In this video I choose my favourite looking road bike - below are the timecode links to all the different bikes I look at: 20:13 Bike overlay experiment - 18:04 Winners! - 17:09 3T STRADA - 16:32 ARGON 18 NITROGEN PRO - 15:57 BH G7 PRO DURA ACE DI2 - 15:41 BIANCHI Oltre XR4 Super Record EPS - 15:32 BMC Teammachine SLR01 DISC team - 15:08 BMC Roadmachine 01 two - 14:34 CANNONDALE SUPERSIX EVO BLACK INC - 14:11 CANYON AEROAD CF SLX DISC 9.0 LTD - 13:34 Cervélo S5 E Tap - 12:55 CIPOLLINI RB1K THE ONE - 11:21 COLNAGO CONCEPT - 11:00 COLNAGO C60 - 10:05 De Rosa SK Pininfarina Nero Terra - 09:07 FACTOR ONE - 08:38 FELT AR FRD - 08:11 FUJI TRANSONIC 1.3 - 07:48 FUJI SL 1.1 - 07:14 GIANT PROPEL ADVANCED SL 0 DISC - 06:48 LAPIERRE AIRCODE SL 900 ULTIMATE FDJ - 06:08 LOOK 795 AEROLIGHT ZR - 05:25 MERIDA REACTO TEAM-E - 04:55 OLYMPIA LEADER - 03:49 ORBEA ORCA AERO M11iTEAM - 02:55 PINARELLO DOGMA F10 X-LIGHT - 02:14 SCOTT FOIL PREMIUM DISC - 02:01 S-WORKS VENGE ViAS Disc Di2 - 01:35 S-WORKS TARMAC ULTRALIGHT - 01:18 TREK MADONE 9.9 - 01:05 WILIER Cento10NDR - 00:39 WILIER Cento Air Disc
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Video Transcript
00:00 a big part of enjoying bikes I think is 00:02 appreciating what they look like ever 00:04 since I started riding bikes when I was 00:06 a kid I could quite happily sit staring 00:08 at my bike just enjoying what it looked 00:10 like really I don't know why that is but 00:12 it's just something I've always done so 00:14 I've always had an opinion and 00:15 appreciation for what bikes look like I 00:17 guess it's part of the passion of riding 00:19 a bike so in this video I'm gonna look 00:22 through I think I've got about 30 rode 00:24 bikes to look at that I've collected off 00:26 the internet and I'm gonna have a look 00:28 through them see what I like what I 00:29 don't like and then choose some at the 00:31 end to be my favorite I'm gonna do it in 00:33 alphabetical order starting at the end 00:36 of the alphabet and the first one I came 00:37 to was the Willi air I think that's how 00:41 you say will ya sento air disc which 00:44 comes in at five grand when I first saw 00:46 this I can't remember his name but 00:47 there's a racer who was using it might 00:49 have been in the Giro something like 00:51 that and he had this 00:52 thank you I was pretty taken with it I 00:54 thought it looked pretty cool and I 00:55 think it's pretty cool 00:56 not 100% whether I would buy a paint 00:59 scheme like that maybe it's a bit too 01:00 bling so another bike that will EMI that 01:02 I quite like is the sento 10 nd R 1200 01:07 this is a bit more of an euro bike got 01:09 the rubbery flexi bits they're not quite 01:12 like the sort of clean modern look that 01:14 it's got so yeah quite like that 01:16 next up Trek Madone 9.9 I've done a few 01:19 videos on this one and though I've 01:21 ridden one and think it's a great bike 01:22 I'm not blown away by its looks I'll be 01:25 honest it's not a big looker for me 01:28 obviously this one side on photograph 01:30 isn't particularly fair on it but I 01:32 think there's better-looking bikes so 01:34 next up specialised tarmac ultralight 9 01:37 grand well I've said it before it's just 01:40 a good-looking bike it just looks in 01:42 proportion to me and I can't think of 01:43 anything to criticize really one thing I 01:45 guess I might say is the stem in this 01:48 day and age with all the arrows stems 01:50 and the cables being hidden there's 01:52 nothing wrong with it but it just maybe 01:54 looks a bit old-fashioned there so maybe 01:55 that's something that could be updated 01:57 in the future and I wonder whether we'll 01:58 get a disc one tuned so that's the 02:00 tarmac and we've got the Venge bias disc 02:03 di2 another crack and looking bike I 02:05 like the blue color yep this will 02:07 definitely be near the top of the list I 02:09 think and I've said it before the only 02:11 thing I'm not keen on is this area 02:13 here next up it's got foil so this is an 02:16 interesting one that's got foil this is 02:18 the premium disc version very expensive 02:20 nearly 11 grand I kind of liked it I did 02:23 mess about with a couple of things to 02:24 see if I could improve the look got rid 02:27 of the cables because cables on arrow 02:29 bikes now are a little bit old-fashioned 