Shout out video for Kevin Purvis 'Can you do a comparison between the canyon aeroad disc and the new Orro Venturi please 👍' - here it is, in this video I compare side by side the Canyon Aeroad and the Orro Venturi - let me know which you prefer...
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Video Transcript
00:00 so here we are this is a another shout 00:02 out video for Kevin can you do a 00:04 comparison between the Canyon air road 00:06 disk and the new Oro venturi please well 00:10 I thought that was an idea because I 00:12 don't or didn't really know anything 00:14 about the Oro bikes so I went to their 00:16 website and had a look at the venturi so 00:20 the first thing I wanted to show was 00:21 just how much work I had to do to align 00:24 the three different colors of the of the 00:27 Oro bike up I was surprised I thought 00:32 that I would just literally load them in 00:34 and they'd all look exactly the same but 00:37 it wasn't to be so here it is 00:40 venturi do race D i-25 for $99.99 it 00:46 comes in three colors the white and the 00:49 red 00:50 the stealth black and blue and white 00:52 there's a bit of photoshop going on on 00:55 these pictures that they have on their 00:57 website so whether you can see that 00:59 there but definitely there's some weird 01:04 stuff going on with crank that's 01:06 definitely been photoshopped around 01:08 there so when they did the photography 01:10 they clearly didn't have complete bikes 01:12 available there's some weird stuff going 01:14 on on the handlebars as well 01:16 we looked between these two here 01:19 definitely some weird photoshop stuff 01:21 going on like I say when they took the 01:27 photographs they didn't have bikes with 01:32 all the parts on these handlebars are 01:34 very different on the Stealth one so 01:38 there we go that was first thing I 01:41 noticed the other thing I noticed as I 01:44 was lining up the the different 01:49 different color versions of the bike was 01:52 that some of the sort of tube shapes I 01:55 just recognized them a little bit so I 01:58 just had a play about it's very rough 02:00 but I just wanted to see if I could sort 02:05 of match up any of the shapes so I just 02:08 sort of messed around tried out some 02:10 parts from other bikes 02:12 and forgive me it's very very rough and 02:17 I'm probably being not entirely fair to 02:20 Oro here however I definitely got a sort 02:28 of sense of the propeller forks the new 02:34 propel a little bit of similarity there 02:37 I know this isn't quite right here but I 02:45 did feel a little bit of the 3t of 3t 02:49 strata there and also there's a bit of 02:53 the Trek shape going on there as well 02:56 and then towards the back this is the 03:00 the 3t strata this top tube here and 03:05 then this is actually off the bike we're 03:08 going to compare it to in a sec and 03:10 that's the air road from Canyon quite a 03:13 similar sort of shape slightly different 03:15 size but similar shape and then the very 03:19 similar one is the the back end on the 03:23 lapier Aero bike very similar shape 03:27 there I thought 03:32 so there we go that was just an 03:33 observation so the question was how does 03:35 it compare to the Kenyan Air Road what 03:38 is the Kenyan Air Road we just fade 03:42 between the two it's a bit difficult to 03:46 see exactly what's going on because 03:48 Kanyon shoot all their bikes against 03:49 black and it's incredibly difficult to 03:53 take a bike that's on black and put it 03:55 on white so I just I never bother 03:57 because it would take too long so there 03:58 we go we do the best we can to compare 04:00 them the first interesting thing is that 04:05 they are both dura-ace di2 okay so 04:14 what's interesting about that is the 04:16 difference in price the Oro is clearly a 04:21 lot cheaper by almost a thousand pounds 04:24 so where are they scrimping to save that 04:29 kind of cash well the first thing that 04:33 sort of bothers me is for an aero bike 04:38 I'm not sure I feel the wheels are deep 04:42 section enough I'd certainly want 04:44 something a bit deeper on the back at 04:46 least if it's gonna be you know a 04:49 full-blown Aero bike so that's a bit of 04:52 a shame I think for the RO the canyon 04:54 weighs seven point four kilograms and 04:56 now on the RO website they're very proud 04:59 of this carbon that they use to make 05:02 their bike and they talk about how 05:03 incredibly light it is but nowhere on 05:06 the website can I find the weight of a 05:08 bike so again that's another black mark 05:12 for me because that is infuriating as I 05:17 always say so geometry why is they the 05:21 frames are very different but the bars 05:27 appear to be in a very similar position 05:29 when all said and done so there's not 05:33 much to pick between them they're both 05:36 discs obviously I would also say that 05:40 the thing that Canyon are very good at 05:43 is the quality of the photographs on 05:45 there 05:45 websites are just always top quality 05:48 super attention to detail and I've never 05:51 been able to fault the Canyon 05:52 photography where as or oh not as good 05:56 not that should really change your mind 05:58 about whether to buy their bike or not 06:00 obviously would I buy one um 06:03 well in comparison to the canyon it's a 06:06 great price isn't it but right now I 06:11 couldn't find any online reviews of how 06:14 it rides so that's a down mark there I 06:18 don't know what it weighs so there's 06:20 another down mark there and I've not so 06:23 far seen it being raced in any pro level 06:26 racing I mean correct me if if you've 06:28 seen it being used somewhere by a team 06:30 though I'm not a racer I will always be 06:33 drawn more to a bike that I see being 06:35 race tested because they will always be 06:37 getting feedback from the riders and 06:39 they will always want their bikes to win 06:41 as many races as possible so you've got 06:43 an excellent feedback loop there which 06:46 will just improve the product and that 06:48 is something that Canyon a great that 06:50 doing because they've got two teams in 06:52 the World Tour and they've been winning 06:55 races for years and they just do 06:57 everything very well so Oro I've got a 07:00 lot to live up to and right this second 07:03 just initial impressions are just not as 07:06 good as Canyon so yeah personally I'd 07:13 probably go for the old Tegra version of 07:17 the air road so there we go that's just 07:20 my opinion let me know what you think in 07:22 the comments down below 07:22 if you liked this video give it a thumbs 07:24 up and subscribe to my channel and lots 07:27 of people have been asking me for 07:29 shoutout videos of bikes that they'd 07:32 like to see compared and please please 07:34 do keep asking me I obviously get as 07:36 many done as I possibly can but I do all 07:38 this in my spare time and it takes a lot 07:40 of work so keep asking and I will 07:42 certainly try and get them done