A ShoutOut video for Richard who said - BMC launched Roadmachine in 2016, then Racemachine in 2017. Specialized new Tarmac looks like a copy to me, with the dropped seat stays? Pls can you take a look? - so here we go, I compare the BMC Teammachine, BMC Roadmachine and the Specialized Tarmac and see if there are any similarities....
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Video Transcript
00:00 okay so here's a shout-out video for 00:02 Richard who said BMC launched the Rope 00:06 machine in 2016 then the race machine 00:09 which I guess he means the team machine 00:11 in 2017 the specialized new tarmac looks 00:15 like a copy to me with the drop seats 00:17 days please can you take a look well I 00:19 thought that was a interesting idea and 00:23 first hand I thought maybe they are 00:26 similar however when I brought up the 00:28 BMC team machine I sort of think that no 00:36 they're not really that similar at all 00:40 really yes they've both got drop seats 00:42 days but it's not like one or the other 00:45 company has really used the others frame 00:51 shapes or geometry particularly so 00:54 they've obviously got their own ideas 00:55 about what makes a good bike so this is 01:00 just fading between the two I believe 01:05 that the team machine is very slightly 01:07 longer in the wheelbase and if we just 01:13 zoom in on the cockpit as ever 01:22 very very different they're really good 01:27 in fact it would appear that you can get 01:31 quite a lot lower at the front on the 01:35 team machine than you can on the the 01:38 tarmac which surprises me really if I 01:40 just highlight here the handlebars of 01:42 the BMC bike it's actually got a longer 01:45 stem on so even though the the bmc's 01:48 bars are actually a bit lower down 01:51 it's interesting the different setups 01:54 obviously with the team machines longer 01:56 stem but slightly more laid-back head 02:00 tube or set back I don't think it's 02:02 laid-back anymore 02:03 but actually the positioning almost 02:05 works out quite similar really so there 02:07 we go that's the cockpit slightly 02:09 beefier Fox on the BMC different wheels 02:12 obviously not her particularly good 02:14 stuff about the the Maverick tires 02:16 people tend to change those out pretty 02:18 quickly let me know down below if you've 02:20 used those and liked them and obviously 02:22 the specialized is on the rover wheels 02:25 which the specialized home brand wheels 02:28 go down to the bottom bracket both 02:31 running 52:36 up front I think it is now 02:36 the BMC is mechanical and the s work 02:39 specialised is dura-ace di2 let me just 02:43 zoom out and look at the prices so the 02:46 team machines seven thousand four 02:49 hundred and the tarmac ultralight nine 02:51 thousand so that's presumably why the 02:54 BMC is mechanical because it's like a 02:57 cheaper relatively so the drop seat 03:00 stays on the BMC slightly higher up than 03:04 the tarmac 03:10 and the angle of the top to you very 03:12 different very different 03:19 I guess you would call the tarmac more 03:22 of a compact frame so all in all I think 03:26 very different but as you can see the 03:29 part from the head tube type area there 03:33 are some similarities I guess okay so 03:36 that's the the team machine the other 03:38 bike that I was asked to look at was the 03:40 road machine which is the more endurance 03:43 based version from BMC now this version 03:46 here is the O one one which is basically 03:50 the top of the top of the range and it 03:52 has an eye-watering price of just under 03:55 ten thousand pounds which for me a bike 03:58 that you're really not really gonna use 04:01 as a race bike it's a pure little sort 04:03 of luxury item for doing sportif so on 04:06 it just wow what a price so yeah 04:11 fantastic if you can afford it I guess 04:13 you'll get yourself pretty much a 04:16 spaceship for that price so if we 04:19 compare the team machine in the road 04:21 machine that's actually quite an 04:23 interesting comparison because you can 04:24 see that the there you go the team 04:27 machine obviously lower at the front 04:30 that the road machine literally is I 04:35 mean literally more laid-back as in the 04:41 whole frame is kind of pushed backwards 04:44 at the top 04:48 all designed for comfort but what is 04:53 interesting 04:58 it's hard to sort of work out what's 05:03 going on but the Rope machine has a 05:05 slightly it's quite decieving I sort of 05:13 see the Rope machine as having a higher 05:15 stack but actually the handlebars they 05:21 were almost exactly the same height so 05:25 actually how much more comfortable would 05:27 with the Rope machine be interesting 05:32 obviously I imagine when you buy this 05:36 new you can put some spacers under here 05:39 to lift the handlebars up this has 05:41 clearly had the steerer tube cut now I 05:45 was in a shop the other day looking at 05:47 one of these and I think they're a 05:49 good-looking bike but in the flesh I 05:51 wasn't so keen on this bit here this 05:53 whole black bit here rotates so when the 05:56 handlebars are turned it's kind of 05:58 sticking out at the back here and I 06:00 found that a bit weird slightly 06:03 off-putting I'd rather see that just 06:05 rotating the stem myself as you can see 06:09 the forks are a lot more beefy at the 06:11 top there there's no need to cope with 06:13 the disc brakes and the Rope machine 06:18 comes with fifty fifty thirty four to 06:23 check that yes so the Rope machines go 06:27 fifty thirty four and the team machine 06:30 of 52:36 I think that's right 06:37 yes now obviously the road machine is 06:41 di2 but interestingly for an endurance 06:45 bike I've won a 32 on the back but this 06:48 one for just under ten grand you're 06:50 getting it with a 28 on the back which 06:52 ya not even sure and you'll probably 06:55 correct me if I'm wrong here I'm not 06:56 even sure do race has a 32 cassette 100% 07:00 on that so I don't know maybe you'd have 07:03 to buy the old Tegra version let me know 07:05 down below if you know the answer to 07:07 that one and in fact the team machine 07:09 comes with a 30 on the back but 07:12 obviously it's got the bigger front 07:13 chainrings so the seat tube is 07:16 definitely slightly slacker on the road 07:18 machine again I like the little curve 07:20 there and the tube there so again quite 07:22 a different shape I do like the look at 07:25 this point in fact both very nice bikes 07:31 I like these if we compare the road 07:34 machine to the tarmac actually more of a 07:42 comparison there isn't there they're 07:46 quite a bit more similar yeah 07:53 so there we go they are quite similar 07:57 slightly more laid-back here on the road 08:00 machine 08:09 actually quite a lot more laid-back but 08:11 the back area is slightly more similar 08:13 and in fact yeah there we go 08:31 so as ever always interesting to offer 08:34 these up and have a look between them if 08:35 you liked this video give it a thumbs up 08:37 if you'd like a shout out for a couple 08:40 of bikes that you want to see compared 08:41 together then again let me know we'll 08:43 see what we can do and subscribe to my 08:45 channel