02:31 and I just closed that little gap there 02:33 nothing that looks a bit better well I 02:35 like about the Scot is it's very tidy 02:37 here when you look at an expensive car 02:39 you can kind of tell us expensive just 02:41 by looking at the gaps between the 02:43 panels and they called shut lines and 02:44 generally the bed of the car the more 02:46 accurate the shut line and the better 02:48 the surface continuity between different 02:51 parts so that's on the Scot that looks 02:54 very Pro then next up Pinarello Dogma F 02:57 10x light just the frame over six 03:00 thousand pounds a lot of money now I'm 03:03 not a big fan of how this looks I think 03:05 this looks like a fancy bike I can 03:06 appreciate that it looks fast it looks 03:09 great and it's obviously got a good 03:10 pedigree having won the Tour de France 03:12 and supposedly won the Vuelta this year 03:15 I have to wait and see whether Chris 03:17 Froome gets done for doping on that or 03:18 not however there's a few things I don't 03:20 particularly like looking at this bite 03:22 and the first thing in complete opposite 03:24 to the Scot that we just looked at I 03:27 find this a little bit messy you can see 03:29 why they've done it like that make it 03:31 more Aero I guess but it just I don't 03:33 know there isn't any continuity there 03:34 for me and there's a few bites that do 03:37 this it's where they have a bit that 03:38 sticks out further than the seat post 03:41 and I don't like looking at that I think 03:43 that looks weird there's another bike in 03:45 a sec which has done the same thing 03:46 which I'm gonna look at in a moment 03:48 that's the Pinarello next up the orbea 03:50 orca Aero m11 I team in bright orange 03:54 nearly 7 grand I like this bike I think 03:57 this looks good I think it looks modern 03:58 slight shame about the cables still on 04:01 show but like the Scot I think it's nice 04:03 and tidy here I think this looks real 04:05 clean folks look really nice this all 04:07 looks great so I like this bike there's 04:09 only one thing I'm not keen on and it's 04:11 the seat post thing again I would much 04:13 rather see it filled in I know there's 04:15 probably a bolt there or something to do 04:16 up but that to me looks way better that 04:18 looks I just find that a bit weak 04:20 looking it probably gives a bit more 04:21 flex and it's more comfortable but 04:23 personally I prefer it like that just my 04:25 opinion but I like this bike and 04:27 I really like about Orbea is they work 04:30 hard with their photography and make 04:31 their bikes look good I love this photo 04:33 of this all bayer and i have it as my 04:35 desktop at the moment 04:36 because they've just gone to a lot of 04:38 trouble to take this picture if I've got 04:40 one slight tiny thing on this picture 04:43 that bothers me and it's just a setup 04:45 thing I think I just find the saddle 04:46 looks it looks a bit like it's set too 04:48 far back 04:49 that's my only comment apart from that I 04:50 think that looks great and that makes me 04:52 want to go ride my bike so well done 04:54 obey next up this is a bit of a weird 04:56 one this is the Olympia leader I've 04:59 never heard of Olympia and I don't 05:00 really like this bike but I put it in 05:02 because I've never seen it forum thought 05:04 maybe it was worth looking at purely for 05:07 its weird headset there's not many 05:09 headsets out there like that almost use 05:11 it as a tea pot and that's about all I 05:13 know about Olympia but they popped up on 05:15 a site while I was doing a bit of 05:17 research so I thought I'd chuck it in 05:18 quite interesting little shape on the 05:20 fort there I don't think that's gonna 05:21 win any looks competitions right then 05:24 next up mridu react o team e ooh I quite 05:28 like this that's exactly what I thought 05:30 when I first had a look at these this is 05:32 the new react Oh because the old one I 05:34 never liked and they've kept a similar 05:36 sort of frame shape but it just looks 05:38 better somehow it's quite sort of 05:41 geometric but nice and cleaned yeah I'd 05:44 quite like this 05:45 I'd like to ride that I'm a little bit 05:47 of a sucker for all the decals on it 05:49 makes it look sporty to me I don't know 05:50 why they call it the team e anything now 05:52 with