A friend asked me to make a video about the Trek Madone, Emonda and Domane - compare them side by side and see which bike would be better for someone with a bad back. Watch the video and see which comes out on top, the Madone, Emonda or Domane???
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Video Transcript
00:00 okay so I know I always say this but 00:02 this is a quick video my riding buddy 00:04 rang me up the other day and said that 00:06 he was thinking about in a new bike and 00:08 he had his heart set on a trek as far as 00:11 he's concerned Trek basically make the 00:13 best bikes and that's what he wanted but 00:15 he's got a bad back and if he gets the 00:18 wrong bike then it obviously becomes a 00:20 problem so he went to the local bike 00:22 shop where they sell tracks and was 00:24 sitting on a Madone and asked the guy in 00:26 the shop if he'd put the seat up a bit 00:27 so that he could just work out whether 00:30 it was gonna work for him obviously bike 00:32 shops are in a bit of an awkward 00:33 position now because they're getting 00:34 outsold by online retailers and 00:38 basically this guy in the shop said no 00:40 I'm not gonna adjust the seat for you 00:41 you'll have to get a bike fit and if you 00:43 buy this six grand seven grand Trek 00:45 Madone then we'll throw in the bike fit 00:48 for free but he wouldn't do a little bit 00:50 of tweaking just so that he could see if 00:51 he liked it or not which I thought was 00:53 pretty crazy but what do you do what do 00:55 you guys think leave a message in the 00:57 comments below I'm an a do you think 00:59 bike fits are necessary to have you had 01:01 one or do you just go out with your 01:03 allen key and tweak it yourself getting 01:05 the bike comfortable and then my other 01:07 question is do you think the the bike 01:10 shop should do a bit of tweaking so that 01:12 you can see whether you like the bike 01:14 obviously in my opinion I think he 01:15 should and I think what he's done is 01:17 he's basically now lost at least two 01:19 customers because I would see my mates 01:22 not going to go back there and now that 01:24 I know what the guy did in the shop I'm 01:27 not gonna go back there either so that's 01:28 two customers down the drain which seems 01:30 crazy to me anyway let me know what you 01:32 think so anyway he rang me up and said 01:34 could I make a quick video showing the 01:37 Madone the Amanda and the domani just 01:40 overlay them together so that he could 01:42 see which one he might want to buy so 01:44 first up track me down 9.9 now the weird 01:47 thing about this bike is on the trek 01:49 website this is the photograph they have 01:51 for the Madone 9.9 now on that page it 01:55 basically says that Trek don't sell the 01:58 9.9 as a h1 frame fit but this picture 02:02 is definitely h1 so there's a bit of a 02:04 mistake on their website so basically 02:06 the h1 fit is a more aggressive fit for 02:09 racers and is lower at the front end 02:10 here so now if we compare that against 02:12 the 02:13 9.5 and this photograph definitely is it 02:16 of the age to fit now if we compare the 02:19 two you can definitely see the 02:20 difference between the h1 h2 h1 racer 02:27 aggressive frame geometry h2 normal 02:33 human being fish and if we just zoom in 02:36 round here you can see the very obvious 02:40 difference there you're gonna be very 02:43 stretched over on the h1 so that's the 02:46 Madone and by the way if you do want h1 02:48 if you are taking a tracing you're gonna 02:50 need to go project 1 and then you can 02:52 order it as an h1 frame but you can't 02:54 buy it as a complete bike off the shelf 02:56 okay so the next one to look at is the 02:59 naman de SLR 9 and this is h2 - that 03:04 makes sense 03:04 so if we compare this with the h2 Madone 03:08 remarkably similar with regard to the 03:19 geometry and how its gonna feel when you 03:22 ride it 03:27 so that's for us having a bareback 03:30 they're both going to set up pretty 03:32 similar certainly be more comfortable 03:34 than an h1 geometry bike from Trek 03:37 okay the Amanda also comes in the h1 but 03:42 you have to buy that as a separate frame 03:43 set so it doesn't come as a complete 03:45 bike and again you'll see here that if 03:48 you've got a bad back this really isn't 03:50 the bike for you and if you're buying 03:51 one of these secondhand you definitely 03:55 need to check that you're getting an h2 03:59 especially if the steerer tube has been 04:01 cut because you won't better put any 04:03 spaces in and you're gonna find that 04:05 pretty uncomfortable