off your back and your wrists try to 02:23 make it more comfortable when you zoom 02:24 out like that it's amazing how little 02:27 these designs are changed to make what 02:30 is actually quite a big difference in 02:31 the ride so if you jumped off the air 02:33 rode on to the Indy race you'd find it 02:36 quite different and it's not just about 02:38 the geometry as well it's about the 02:39 layer for the carbon and the components 02:41 that will make it feel slightly more 02:43 comfortable slightly softer even the 02:45 tires on the injuries a bigger and 02:49 fatter I think they're like 28 30s on 02:51 the indirect whereas on the air road 02:53 probably 25 so the next thing I did was 02:56 I went to the Kenyan website to see what 02:59 builds are available for these models 03:01 I've got a bit of a shock when I did 03:02 that because I realized that there's 03:04 actually quite a few different builds 03:06 and in fact that's 52 different bikes 03:08 not including another 19 women-specific 03:11 builds for the ultimate air Road and in 03:15 do race that's a heck of a lot of bikes 03:16 so where to start 03:18 well I decided that if you happen to 03:20 have a huge pile of cash lying around 03:23 you might as well start with the most 03:25 expensive bikes in the range so we're 03:27 gonna have a quick look at six bikes 03:29 it's basically the two Evo builds rim 03:32 disc air Road you can only get the disc 03:35 in the endure race and then a bit 03:37 further down price is the first ultimate 03:40 SLX disc 03:42 so the most expensive bike in the range 03:44 is the ultimate CF evo 10 Limited nearly 03:48 12 grand so I would need to get a 03:49 mortgage to buy this it's 5.8 kilograms 03:52 so it's superlight and it's made up of a 03:54 fair few blingy bits possibly the most 03:58 bling bit is the th M carbone's 04:01 clavicular m3 s RM power meter which 04:05 when I searched for that on Google it 04:07 was three thousand two hundred quid 04:08 pretty super light as you'd imagine 04:10 although the SRM does add a little bit 04:13 of weight you've got the SRAM eat app 04:15 always like a bit of SRAM eat app and 04:17 you've got the lightweight wheels as in 04:19 the make lightweight do I think you 04:21 should buy that well if you could afford 04:23 it no not really I don't know why you 04:25 by that really that's just kind of 04:28 designed for people with too much money 04:30 so it's slightly cheaper brother is the 04:32 ultimate CF Evo 10 SL which is quite a 04:35 bit cheaper and actually quite a bit 04:37 lighter so this is actually probably 04:39 more of a Buy and the limited I think 04:41 the differences are that we don't have 04:44 the arrow bar which i think is a bit of 04:47 a shame however it does have up set of 04:49 THM breaks on it whereas the really 04:51 expensive one the limited only has the 04:54 SRAM red brakes I'm not sure why that is 04:57 because these carbon brakes from THM 04:59 again when I look them up on Google or 05:01 about a thousand quid and the red breaks 05:03 from SRAM are about 100 quid so that's 05:06 quite interesting and you've still got 05:07 the clavicular crank but no power meter 05:10 and the group set has gone down to the 05:12 red not the eater so is this a buy well 05:15 I thought it was to start with and then 05:17 I realized not that I could afford it of 05:20 course but then I realized that there's 05:22 a real catch with this bike that will 05:23 probably catch a few people out because 05:25 if you don't know a great deal about 05:27 bikes but you've got a lot of money you 05:29 might just pop this one in your basket 05:31 and say thanks very much look forward to 05:33 it turning up but the catch with it is 05:34 these wheels from lightweight are 05:36 actually tubular wheels so these tires 05:38 are glued on glued on to billers not 05:41 only that they're only 22 mil now bear 05:43 in mind that most of us are riding 25 05:45 sup 28s now it seems very odd to have a 05:47 set of 22 mil tubs on this bike so if 05:52 you don't know what you're doing you're 05:53 gonna go out for a ride with your mates 05:54 you're gonna be a hundred miles from 05:56 home you're gonna get a puncher and 05:57 