an e on it sounds like an electric 05:54 bike I think that's a probably silly 05:57 thing for them to put me on it you can 05:58 also get the disc version which I think 06:01 looks great too yeah I'd like to have a 06:03 go on that again it would be nice to 06:04 lose the cables okay next up weird one 06:07 it's the look 795 airolite Zed are that 06:11 five and a half grand now I think look 06:13 or a French company and I guess this is 06:15 the main thing that's gonna catch your 06:18 eye and I can kind of see why they've 06:20 done that I guess do I like the look of 06:23 it no well I don't think I do it's a bit 06:28 weird quite like this part of the bike 06:29 here 06:30 that's quite clean and sharp this is all 06:32 quite nice I'm not keen on this hover or 06:35 whatever it is they've got on the chain 06:36 set there but we're doesn't so it 06:38 reminds me of 06:39 Knight Rider KITT car so yeah 06:43 interesting one that one 06:45 next up a nother French bike Lapierre 06:47 the Lapierre code SL 900 ultimate FDJ 06:51 obviously written by the f DJ pro team 06:55 do I like to look at this bike not 06:57 really but I did quite like the shiny 07:00 paint not but I'm sure I'd want a bike 07:02 with shiny paint I just thought it 07:03 looked quite bullying but I don't really 07:06 like this bit I'm not mad keen on that 07:09 that's probably quite nice an arrow I 07:11 don't know 07:12 yeah no I'm mad not mad keen on that 07:13 next up giant propeller advance SL 0 07:16 disc annoying grin I've talked about 07:18 this one a lot in its blue color scheme 07:20 I can see that it is a good-looking bike 07:22 but I just I struggled to see past that 07:25 color scheme so if you've seen any of my 07:26 other videos on this you'll know that I 07:28 made some other paint schemes which I 07:30 think if they offered but they're the 07:32 paint schemes I think it would be in my 07:33 in my top 5 it's ones that I made 07:36 Castrol martini red ball and golf racing 07:40 I think any of those would look better 07:43 than that yaki blue okay so that's the 07:46 propel next Fuji don't see many of these 07:49 in the UK particularly not where I am 07:52 anything but this one caught my eye for 07:54 Fuji SAR 1.1 superlight five-and-a-half 07:56 grand 07:57 I really like to look at this bike it 07:58 sort of reminds me a little bit of the 08:01 tarmac I guess but I'm a sucker for the 08:03 white walls on the tires I just think 08:05 that looks nice so yeah like that one 08:07 they also make something called the Fuji 08:09 transonic 1.3 a little bit cheaper not 08:13 quite so keen on this they've got that 08:15 sort of Pinarello thing going on with 08:18 the sort of overbite on the forks which 08:20 I'm not mad keen on the other thing that 08:22 caught me out on this was the wheels are 08:24 made by a company called oval because I 08:26 was looking at this thinking and that's 08:27 weird how come the Fugees got the rover 08:29 wheels on which are made by specialized 08:32 but of course they're not these are the 08:33 oval wheels which I found a bit 08:35 confusing there we go so that's the Fuji 08:37 next up the felt they are frd 08:40 interesting I like it initially again 08:43 we've got this interesting selection of 08:46 shapes here that I'm not mad keen on I 08:49 do like this the big fat arrow Dan 08:53 seat tube I think that looks quite cool 08:54 so yeah looks a bit weedy there doesn't 08:59 that's more modern bikes look a bit sort 09:02 of chunkier there now right so that's 09:04 all I've got to say about the felt and 09:05 next up factor interesting one this one 09:08 this is ridden by ag2r LeMond DL in the 09:14 pro peloton yep official technical 09:16 sponsors factor so it's interesting by 09:19 this not sure about whether we like the 09:21 look of it but on the frame you've got 09:24 this interesting that what they call it 09:26 outside steerer or something like that 09:28 which as it turns it's supposed to be 09:29 more aerodynamic than having it within 09:31 the head tube that's quite interesting 09:33 and then the big interesting one is the 09:35 down tube is split in half and when you 09:38 initially see that you think it's for 09:39 aerodynamics but on their website they 09:42 say that it's not it's actually for 09:44 stiffness but that it does actually help 09:46 the air