over long distances 04:08 so you can't compare that to the Madone 04:13 h1 and you can see that's very similar 04:16 as well 04:19 so across the maunder and Madone the 04:24 geometry is very similar between the h1 04:29 and the h2 respectively so the next bike 04:32 in the trick range is the domani and I 04:35 guess this bike is more like this sort 04:38 of sportif type bike if we assume that 04:41 the Madone is the arrow by the amando is 04:45 the all-round lightweight climbing bike 04:47 the domani falls into the comfortable 04:50 endurance sportif type bike and if you 04:53 compare that 04:58 with the Amanda you can see that you're 05:05 gonna be a lot more comfortable because 05:08 the bars are further back so you're less 05:11 stretched out and you're gonna find that 05:15 more comfortable on your wrists and on 05:17 your back 05:29 that is quite a big difference there 05:34 give me a lot more comfortable but 05:36 obviously you're gonna be sitting up in 05:37 the wind quite a lot more so that's the 05:40 domani so if you do have a bareback 05:42 looking at these three bikes the Madone 05:45 the maunder the domani is definitely 05:49 gonna be your best bet 05:50 now it's a bit of a compromise because 05:52 if you're a fast rider you are going to 05:56 lose out a bit there with the domani 05:57 because it is a much more relaxed fit 06:00 the other thing I forgot to mention on 06:02 the domani is it's got the iso speed i 06:04 think they call it not only is it in the 06:07 back here it's also within the headset 06:09 as well which is gonna give quite a 06:11 plush comfortable ride but like I was 06:13 saying if you like to go fast you do 06:16 have a bit of a compromise there because 06:18 obviously this one's more comfortable 06:20 but the more relaxed fit he's gonna put 06:22 you up in the wind a bit and you're not 06:24 gonna be as fast so my riding buddy who 06:26 asked me this question he's a pretty 06:28 fast rider and I don't think he was ever 06:31 gonna buy the demand lane not really and 06:32 the other day he rocked up on this bike 06:35 which is the Madone 9.5 and he'd managed 06:38 to get himself a cracking deal off eBay 06:40 brand new bike some guy had ridden about 06:43 three times and I think it was more like 06:45 four and a half not six and a half so 06:48 there's some cracking deals to be found 06:49 out there now as we said he's got a bad 06:52 back so what he's done is bought one 06:55 without the steer of cube cut' which 06:57 means that he can put some spacers on it 06:58 so he's actually got four spaces under 07:00 the handlebars which allows him to have 07:03 a more comfortable position on the bike 07:08 so yeah it doesn't look quite as cool 07:10 but the spacers definitely will help him 07:14 in the long run so when you buy a 07:16 secondhand one check that it's not an h1 07:18 and check that the steerer tube has got 07:20 enough space to put some spacers in and 07:22 then you're good to go so just before I 07:24 wrap up this video there were a couple 07:26 of other things on trips website and 07:27 these are the race shop limited versions 07:31 of these bikes so this is the amon de SL 07:34 r8 r SL and if you compare this to the 07:37 normal h2 in Monda look at the massive 07:43 difference there so this is gonna be a 07:44 proper race bike this one 07:47 and this is just sort of normal human 07:49 beings one so quite a big difference 07:53 there 07:59 so that's the Amanda RSL also there was 08:03 this bike which is the RSL domani now if 08:07 you compare this to the normal one again 08:11 look at this massive different it's 08:15 interesting that they call it a demand a 08:17 at all because it's so very different to 08:19 the off-the-shelf version that's a 08:26 massive difference you're not gonna want 08:31 to ride this one with a bird back for 08:32 too far oh look at that 08:38 but someone who has ridden it to great 08:40 effect is Fabian Cancellara and his 08:43 demonic that he used on the cobbles be a 08:45 couple of years ago now cuz he's 08:46 obviously retired so you can clearly see 08:49 there that is the bike he was using so 08:54 there we go I hope that cleared up which 08:55 track to buy if you have a bad back or 08:57 at least give you some ideas of what to 08:59 do if you liked this video give it a 09:00 thumbs up subscribe to my channel and 09:03 I'm completely blown away that we've now 09:05 got over a thousand subscribers on bike 09:08 otic and over 200,000 views which is 09:10 totally awesome I never imagined that 09:12 that would happen so thanks very much 09:14 for watching my videos