everybody's gonna laugh at you because 05:59 you're gonna be stranded unless you've 06:01 got so much money that your chauffeur is 06:02 following you around with a set of 06:04 wheels in the back which well maybe you 06:06 have no not a Buy 06:08 I don't think ok so the next most 06:10 expensive bike on the list is the 06:12 arrowed CF SL x 9 limited seven thousand 06:17 two hundred and ninety nine pounds 6.7 06:19 kilograms so nice and light the standout 06:22 feature for this bike is obviously these 06:24 zip 454 crazy wavy pattern wheels that 06:27 are supposed to be super arrow that's 06:29 better race di2 06:31 and the Aero bars nice bike but 06:33 expensive but if you can afford it yep 06:35 why not the only thing I would say is 06:37 it's quite trendy now 06:39 for these arrow bikes to tuck the cables 06:41 away so the air road it's a little bit 06:43 behind the times here with its cable 06:45 sticking out whereas the propel from 06:47 giant it's all tucked away no cables 06:49 nothing however the only side effect of 06:52 that is look at the size of that stem on 06:54 the propel it is a monster air roads 06:56 one-piece stem is a lot smaller look at 06:59 the hole in the head she would have to 07:01 propel its enormous anyway I just 07:02 thought I'd mention that next up on the 07:04 most expensive list is the arrowed CFS 07:07 LX disc nine di - so that is nearly a 07:12 grand cheaper but it is a bit heavy 7 07:14 point 4 kg do race again do - and we've 07:18 got the Mavic arrow wheels there gotta 07:21 say I would prefer the four or five 07:23 fours but it's obviously the it's 07:26 obviously got disc brakes I think the 07:28 one thing that you notice between the 07:31 rim brake arrow road and the disc brake 07:34 arrow road with regard to the frame is 07:36 it's slightly different round the back 07:38 end here the seat stay is slightly 07:41 higher up on the disc you can see there 07:45 okay so next up it's our injuries first 07:48 appearance this is the Indu race CFS LX 07:51 disc nine limited but cheaper than the 07:54 air road we just looked at six to four 07:56 nine hundred quid cheaper and a bit 07:59 lighter 7.1 kilo so that's not a bad 08:02 wait we've got the e tap so that's nice 08:05 nice set of disc wheels from DT Swift's 08:08 yeah that's a nice bike expensive 08:10 obviously but nice bike and if you look 08:12 between the air road and the Indu race 08:15 you can really see the big difference in 08:17 the frame they're like lifting up at the 08:19 front and getting shorter okay so that's 08:21 the Indu race the last one we're gonna 08:23 look at of the most expensive ones is 08:25 the first ultimate disc in this SL X 08:29 range that we come to and this is 08:31 actually really good value when you 08:33 consider the Evo the cheapest Evo is at 08:36 9 grand 08:37 so it's di2 discs obviously nice and 08:39 light 7 kilos not a tragic price yeah 08:42 pretty good 08:43 no got much else to say about that 08:44 really so that's all the most expensive 08:46 bikes on the list which most of us can't 08:48 afford so how did die then sort out the 08:51 52 08:52 likes to work out which ones mere 08:55 mortals could look at the idea I came up 08:57 with was on my website and I'll put the 08:59 link below for this I created something 09:01 I call the bike value calculator and you 09:03 basically put in the price of the bike 09:05 the weight of the bike hit calculate and 09:07 it will give you a number of a hundred 09:08 below that are some popular bikes that 09:11 you can have a look at to see what 09:13 scores they got as a reference so winner 09:15 winner chicken dinner 09:16 who came out on top well I resore today 09:18 fifty two bikes according to the bike 09:21 value score so this column here but the 09:24 first thing you notice is that most of 09:26 the most expensive bikes gravitate 09:29 towards the bottom of the value scale 09:30 apart from weirdly enough the evoked NSL 09:34 with the weird tubular wheels because 09:36 that's so light and actually for that 09:38 kind of lightness the price isn't 09:40 horrendous that's actually put it in 09:42 third place with regard to venue but of 09:45 course that's only good