Shout out to Pollex Cristi 'Is there much difference in geometry between the Cannondale CAAD12 and Supersix Evo?'
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00:00 right so here we go here's the another 00:02 shout-out video for Pollux is there much 00:05 difference in the geometry between the 00:06 Cannondale cat 12 and the super 6 Evo 00:09 well I did notice that someone in the 00:11 comments had actually answered this 00:13 question for Pollux but I thought I'd 00:14 make the video anyway because I haven't 00:17 done much on Cannondale and I thought 00:19 it'd be interesting to have a look 00:20 personally I've never been a massive 00:22 Cannondale fan I don't really like the 00:24 look of their bikes I think they look a 00:26 bit old-fashioned and I follow a lot of 00:29 road racing and between 2015-2017 they 00:33 didn't win a single World Tour race 00:36 they've done a bit better just lately 00:38 breaking their duck last May on Mount 00:41 Baldy it was Andrew talansky won their 00:45 first World Tour race for two years and 00:48 they're a team that struggled last year 00:50 they seriously struggled to get any 00:51 backing for the 2018 World Tour season 00:54 but it's good to see them back I've got 00:56 a couple of mates who ride the super 6 00:59 Evo and they absolutely love them so 01:01 there we go and in fact when I was 01:04 making the artwork for this video I was 01:06 watching the welter Andalusia lo and 01:09 behold session model of he won stage 3 I 01:13 think of the race in this new pink kit 01:17 that they've got EF Drabek Drabek and 01:20 he'll be on his super 6 Evo the funny 01:23 thing is is he thought he'd won stage 01:25 one as well put his arms out and then 01:27 got overtaken by someone else so he was 01:30 making amends on stage three so here we 01:32 go 01:33 this is the super 6 Evo now Cannondale 01:35 unlike a lot of other manufacturers or 01:38 big manufacturers don't have an aero 01:39 bike in their lineup only this super 6 01:42 Evo carbon bike which they describe as 01:45 being able to do everything so they say 01:47 it's got some Aero shaping to it and 01:49 it's a light all-rounder make what you 01:52 will of that personally I find it weird 01:54 that a large manufacturer wouldn't have 01:56 an aero bite right now and makes me a 01:58 little suspicious that maybe they don't 02:00 have the resources required to do it 02:03 properly and yeah I might be wrong but I 02:06 would like to see an aero bike from 02:07 Cannondale in the future ok so back to 02:10 the super 6 Evo middle of the range 02:12 3 02:13 six nine nine like a lot of these 02:14 manufacturers Cannondale don't put their 02:16 weight in so I can't use the bike otic 02:19 bike value calculator on these bikes 02:20 because I don't know what the way is 02:22 which is super annoying it's due race 02:24 mechanical Kennedale make a lot of their 02:26 own cranks and something called the 02:28 spider ring I think it's Gordon it's 02:30 this very lightweight crank setup they 02:32 have here which is pretty cool I like 02:33 that and here we go the super six Evo 02:35 Jew race this bike is made from 02:38 ballistic carbon if you go much higher 02:41 up the range and get the eye-watering Li 02:44 expensive 11 grand disc black ink 02:47 version that's actually made of the 02:49 ballistic hi mod carbon so I'm guessing 02:52 it's going to be lighter and stiffer so 02:55 like I say I'm not particularly keen on 02:56 the way this bike looks I think it looks 02:58 very old-fashioned presumably there's 03:00 good reason why Cannondale make it like 03:03 that and no doubt someone will tell me 03:05 in the comments below so let's compare 03:06 that first of all to the disc version 03:09 this is the super 6 Evo disc 2 699 and 03:14 as you would imagine very similar 03:19 between the disc and the rim brake 03:24 version unlike a lot of manufacturers 03:26 that have gone for the drop seats days 03:28 lately Cannondale I've got the super 03:34 long seat tube the very high seat stays 03:39 pretty similar between the disc and the 03:41 rim brake versions unlike a lot of other 03:43 manufacturers that have them dropped 03:45 down and then have the discs ones 03:47 slightly higher up okay so for this 03:49 price to $6.99 you get old Tegra and 03:52 again with the Cannondale crank and a 03:54 full speed ahead chainrings obviously 03:56 you can get a more expensive one but 03:58 that fell outside price ranges I was 04:01 looking at because the next disc comes 04:03 in a 5 grand and you'll see in a minute 04:05 why I'm sticking to about three and a 04:07 half grand it's the price but cause the 04:10 next bike that we're going to look at is 04:12 the Cannondale cad 12 disc dura-ace and 04:16 this is the top of the range of the cad 04:17 12 range and it comes in three and a 04:20 half grand which is why i went for this 04:23 version of the super 6 Evo so there 04:26 barely comparable price wise so the 04:28 question was how much difference in 04:30 geometry between the Cannondale CAD 