This is a shout out video to Kuan Hau who commented 'Would be interesting to compare aluminium vs carbon bikes. Can you compare Specialized Allez Sprint vs Venge Vias or Canyon Aeroad' - so here it is :)
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Video Transcript
00:00 so this is another quick shout out video 00:02 to Kuan Hau I hope that I said that 00:05 right he asked would be interesting to 00:07 compare aluminium versus carbon bike can 00:10 you compare specialized la sprint versus 00:12 the Venge vias or Canyon Air Road well I 00:16 thought that was a pretty cool idea so 00:19 because it's just a quick video I'm 00:21 doing the Venge top-of-the-range friend 00:24 vias disc di 2 9 grand 00:26 and we're gonna compare that to the 00:28 specialized la sprint comp 1600 so here 00:32 we are overlaid there's the LA sprint 00:36 and there's the Venge if I just go back 00:41 and forth between the two you can see 00:44 they're obviously very different but at 00:46 the same time also very similar I was in 00:50 a bike shop the other day chatting to a 00:52 guy who worked in there and he had that 00:54 sort of starved look the racers tend to 00:57 have so I was asking him if he was a 00:59 racer and it turned out he was a creek 01:00 racer criterium racer and he pointed out 01:03 that he wouldn't use his expensive 01:05 carbon buy to do crit races because he 01:08 was always falling off and it would 01:09 break so he would tend to use an 01:11 aluminium frame for his crit racing so 01:14 I'm guessing that the LA sprint makes a 01:18 good criterium bike I've never done the 01:20 criteria myself so if you know as usual 01:23 leave a comment down below so if we zoom 01:27 in on the cockpit actually the Sprint 01:33 has got a slightly shorter stack but as 01:37 you can see the the negative angle stem 01:40 on the vend means that the handlebars 01:43 are in fairly similar position really 01:48 then just being slightly higher up there 01:51 now obviously the Venge is designed to 01:53 be super arrow so the profiles are a lot 01:56 thicker there to let the air get round 01:58 as uninterrupted as possible the worse 02:01 shape that you can show to the wind is a 02:03 cylinder so the LA is gonna lose out 02:06 there to the Venge obviously discs on 02:09 the Venge 02:10 just the 105 on the LA and that's the 02:15 carbon s-works crank they're both bikes 02:18 have got 52:36 chain rings and at the 02:24 back the layers actually got an 11 28 02:29 and the vendors got an 11:30 obviously 02:34 in this part of the bike here the LA is 02:36 taking some design cues from the Venge 02:38 got our curved seat tube there and 02:46 that's obviously got the Aero profile to 02:47 it and the la is fairly fairly good here 02:55 because in fact it actually uses a venge 02:59 seat post so they're exactly the same so 03:05 this shape must be very close 03:10 the other interesting thing I noticed 03:13 was how amazingly close the the top tube 03:16 of the two bikes is there's the LA and 03:20 there's the Venge if you look at the 03:24 absolutely bang-on it's for us the curve 03:30 and the positioning I think it's pretty 03:34 cool so there you go that's the LA and 03:37 the Venge as ever I thought it would be 03:38 cool to just mess about with some stuff 03:40 and I thought well yeah you might buy 03:43 this this frame to race and you can 03:45 actually buy the frame set separately in 03:47 which case you're gonna put some nice 03:50 wheels on it I've actually just nicked 03:51 the wheels off the Venge here and the 03:54 the chain set I've nicked as well I 03:56 thought that looked pretty cool and then 03:57 I thought well might as well get a nice 04:00 color scheme for it and if you're gonna 04:02 get a nice color scheme for it might as 04:03 well put some hey put some blue flames 04:05 on it why not and if you're gonna put 04:07 that on there you might as well go full 04:09 bling get the wheels painted as well so 04:13 get your stock LA and you can turn it 04:17 into a pretty cool-looking weapon I 04:19 think things that you're quite a 04:22 good-looking Buy 04:32 so that's pretty cool and then yeah I'd 04:37 probably still want the Venge of course 04:39 because it really is a lush looking bite 04:46 but hey I haven't got 9 grand spent so 04:54 there we go just a quick video let me 04:56 know what you think put your comments 04:59 down below give it a thumbs up and 05:00 subscribe to my channel Cheers