come off the front wheel and go 09:48 through so there we go 09:50 you can also buy that in the David 09:52 Millar chapter three special edition 09:54 which is a black colour there we go 09:57 interesting seat on it might be the 09:59 Brooks seat to check that cambium it 10:02 looks pretty cool okay so that's factor 10:04 next up its the DeRosa SK Pininfarina 10:09 new road terror think I pronounce that 10:11 ish right and this is this is a cool 10:14 looking bike looks very Aero looks very 10:16 aggressive kind of a bit messy at the 10:19 front here but yeah it's pretty cool I 10:22 like that very deep section wheels here 10:25 that would be useless where I live where 10:27 it's all windy all the time 10:29 and in fact DeRosa what DeRosa not sure 10:32 how you pronounce that this I think is a 10:34 slightly older version because the new 10:36 version they don't have any sidon 10:38 photographs they only have these sort of 10:41 3/4 views but it does come in some nice 10:43 colors if you don't fancy the black one 10:49 quite like that it's quite cool color 10:53 matte finish the white walls again so 10:56 that's pretty cool the DeRosa DeRosa 10:58 next up Colnago and this is the C 60 11:02 which is a looked design pretty sure the 11:05 lugs are carbon 11:06 as well as the tubes being carbon and 11:09 this comes in various bling colors but 11:12 this is my favorite one with the 11:13 lightweight wheels on this is a 11:15 nice-looking bike definitely like to 11:17 have a go on that can now go also make a 11:19 narrow bike called the concept which is 11:21 this one which is very flash looking I 11:25 can imagine if you owned a Lamborghini 11:27 that you'd want one of these and this 11:29 comes in various colors as well there's 11:31 this sort of looks like custom painted 11:33 one which has got some very cool stuff 11:36 going on on the handlebars 11:37 that's pretty bling huh and then this 11:39 sort of light graddic blue version so 11:41 that's the concept 11:43 am i a fan I think I like it 11:46 100% sure about this a triangle a bit 11:48 here don't really like that and what 11:50 bothered me a little bit when I looked 11:52 at these photos was when they 11:53 photographed this one it looks like the 11:56 forks aren't on properly there's a big 11:57 gap there and the headset I don't think 12:00 is fitted correctly they're so slight 12:02 attention to detail missed mr. Cole Nago 12:05 so that's the Camargo concept and the c6 12:09 d so for the next bike its fronted by 12:13 quite a character so imagine if you took 12:16 cockiness of cam added to that the 12:18 physical prowess of marcel kittel 12:21 and then added to that the charismatic 12:24 persona of 12:25 segond back to 1989 what would you get 12:29 well no not Marty McFly or Michael J Fox 12:32 what you get is mario Cipollini who was 12:36 a very successful sprinter in the late 12:38 80s and 90s and was a bit of a character 12:41 well still is a bit of a character and 12:43 he now fronts a bike brand called 12:45 Cipollini and he doesn't mind starring 12:48 in his own adverts which i think is 12:50 quite funny the one there's a pretty 12:53 cool dude I used to like watching him 12:54 race so the Cipollini RB 1k the one is a 12:59 pretty aggressive showing off type of 13:02 bike as you'd expect from Cipollini very 13:04 low at the front get into a an 13:06 aggressive sprinting position I guess if 13:09 you compare that to the Fuji and lower 13:12 it is at the front lot lower and this 13:14 comes in various guises 13:17 a two-tone gray one there make it black 13:19 one you've got the italian-themed one 13:22 Cipollini being italian oversee and this 13:24 fancy blue one not really my cup of tea 13:27 they sort of lack a little bit of 13:29 finesse for me they're a bit gaudy just 13:32 my opinion so next up Civello s5e tap 13:36 now I really want to like this bike and 13:38 I like the front end I think this looks 13:40 very clean very modern I think that 13:42 looks lovely all the way down to here 13:44 however once we get to this bit at the 13:46 back I'm really not a fan 13:48 I think this seat post looks very odd 13:49 what I find out about this bike is just 13:52 the very upright angle of the of the 13:55 seat tube here most bikes so if we 13:57 compare this to say the Venge 13:59 you see how it's practically at 90 