value if you're 09:47 up for two bit of wheels 09:48 so the winner according to this list is 09:51 the ultimate C F sox9 Pro so let's have 09:55 a look at that here she is for 399 09:57 getting into the realms of possibility 09:59 price wise six point four kilograms 10:02 that's a great weight isn't it so by the 10:04 time he put some pedals on it and a race 10:06 number you might still be below the UCI 10:09 weight limit and obviously as we saw 10:10 this scored the best bike value score 10:12 that's very high so it's quite 10:14 interesting that this bike came to the 10:15 top of the list value wise because 10:17 there's only two bikes in the whole 52 10:19 that have got Campagnolo group set this 10:22 one with the record and the other one 10:24 which is pretty high up on the list as 10:26 well that has got the super record 10:28 however would I buy that having never 10:30 used campy stuff before I think it looks 10:33 great 10:33 I'd love to give it a go breaks our as 10:35 well I guess my only worry wither is 10:36 spares obviously getting Shimano stuff 10:39 is pretty simple I've got a carrier bag 10:42 full of cassettes that were all Shimano 10:44 I've got a few sets of wheels that roll 10:45 Shimano so would I go for this bike 10:49 which wouldn't be compatible with all 10:51 those fares that have when it came to 10:52 pulling the trigger if I was ever gonna 10:54 pull the trigger on this I would have to 10:56 have a very strong a bike with a very 10:59 similar score very similar weight 11:01 hundred grams heavier and in fact 50 11:04 pounds cheaper and that 11:06 Gerace just mechanical do race if it 11:09 came down to it I actually prefer the 11:10 look at the campy stuff not sure about 11:12 that 11:13 rear cassette that's probably a 25 is it 11:15 1125 11:16 I preferred have something a bit bigger 11:17 on the back yeah jewelry's out on that 11:19 one don't know I'd have to do a bit more 11:21 research on the camping gear I think so 11:23 that was the ultimate CFS lx9 pro 4 3 9 11:26 9 s that's a bit outside my price range 11:28 I prefer a price range between 3,000 and 11:32 3,500 so let's look at what bikes are on 11:36 offer around that price and the first 11:38 one that pops up and it came 10th in the 11:41 bike value score is this the arrowed CFS 11:44 LX eight three one nine nine good price 11:47 7.2 kilograms so not terrible pretty 11:51 good 11:51 I like the Reynolds wheels though the 11:54 strikes yeah I'll take remote mechanical 11:57 groupset only slight shame here I think 12:00 is it hasn't got the arrow bar a bit of 12:02 a shame but hey I think that's a good 12:03 boy 12:04 so that is one I would consider next one 12:05 up came 11th in the list according to 12:08 its bike value score 7.2 kilograms so 12:11 it's the same weight same price 3 199 12:13 it's the ultimate CFS LX 8 it's got the 12:17 cosmic arrow wheels sort of mid section 12:19 arrow wheels it's got the old Tegra 12:22 group set as well and weirdly even 12:25 though it's not the Aero bike and the 12:27 era bike doesn't have it that ultimate 12:28 has the Aero bars so yeah I check you 12:34 won that one well don't know probably 12:37 the ultimate for me I think so next up 12:39 it is the ultimate again except with 12:42 discs so it's the ultimate CFSL disc 8 12:45 di 2 a little bit more money but still 12:47 in under three five seven point three so 12:50 hundred grams heavier and because of the 12:53 higher weight and the higher price the 12:55 bike value score not as good and in fact 12:58 it's 18th in the list oh it's got di 2 13:00 on it gotta mention that so it's di - 13:02 I'll tell as opposed to the mechanical 13:05 on the rim brake version and that's why 13:07 it's more expensive personally I think 13:09 I'd stick with the rim brake version for 13:11 this year and see whether the discs get 13:13 lighter over the coming years I like the 13:16 through axles I don't like these disc 13:18 rotors I hope that video 13:19 why don't they have to be all filled in 13:20 like that why can't they be the nice 13:22 sort of see-through ones anyway next up 13:25 it's an injury CFSL disc eight arrow now 13:29 this came 29th in the list and has to 13:31 get a