7 Best Time Trial bikes in 2017 UCI World Tour PT4

S-Works Shiv TT Module vs BMC Timemachine 01 ONE vs Pinarello BOLIDE TT vs SCOTT PLASMA PREMIUM vs Canyon SPEEDMAX CF SLX 8.0 SL vs Giant TRINITY ADVANCED PRO 0 vs Ridley Dean FAST Dura Ace Di2 Road CERVELO P5X ETAP Dimond Marquise Race Ventum One DIAMONDBACK ANDEAN
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Video Transcript
00:00 so here we go part 4 of my UCI World 00:03 Tour manufacturer best manufacturer of 00:07 2017 part 4 we are looking at time trial 00:10 bikes so obviously time trial bikes are 00:13 really expected to be ridden in the 00:16 peloton or with other groups of riders 00:18 other than say a team time trial where 00:21 you get the whole team of say nine 00:23 riders all riding together or in fact 00:25 there was a new race this year called 00:28 the hammer series where the team time 00:30 trial day all the teams came together 00:32 and that was quite interesting that's 00:34 the first time I've ever seen a whole 00:36 bunch of time trial bikes together from 00:38 different teams time trial bikes because 00:40 they're purely designed to go as fast as 00:43 possible 00:43 they really don't hold back on the 00:45 design and you get some very weird and 00:47 interesting ideas come up for 00:49 aerodynamics to make them go as fast as 00:51 possible so again I had a quick look at 00:53 trends on Google Trends and it turns out 00:56 the Scot plasma has been around for a 00:59 long time and gets quite a lot of 01:01 attention and the specialized Shiv 01:04 obviously got quite a lot of attention 01:06 when it came out 01:07 also the giant trinity that's been out 01:09 for a while and has got its fair share 01:11 of interest okay so that's the Google 01:15 Trends now the other thing I wanted to 01:16 look at was basically time trial bikes 01:19 used by Pro World Tour teams are 01:23 governed by many many rules set by the 01:25 UCI and there's some weird rules that 01:28 they set that really sort of hold back 01:29 the design process however over in 01:33 triathlon which is becoming bigger and 01:35 bigger there's now a big enough market 01:36 for the manufacturers or some of the 01:38 manufacturers to break away from what 01:41 the UCI say and just go crazy with their 01:43 designs and just make them as fast as 01:45 they possibly can which i think is great 01:47 and I think it's crazy that the UCI 01:49 don't let the designers go with the time 01:51 trial bikes because why not 01:53 you know this is the whole point of 01:54 racing is to develop new ideas and new 01:57 technology to help normal people 02:00 so come on UCI let's go crazy so this is 02:03 the Civello p5 x e tap fairly expensive 02:06 but pretty pretty radical design disc 02:09 brakes no seat tube and there's loads of 02:12 these these 02:13 interesting time trial bikes so here's 02:15 another one diamond I think that's a 02:17 pronounced a diamond 02:19 mark whiz mark wise and how you 02:21 pronounce that but again knows no seat 02:24 tube on that one I forget what you call 02:25 that framers right now but I do like 02:27 these massive Forks that they put on so 02:30 all very aerodynamic this one here the 02:32 Vinton one that literally is the most 02:34 ugly bike I've ever seen in my life 02:36 I don't know how to describe that but 02:38 obviously fast otherwise they wouldn't 02:40 have made it like that 02:41 and you can obviously get plenty of 02:42 liquid up here seems quite high up to 02:44 have a lot of liquid but there we go but 02:46 my favorite one of the crazy designs is 02:49 this one Wow look at that that's just 02:51 completely mental it's like Judge Dredd 02:54 bike or something very cool I'd love to 02:56 know what the numbers were of how fast 02:58 these bikes were all against each other 03:00 so these are those the triathlon TT 03:03 bikes that aren't governed by the UCI 03:05 rules but then moving into the ones that 03:08 are our first top manufacturer was 03:10 specialized and their TT bike is called 03:13 the Shiv now I can't find on their 03:16 website any way of buying the Shiv as a 03:18 complete bike you just get what they 03:20 call the S workshift TT module I guess 03:24 because TT bikes are very wheel specific 03:26 and people are gonna have their own 03:27 preferences for what wheels they want on 03:29 it I guess maybe that's why what 03:31 surprises me a lot is how they haven't 03:34 attempted to integrate the front brake 03:36 like a lot of the other time trial bikes 03:38 they do they usually put the brake at 03:40 the back or build them into the forks 03:41 but if they haven't done that whether or 03:43 not that just means it's an older design 03:45 or whether they don't think it's 03:47 necessary to do that I don't know 03:49 however the monster that is Tony Martin 03:51 used to ride the ship when he rode for 03:54 quickstep he now rides for Katusha and 03:56 rides Kenyans but in his heyday Tony 03:59 Martin on the shift was a formidable 04:01 force the only one I could find as a 04:03 complete bike was this one the Shiv 04:06 expert but yeah we don't need to look at 04:08 that one anymore cause it a bit rubbish 04:10 looking with silly wheels on it you're 04:12 never gonna do a time trial on those 04:14 wheels I okay so next up BMC and this is 04:18 the time machine zero one one don't 04:21 really know what that means 04:22 so the 2017 Hispania BMC won the 04:26 team time trial first stage that started 04:30 in NIEM in France they go well to 04:32 respond your starts in front one of the 04:34 top guys