14:02 degrees the Cervelo seatpost and i find 14:07 that a bit off-putting to look at just 14:09 not my cup of tea next Canyon arrowed 14:12 CFS FX disc 9 limited so I've made a few 14:15 videos with this one starring in it yeah 14:17 it's a pretty good-looking bike but 14:19 quite sort of understated not got much 14:22 to say about this that I haven't already 14:23 said before nice and clean Canyon always 14:26 do good photography just don't find it 14:29 as exciting as some of the other bikes 14:31 to look at let's leave it at that so 14:34 next up the Cannondale super 6 Evo black 14:36 ink expensive bike this 10 mm 200 this 14:39 is a double-edged sword for me this this 14:42 bike I do like it but at the same time I 14:44 sort of feel it looks a bit 14:45 old-fashioned frame is quite it looks 14:48 quite old-fashioned the geometry it sort 14:51 of looks like it's compared it to the 14:53 Tama 14:54 I think I'm so used to looking at a 14:55 compact ish type frame now this it sort 14:59 of looks like the frames too big to me I 15:00 think it's just because I'm so used to 15:02 looking at more compact typed geometry 15:05 so that's the super 6 next BMC this is 15:09 the Rope machine and I'm a big fan of 15:11 this 15:12 that looks pretty funky to me it looks 15:15 modern it looks clean love the white 15:17 walls disks obviously this is the road 15:20 machine so it's slightly more endurance 15:23 based geometry I like that I like that a 15:26 lot 15:27 sticking with BMC we've got the team 15:29 machine SLR oh one 15:30 disk team 10 grin again I like this for 15:33 all the same reasons that I like the 15:35 road machine these are good looking 15:37 bikes I think modern looking so that's 15:39 BMC next Bianchi the old tear XR for 15:43 super record EPS ten thousand two 15:45 hundred again a good-looking bike nice 15:48 clean shut lines on the forks and when 15:51 you compare it to the BMC it's a bit 15:53 more shapely so yeah a pretty 15:55 good-looking bike the Bianchi next up 15:57 its the BH g7 pro dura-ace di2 couldn't 16:01 find a price for this and the pictures 16:03 on the website are really small so they 16:05 look very compressed which is a shame 16:07 don't understand bike manufacturers that 16:10 don't put super crisp beautiful images 16:12 of their bikes on their websites that 16:14 just makes me think that they don't care 16:16 enough so that I found that annoying but 16:18 it's an interesting looking bike it's 16:19 almost an in-between the Bianchi and the 16:22 BMC where they've taken the modern look 16:24 and then the more curvy look and combine 16:26 the two to get sort of geometric 16:27 curviness so yeah quite like that next 16:31 up are con 18 nitrogen pro 9 grand quite 16:36 like this and then there's things that I 16:38 really don't like about it like this 16:40 weird bit here I'm super not keen on 16:42 that it looks like it's got a funny 16:44 little hat on might be arrow and 16:46 what-have-you but it does not look good 16:48 like these breaks in the fork here 16:51 they've made a lot of effort they're not 16:53 sure what's going on here 16:54 it looks like it's dented but I'm 16:56 assuming that's just something to do 16:58 with the photograph but yeah so that's 17:00 the argon 18 nitrogen pro sort of like 17:04 it but not 100% then last but not least 17:06 we've got tada the 3t Strada the bike 17:10 everyone's talking about now this was 17:12 designed by basically the guy who used 17:15 to work for Civello or even's help set 17:17 up Civello so you can obviously see the 17:19 similarities there and almost for that 17:22 reason I sort of feel kind of the same 17:24 way about it I want to like it I love 17:26 the fact that someone's trying something 17:27 different with the one buy and I love 17:29 how close the wheel is here to the the 17:32 down tube so I think it's a exciting 17:34 bike to watch out next season see how it 17:36 gets on I really don't like that saddle 17:38 I don't know what saddle that is it 17:39 looks like something your grandad should 17:41 be riding on 17:43 looks-wise in this picture and again the 17:46 way but three T's pictures are very 17:48 compressed not very crisp not very sharp 17:51 you'd sort of expect them to have some 17:53 seriously good pictures on their website 17:54 but they don't so to look at no not a 