7 Best Road bikes in 2017 UCI World Tour PT3

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Video Transcript
00:00 okay so this is part three of my UCI 00:02 World Tour manufacturer best of 2017 and 00:06 if you saw part 1 and part 2 you'll know 00:09 how I got to these top 7 manufacturers 00:12 so you can go back and look at those if 00:13 you haven't seen them and in this video 00:15 part 3 I'm looking at lightweight bikes 00:17 or all-round bikes whatever you want to 00:19 call them really these probably get 00:21 ridden the most in the peloton as they 00:23 go up and down hills and ride along the 00:26 flat pretty quick so let's get started 00:28 the first thing I did like I did for the 00:30 Aero bikes was I had a quick look at 00:32 Google Trends typed in the name of each 00:34 bike and the manufacturer just to see 00:36 just to see what showed up really and 00:38 what shows up as they've been around for 00:40 a lot longer than the Aero bikes 00:41 obviously again you get these spikes in 00:44 around July time when the Tour de France 00:46 is on of this group here because you can 00:48 only put one two three four five you can 00:50 only put five into a Google trend search 00:53 specialized it way on top obviously with 00:56 that tarmac but then if you add in the 00:59 TCR from giant that's even bigger and 01:02 was around before the tarmac other works 01:04 things anyway so that's what connect the 01:06 Google Trends so straight on to the s 01:09 works tarmac ultralight very 01:11 nice-looking bike can't find a weight 01:13 for this bike so there's the irony this 01:16 works 01:16 Tomek ultralight and I've got no idea 01:19 how light which is annoying I'm very 01:22 much digging the white walls on these 01:25 s-works bikes very lovely all the normal 01:28 good gear very sexy looking bike I think 01:30 is there a disc version no on the 01:33 website I couldn't find a disc version 01:35 so don't know whether they're bringing 01:37 one out later on or whether they've 01:38 decided not to bother I don't know we'll 01:40 see so that's the tarmac very sexy bike 01:43 just a thing of note is the big 01:46 difference from the so this is the SL 6 01:49 I think yes now 5 the big difference is 01:52 the seat stays further down which 01:56 supposedly makes it more comfortable 01:57 this is quite a this is becoming quite a 02:00 thing now a lot of bikes with that that 02:03 dropped seat today ok so next on the 02:05 list was BMC and we talked about this 02:08 bike in part two for the Aero bikes 02:10 because I think for BMC it's basically 02:13 this 02:13 is in both categories it's basically 02:16 just a very good all-round very 02:18 aerodynamic bike I guess this is the 02:20 disc version of the team machine nestled 02:22 ro1 pretty pricey 10 grand forgot to say 02:27 yeah tarmacs 9 grand so this is a grand 02:30 more than the tarmac obviously got the 02:32 drop seats days as well but really much 02:34 the same equipment other than it's a 02:36 disc version is there a rim break 02:38 version yes but it's got different 02:41 cockpit and obviously there's got 02:43 exposed cables and different wheels so 02:46 there's a definite choice there 02:47 personally I would go for that one if I 02:51 was gonna get the team machine 02:52 good-looking bike I like that next up 02:54 was pimping Nerello and again we did 02:57 this in the Aero bike category as well 03:00 Chris Froome just rode this for 03:02 everything in the tour and won it so it 03:04 must be a pretty good bike what annoys 03:06 me about this photograph is the angle of 03:08 the cranks most photographs they either 03:10 angle it with the chainstay 03:12 or some of them angle it with the seat 03:15 tube but Pinarello it seems to be kind 03:17 of random unless it's aligned to that 03:19 but who knows so that I find a bit 03:21 annoying slightly cheaper than the team 03:23 machine aerobar yes there's a disc brake 03:26 version nice color scheme but I talked 03:28 about the Pinarello in the in part two 03:30 so go back and have a look at that if 03:32 you want to see more about that then 03:34 we've got the Scot addict RC ultimate 03:37 disc this has got the e tap on it as you 03:40 probably know gets the thumbs up from me 03:41 I definitely prefer these disc brakes 03:44 that aren't the big fat black ones these 03:48 ones so I'm guessing that these are the 03:51 SRAM ones should go and check that on 03:53 the website really I definitely prefer 03:55 the sort of more see-through look to 03:57 those and like so it's eater looks like 04:00 an aero bar GT Swiss wheels is their rim 04:03 brake version yes 04:04 faintly similar cockpits a bit different 04:06 not as Aero 04:07 and the bars are very different that 04:09 they come back quite a long way and this 04:10 is dura-ace di2 so those two definitely 04:15 prefer the disc brake myself with the e 04:17 tap and the very slightly deeper section 04:20 wheels that'd be my choice however the 04:22 rim brake version