12 04:32 and the super 6 Evo right okay so if we 04:35 compare the aluminium CAD 12 this is the 04:37 disk version top-of-the-range dura-ace 04:40 and we compare this to the super 6 Evo 04:42 dura-ace of about the same price what 04:48 you'll notice is that actually the 04:53 geometry of the bike is exactly the same 04:57 other than the aluminium bike has got 05:09 even higher seats days and top two you 05:18 so a lot of manufacturers like I say 05:20 have dropped the seat stays on their 05:21 bikes to add a bit of comfort and 05:24 compliance to their bike someone out 05:26 there who's got one of these bikes let 05:27 let us know in the comments below 05:28 are these comfortable to ride or are 05:31 they that stiff that they're quite 05:34 uncomfortable 05:35 I think you'd only know that from riding 05:40 one both bikes come with the set of 05:42 Cannondale hologram carbon clincher 05:44 wheels 35 mil deep hologram being Canon 05:48 dale's in-house component brand gearing 05:54 wise they've got the same do race and 06:02 again the Cannondale cranks obviously 06:04 the aluminium bike has got the discs on 06:06 but like I say the geometry if you look 06:09 at the numbers it's all exactly the same 06:11 other than the stand over the height of 06:14 the aluminium bike is obviously a bit 06:16 higher you can also get the aluminium 06:17 bike 06:18 slightly cheaper with rim brakes and 06:20 again if we compare those exactly the 06:24 same you know see cot 06:33 the much bigger 06:36 hydraulic shifting on the dew race now 06:40 again correct me if I'm wrong I'm sure 06:42 the nudua race they've changed this now 06:48 so these aren't so enormous I need to 06:53 check that it's there what presently so 06:57 there we go why would you buy the 06:59 aluminium frame over the carbon one when 07:03 clearly for this price you can get a 07:05 super six Evo well one of the other 07:07 videos I did we touched on the fact that 07:10 let's get it up here we've got we did a 07:13 video of the specialized a lay aluminium 07:16 bike and I pointed out in that the creek 07:19 racers who end up crashing quite a lot 07:21 will tend to use now the mininum frame 07:23 because the carbon ones tend to break if 07:26 you fall off them so there's my guess 07:30 that this cannon day or kent 12 makes a 07:32 good crit bike let us know if that's 07:34 what you're using it for I do find the 07:40 comparison between the LA the specialize 07:42 delay and the CAD 12 quite interesting 07:48 you're obviously gonna get a lot lower 07:50 at the front on the specialized bike 07:53 which is got to be preferable when 07:55 you're racing surely and overall 08:00 personally I'm more of a fan of the 08:05 compact style frame like I say I find 08:08 the Cannondale a bit old-fashioned to 08:11 look at maybe it's a love-hate Marmite 08:13 type of thing let us know what you think 08:17 I think I'm probably gonna split opinion 08:23 with that so if you're considering to 08:25 buy the carbon super 6 Evo what else 08:28 could you think about getting well I 08:30 like to always come back to the giant 08:31 bikes and this is the TCR advanced SL 2 08:34 which is a bike I quite fancy and you 08:39 can see there's a massive difference 08:41 there between a style of frames 08:45 the very compact giant 08:52 compared to the Cannondale so again 08:59 you're gonna get much lower at the front 09:00 on the Giant and there were you going to 09:04 get a lot more flex out of the isp 09:08 integrated seatpost on the giant similar 09:14 prices and although giant don't put 09:18 their weights on the UK site i was able 09:20 to find the price of this bite on the 09:22 Japanese giant website 6.8 kilograms is 09:25 a very splendid wait for an all-round 09:27 climbing bike like that so I'd say that 09:30 was a definite contender so who of you 09:32 out there has actually written a super 6 09:34 Evo and TCR advanced SL 2 or any TCR 09:39 really let us know obviously the TCR is 09:41 old Tegra and Cannondale is due race so 09:44 there is a bit quite a big difference 09:46 there in hip wires so they would go in 09:48 summary yes the super 6 Evo and the cat 09:51 12 have the same geometry just very 09:53 slightly different in this area here and 09:55 personally what do I think of the Kenan 09:57 Dale's not a huge fan like I say some of 10:00 my mates have got some and they love 10:01 them but overall and of course I'm 10:04 taking the Mickey a little bit here 10:05 I think the Cannondale bikes look a bit 10:08 like a farm gate and I think that looks 10:10 quite cool maybe Cannondale should make 10:12 wooden bikes so like I say just my 10:14 opinion taking the Mickey a little bit 10:16 let me know in the comments down below 10:17 or you can and they are lovers and let 10:20 me know why you think that's like the 10:22 old fashioned style frame is the way to 10:24 go 10:24 so if you liked this video give it a 10:25 thumbs up keep sending me through the 10:27 ideas of what bikes you'd like to see 10:28 compared and subscribe to my channel