17:58 huge fan looks a bit odd to me okay 18:01 so that's all the bikes that I've called 18:03 true and found so I need to put them in 18:07 order of my favourites and as I said at 18:09 the beginning this is just my opinion 18:12 and the great thing about bikes is 18:14 everybody has their own opinion and 18:15 everybody should have their own opinion 18:18 so I've spent a lot of time looking at 18:19 these I've come up with this order in 18:22 9th place I've gone for the new marido 18:26 react tote disc team II I think that 18:29 looks pretty cool looking forward to 18:30 seeing that next year and the pro 18:32 peloton on the flatter races in 8th 18:34 position I really like this fuji SL 1.1 18:37 so I've put that in 8th position 18:39 that's quite surprised how much I like 18:40 this one in seventh position 18:42 I've put the Colnago C 60 in the silver 18:45 and graphite I think it's a smart 18:47 looking bike and sort of a fusion of old 18:49 and new manufacturing really cool 18:52 sixth-place gone for the DeRosa or the 18:54 DeRosa in the Farina this just screams 18:57 that go fast this bike and like I say 18:59 I'd like to park that next to my 19:00 Lamborghini fifth-place I really like 19:02 this bike I think obey have done a good 19:04 job nice and clean modern looking I 19:07 think it looks smart just that tiny 19:09 little thing with the seat post there 19:10 that bothers me 19:11 and then in fourth place I've put the 19:13 tea machine from BMC I think it's a 19:15 cracking bike this and I think that's 19:16 gonna win a lot of races in 2018 so I've 19:20 now got three bikes all in joint first 19:22 place 19:23 I couldn't split them two of them won't 19:25 come as a surprise one of them I think 19:27 is more of a surprise it surprises me 19:29 how much I liked it but without further 19:31 ado in joint first place we've got the 19:35 s-works venge vias disc di 2 that's just 19:38 a cracking ly good-looking bike and in 19:40 joint first place the s-works tarmac 19:44 ultra light again I can't fault this 19:46 bike specialize clearly have guys that 19:49 have a good feeling for what bikes 19:51 should look like I think with these two 19:53 bikes they just nailed it and then 19:55 controversially joint 19:56 first place the BMC rope machines zero 19:59 one two I just really like this bite and 20:01 I like the way that it looks and it 20:03 really makes me want to take it for a 20:05 spin 20:06 so there we go that's how I've ordered 20:08 them I'd be interested to see your 20:09 comments below in what order you think 20:11 they should go in and just before I go 20:13 something else that I did just out of 20:15 curiosity was I took every single one of 20:18 those bikes that I've just looked at and 20:19 in Photoshop I stacked them all together 20:21 and ran a filter through so that every 20:24 bike has the same value in the picture 20:27 and this is what you end up with many 20:29 years ago I saw an experiment where they 20:31 took something like 50 people's faces 20:33 and did this they merged them all 20:35 together and what you ended up with was 20:37 like a very attractive generic human 20:40 face so along those lines this is what 20:42 I've done with all those pictures of 20:44 those bikes and if I then run another 20:46 filter on it it just clarifies the lines 20:49 a bit this is what it comes up with so 20:51 this is an amalgamation of all those 20:53 bikes we've just looked at and if i zoom 20:55 in you can see all the different lines 20:59 being made by all the different bikes 21:00 see the specialized logo there I think 21:03 that looks pretty cool I think it also 21:08 points out that when you photograph a 21:11 bike you should have the crank pointing 21:13 in the same direction as the chains day 21:22 so I think that that actually looks like 21:26 a very well proportioned attractive bike 21:29 so there we go 21:30 if you liked this video give it a thumbs 21:32 up and my dream for this channel is for 21:36 it to one day have enough viewers and 21:38 followers that bike manufacturers 21:40 actually come to me and ask me to try 21:43 out and review their bikes I would love 21:44 to do that so if you would click on the 21:47 subscribe button which is this guy here 21:50 with the silly hat on which is another 21:53 story which I will tell you about one 21:55 day