is 6.3 kilograms and 04:26 that's 6.7 so 04:27 very light bikes so moving on Canyon now 04:30 the first bike from Canyon I wanted to 04:32 show you was the ultimate CF Evo 10 04:36 point old Ltd Wow 04:39 what a bike and what a price so this is 04:43 the absolute top of the ultimate range 04:46 for people who really have got way too 04:49 much money 04:49 it's not even UCI legal to be UCI legal 04:53 it would have to be six point eight 04:54 kilograms so this is crazy light it's 04:57 got a tap on it and it's got this crazy 05:00 crank set called the clavicular which is 05:04 all carbon fiber and very light this 05:06 bike is incredibly light you've got the 05:08 Aero bars there and the other thing of 05:10 note are these lightweight wheels these 05:13 wheels cost four thousand seven hundred 05:15 and forty eight pounds on their own and 05:17 weigh in 1100 grams so they're super 05:22 super light so there we go that's the 05:24 Evo which none of us can afford it's 05:26 probably actually not many of us who can 05:28 afford this one but this is the this is 05:30 the next sort of top of the range so not 05:32 crazy Evo prices but sort of top of the 05:35 range ultimate and this is like the Aero 05:38 version of it even though there's the 05:40 error road Kenya narrow road this is the 05:42 Aero version of the ultimate which is a 05:44 disc disc version eat up again very 05:47 nice-looking bike arrow handlebars it's 05:51 got the zip 404s on it and it weighs 7.1 05:54 kilograms which for a disc bike is 05:57 pretty good so like in that we've got a 06:00 rim break version the ultimate CFS LX 06:03 9.0 di2 and this is lighter than the 06:07 disc so at six point seven kilograms and 06:09 it's a bit cheaper so if you want to 06:13 save a few quid you get this one it's 06:14 still the I to do race you got the 06:16 cosmic wheels that Mavic cosmic wheels 06:19 this is a solid bike can't really go 06:21 wrong with that 06:21 that'll do everything you asked it to do 06:23 on the road goodbye I would say next up 06:26 giant TCR this is the sl1 so not on SL 0 06:32 so it's actually one down the range but 06:34 there isn't the top of the range TCR 06:36 with discs on it no weights as ever 06:39 still a lovely bike but it 06:40 old Tegra so not di2 I don't I guess 06:44 these disks have got these sort of 06:46 inserts in for keeping the temperatures 06:49 down but they don't look as good today 06:50 they don't look as good as they don't 06:53 look as good as the SRAM disks which are 06:56 much more light and see-through I 06:59 definitely prefer the surround ones to 07:02 look at not ridden with either got giant 07:04 wheels on climbing wheels still a solid 07:06 bike like that right so this is the SL 07:08 0e tap and that is quite a bit more 07:11 money and this is one of the top of the 07:12 range TC RS very nice bike and then you 07:16 can also get the dura-ace version di - 07:19 that's basically the same bike except 07:21 with di - again I think I would 07:23 definitely go SRAM even the brakes look 07:26 smaller and lighter even the rim brakes 07:29 that's the TCR then we've got the last 07:32 or the seventh manufacturer Ridley their 07:35 helium bike so this is their lightweight 07:38 climbing rounder yep it looks it looks 07:42 ok it's not it's not really getting me 07:45 particularly excited one of the big 07:46 things I think about Ridley is their 07:48 photos a little bit soft and a bit 07:50 they've got no punch so I did a little 07:52 bit of photoshop on it and I think that 07:54 looks better just gives it a bit more 07:56 punch also on the Ridley website I can 07:59 only find out Tegra di - I can't find 08:01 any do erase they'll eat out could be 08:03 the top of their range but there might 08:04 be one higher up but I can't find the 08:06 price as I wait for it anyway so who 08:08 knows not keen on the fulcrum aluminium 08:11 wheels they looked cheap to me like the 08:14 rotor cranks said that's not much to say 08:17 about that one really no way that's the 08:20 lightweight bike category if I had to 08:22 buy one if I happen to have the whole 08:24 shed load of money I think this is your 08:26 best value for money this one here five 08:28 eight nine nine under seven kilos that's 08:31 a proper good bike for that money but if 08:33 I could have any of these bikes that I 08:34 wanted yeah I think it would be the 08:36 s-works tow my ultralite I'm starting to 08:38 realize I'm a bit of an S Works fanboy 08:40 because I went for the S works on the 08:43 arrow video as well part two so there we 08:45 go 08:45 if I had nine grand and didn't need to 08:47 feed my kids that's the one I would get 08:50 if I had that type of money a bit less 08:52 I'd get that one 08:54 it is I can't afford either of these 08:55 bikes so we'll never know anyway if you 08:57 liked my videos give me a thumbs up and 08:59 subscribe and I will start making the 09:02 part 4 which is about the time trial 09:05 bikes from these manufacturers