thumbs down really cuz it's pretty 13:33 heavy and for that weight the price 13:35 isn't great so it gets a low value score 13:38 and I guess if you don't want it for 13:39 racing and you just want to do sporty 13:41 force on it you're gonna be less worried 13:43 about the weight I guess and more 13:44 interested in the comfort so that's fair 13:46 enough for quite a lot of color that 13:47 sort of greens quite nice it's got the 13:49 arrow bar it's got the Reynolds assault 13:51 wheels this one I have to hand it to 13:53 Canyon a little bit they tend to put on 13:56 the Grand Prix 4000 s twos on most of 13:59 their bike and those are the tires I use 14:01 really good tires they could put cheaper 14:03 ones on quite easily so that's good that 14:05 they put them on so no probably not for 14:07 me in this one and that's it in that 14:08 price range I mean the only thing that 14:10 occurs to me is would I buy them or 14:12 would I buy the giant TCR advanced SL 2 14:16 which has got the same mechanical group 14:18 set and gets a good bike value score 14:20 because of its low weight at six point 14:22 eight kilograms now in a previous video 14:24 I did the ultimate actually trumped the 14:27 giant but at the time I didn't know how 14:29 much the giant weighed because giant 14:32 don't she put these weights on their 14:33 websites we had to find that on the 14:35 Japanese websites so not knowing how 14:38 much that weighed I gave it to the 14:40 ultimate now I know that the giant 14:42 actually weighs less so I'd probably 14:44 swing towards the giant now plus the big 14:46 one for me is in the UK I don't know 14:48 whether they ship abroad but website 14:50 treads co uk often not percent finance 14:53 which is 96 pounds a month over 36 14:56 months which is three years which is 14:58 about how long I would keep a bike for 15:00 and it's not present finance so you 15:02 don't have to trump up three and a half 15:03 grand straightaway and that is a real 15:06 bonus and Kanyon don't offer that at the 15:09 moment when I made this video maybe it's 15:11 something they'll do in the future but 15:12 that makes this a definite thumbs up 15:15 from me and in this video I think I've 15:17 got to hand it to the TCR now that I 15:19 know how much it weighs that's a really 15:21 good weight okay so we looked at the 15:23 winner as far as bike value scores went 15:26 but in second place the bike in second 15:28 place I've had to label that as a star 15:30 by it's the ultimate CFSL eight 15:33 1999 7.1 kilograms and a great bike 15:37 Valley score of fifty eight point nine 15:39 seven it is I think a slightly older 15:42 frame design from Kenya probably why 15:44 it's a bit cheaper there's the new one 15:47 old one however it's a great way and 15:50 it's got the new old Tegra group set on 15:52 it so it's got a great group set on it 15:54 and it's a good weight so I'm gonna call 15:56 this the star buy and if you currently 15:58 have a Halford special in your garage 16:00 that you paid about three hundred quid 16:02 for at the time you thought that was a 16:04 lot of money but this one here the 16:06 Carrera zelo's weighs 11 kilograms yeah 16:10 remember that 11 kilograms if that's 16:12 what you're riding at the moment and 16:13 you're looking to upgrade boom this 16:15 puppy's nearly four kilos lighter than 16:17 your Halford special and suddenly you're 16:19 going to be able to keep up with all 16:20 your mates on their fancy Dempsey bikes 16:23 so this is an excellent upgrade if 16:26 you've been riding your hell for special 16:27 for say six months and you're loving 16:30 your road riding and know that you're 16:31 gonna do it properly then I think this 16:33 is a star boy so that's about it really 16:36 those are the bikes I thought worth 16:38 looking at so it's all gonna come down 16:39 to whatsoever a rider you are as to what 16:42 you think is the best of these three 16:44 offerings from Canyon so let us know 16:46 down in the comments below are you up 16:48 for the ultimate the super arrow air 16:50 road or a bit of comfort with the Indu 16:52 race and if you liked my video give it a 16:54 thumbs up and maybe subscribe that would 16:56 be great