is Rowan Dennis from Australia 04:37 and he's a formidable time trialist and 04:40 I think that is the bike we're looking 04:41 at there but what confuses me is this 04:43 bit here so on the shop from BMC's 04:45 website the seatpost is in a different 04:48 position but a one row and Dennis's bike 04:50 it's there somebody will know what's 04:52 going on there if you know write in the 04:54 comments below maybe it's like you can 04:56 swap that round and have it in that bit 04:58 or sticking in that bit don't know if 05:00 you know let us know you got 404 on the 05:02 front 808 on the back nearly ten grand 05:05 do you erase di - lovely bike and super 05:08 fast obviously 05:09 next up Pinarello the bolide TT I'm 05:12 guessing that's how you pronounce it 05:13 so just for the frameset you're looking 05:15 at ten grand this is obviously the time 05:18 trial bike that Chris Froome rides and 05:20 you can't really argue with that 05:21 given the right TT course he's a 05:24 complete monster it's a very funky 05:26 design presumably all tested in the wind 05:28 tunnels and all that sort of thing 05:30 very close around here look at that 05:32 that's gonna be super arrow with the 05:34 disc on the back that's a very sexy 05:36 futuristic looking bike I think I'd love 05:38 to ever go on that and there's Chris 05:40 Froome riding the bolide at the World 05:43 Championships I think that probably is 05:45 check out the most symmetric chain ring 05:47 he's got on there that is pretty funky 05:49 okay so next up Scott plasma it's got 05:53 plasma premium Scott or one of the few 05:55 companies that list their weights and it 05:57 comes in a 8.6 5 kilograms and 11 grand 06:01 so it's super expensive I'd love to know 06:03 how many of these they sell a year 06:05 because they're not really mainstream 06:06 are they got the 404 zip on the front 06:09 you got the 808 zip on the back new di 06:12 to do race and you've got a drink system 06:15 on the front and the little thing to 06:17 hold your deal so that's all for 06:18 triathlon isn't it 06:19 so the UCI wouldn't allow that in a pro 06:21 peloton race next up Canyon speed max 06:24 some similarities there between the 06:26 designs certainly more so than between 06:29 those two or those two so this plasma 06:32 and the speed max are quite similar in 06:34 their designs ish the speed max 06:38 8.7 kilograms 5000 06:40 900 pounds it says only actually got the 06:43 old tegra on it and dt swiss wheels 06:46 you've got the same sort of storage 06:47 system I'm guessing that's a drinks 06:49 bottle what's that is that a foldable 06:51 straw or something again all those bits 06:54 stuck on or just before triathlon next 06:56 up giant Trinity what can I say about 06:59 that it's not a good-looking bike the 07:01 giant Trinity this is what I was talking 07:03 about here with the integrated front 07:05 brake specialised I haven't tried to 07:08 integrate that brake but the giant 07:10 Trinity no wait listed six thousand two 07:13 hundred and fifty pounds it's got the 07:15 nice shopping basket on the front yeah 07:17 I'm not a big fan of that don't like the 07:18 paint job I don't like the shape of it 07:20 and there's no point really in buying it 07:23 with these wheels on because you 07:25 wouldn't do a time trial with these 07:27 wheels on I've very much doubt notice 07:29 that bit sticking down there before is 07:31 that part of the frame but it's got the 07:33 ready tap on it always a fan of that and 07:35 does it come with the power meter looks 07:37 like so I guess the idea is you buy this 07:39 and then you stick your own wheels on it 07:41 but yeah this new the new paint jobs on 07:44 some of the Giants I'm just not a fan of 07:46 blue and red no nota 07:49 however is the it is the giant Trinity 07:51 that Tom Dumoulin rides when he spins it 07:54 up and gives it the beans it does look 07:56 pretty cool I'll give it that that guy 07:58 is an animal on a titi bike so that's 08:01 the giant Trinity last up Ridley Dean 08:03 again Ridley let themselves down with 08:06 their photography this bike would look 08:08 great I think if they'd taken a better 08:11 picture of it this is one of my favorite 08:12 looking ones actually if I'm honest I 08:14 love the shape of the frame I've got the 08:16 808 on the front and on the back got the 08:18 old do race di2 08:20 nice and tight round there I think this 08:22 is a lovely looking bike integrated 08:24 front brake got the back brake 08:25 underneath that's the sexy bike I like 08:28 that so that's the TT bikes from our top 08:31 seven manufacturers I gotta be 08:32 completely honest I've never ridden a TT 08:34 bike I would love to have a go on one I 08:37 have done a time trial before on my 08:38 normal Road bike with deep section 08:41 tubular tires on it and I thought I was 08:43 going pretty quick 08:44 until the TT bike started coming past me 08:46 and they are crazy quick and they make a 08:50 great noise when they come up behind you 08:51 and they are scare really fast 08:53 so there we go I'd love to have gone one 08:55 just purely by what they look like I 08:57 think my favorite have got to be well 09:00 this one the Ridley Dean and the bolide 09:03 TT from Pinarello I think they are super 09:07 cool looking bikes but also this puppy 09:11 look at that that is straight out of 09:13 Blade Runner so there we go if you liked 09:15 the video give us a thumbs up and if you 09:18 subscribe to my channel I will consider 09:20 making some more videos cooler Monday 09:22 thanks for watching