7 Best Aero Road Bikes in 2017 UCI World Tour PT2

In Part 1 I worked out which manufacturers won the most UCI World Tour races and compiled the top 7. In this video I look at each of the top 7's offerings in the Aero Road bike category and decide which is my favourite. S-Works Venge ViAS Disc Di2 Teammachine SLR01 DISC TEAM PINARELLO DOGMA F10 SCOTT FOIL PREMIUM DISC BIKE Canyon AEROAD CF SLX 9.0 LTD Giant Propel Advanced SL 0 Disc Ridley Noah SL Disc Ultegra Di2
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Video Transcript
00:00 so this is part two of my top 00:01 manufacturers of 2017 UCI World Tour so 00:06 in this part I'm going to look at the 00:08 offerings from the top manufacturers and 00:11 if you saw part one you'll have seen how 00:13 I got to the top manufacturers and I 00:15 basically taught it up all the race 00:17 winners from 2017 00:20 added them all up and specialized came 00:22 out on top so there's basically three 00:24 different categories that the pros can 00:26 choose from really Aero bikes 00:27 lightweight all-round racing bikes and 00:30 their time trial bike so I thought first 00:32 of all we look at Aero bikes these tend 00:34 to be the bikes the guys will use on the 00:36 flat stages or the flatter stages with a 00:39 few exceptions which we'll come to as we 00:42 get to them but the first thing I did 00:43 was I looked at the bikes and Google 00:45 Trends a staff interesting we need to 00:47 see which ones are most popular and 00:49 which ones get talked about the most and 00:51 the other thing that pops up from that 00:52 is you can see kind of when the bikes 00:55 were introduced as well so you can see 00:57 that the F 10 which is in the yellow the 00:59 Pinarello 10 which is basically the 01:01 Pinarello Dogma f 10 didn't turn up 01:03 until much later than the other bikes 01:05 there wasn't their fate so that's just 01:08 the F 10 the other thing that you notice 01:11 here is that we get these peaks that 01:13 tends to be in July when the Tour de 01:15 France is on there's obviously a lot 01:16 more interest in bikes around those 01:18 times but we can see here that the Venge 01:21 and the foil so specialized venge and 01:24 Scot foil pretty much looked like they 01:25 were the first real options as a narrow 01:27 bike according to this and then giant 01:31 have introduced that propel and Canyon 01:34 era Road Canyon 01:38 they're numbers that we have a bit 01:39 skewed really anyway that's just a quick 01:41 look at the trends there so obviously 01:43 specialized one so we're gonna have them 01:45 up first and they're offering is the 01:48 specialized fringe oh my god what a 01:51 gorgeous bike is all I can say about 01:52 that this is the top of the range bias 01:55 disc di2 got a proper price as well nine 01:58 thousand pounds but it's got all the all 02:00 the good stuff do you ace think that's a 02:03 carbon s-works crank 02:04 he's got the discs the only thing I'm 02:07 not a major fan on of is the stem which 02:10 i think looks a bit weird but maybe it 02:12 looks better in the flesh 02:13 you can also get the e tap version 02:16 slightly cheaper and on this one it's 02:18 obviously Schramm's eater which i think 02:21 is one I would go for if ever I had that 02:24 kind of money 02:25 I love e tap it's just so cool okay is 02:27 there a rim break version not really as 02:30 far as I can see from the UK website 02:31 there's the elite under the American 02:34 website there isn't even one on the UK 02:36 website but it looks like last year's 02:38 frame so no not really a rim break one 02:41 so next up PMC now on their website 02:44 they've got this thing in their sort of 02:46 Aero category yeah I'm not sure it's for 02:49 real really it's it's a bit of a dodgy 02:51 looking bite and I'm not sure I've ever 02:53 seen the pros riding that one however 02:55 what I think they probably do ride is 02:57 the team machine which is a whole 02:59 different proposition and looks pretty 03:01 Aero to me there's no cables going on 03:03 there it's got decent wheels on it it's 03:06 got the dual race on it I think that's a 03:08 pretty splendid looking bike that ten 03:10 grand would I buy that over the Venge 03:13 if go on this one's more around I guess 03:16 can you get a rim break version yes you 03:18 can 03:18 cockpit is different you got all the 03:20 cables sticking out there oh I 03:21 definitely go disc I think okay that's 03:24 BMC so next we've got Pinarello and in 03:27 the Pinarello camp we have the dogma f10 03:31 now this one is an exception to the rule 03:33 as we all know Chris Froome won the Tour 03:35 de France on it and welter espana you 03:39 may have been riding the F 10 X which is 03:42 the ultralight one but it's basically 03:44 the same bike so we'll look at this one 03:46 and nine thousand two hundred and fifty 03:49 quid so it's in the same sort of range 03:50 it's a pretty cool-looking bike kind of 03:53 groovy that's a narrow bar there nice 03:55 paint scheme dura-ace di2 yeah I'm not 03:59 sure I buy that myself because it's a 04:01 little bit fancy dancy but if you like 04:03 that sort of thing I'm sure that's 04:04 pretty cool so this is this is the rim 04:06 brake version is there a disparate 04:08 version yes again I think that looks 04:10 pretty cool that she liked that little 04:11 fin on the on the fork there di2 again 04:14 yeah I like the paint paint work on that 04:17 oh yeah it's a pretty cool bike couldn't 04:18 find a price for that one day so that's 04:20 the Pinarello and next up came scott and 04:23 in the Scott camp we've got this it's 04:25 the Scot foil premium disc bike and this 04:29 is a pretty groovy bike very expensive 04:32 they're ten thousand one hundred pounds 04:34 but it's pretty light 7.25 kilograms 04:37 it's got all the same stuff as the 04:39 others di two discs however we've got 04:43 the zip wheels on there 04:44 what are those 303's yes so they're the 04:46 303 pretty cool aero bar see a few 04:49 cables there that's point off now these 04:52 days because lots of them don't show 04:53 cables now they've also got a little fin 04:55 on the Fox it's pretty cool I like that 04:57 and a through axle obviously cuz it's 04:58 disc should be the same at the back I 05:01 think I ride mountain bikes and I like 05:03 the through X or was there cool make it 05:05 slightly longer to get the wheels on 05:07 enough but hey hey is there a rim break 05:09 version yes there is however it's pretty 05:12 light 6.8 kilograms but does this count 05:15 as a narrow bike it's kind of not really 05:18 got the wheels for it it's also 05:19 mechanical and the other weird thing is 05:21 when you look between the disc and the 05:24 rim break one what's going on here I 05:27 looked at the measurements on the Scot 05:29 website and it says that they're the 05:30 same radius unless I was reading them 05:32 wrong so I don't understand what that 05:34 big jump is there I don't really know 05:35 what's going on there whether it's a 05:37 different size frame but basically I 05:39 line up the front wheels that was a 05:41 different frame you would see the 05:43 wheelbase changed a lot more so I find 05:45 that kind of weird however this is a 05:47 pretty cool bike and in 2016 might have 05:50 changed a little bit but in 2016 05:52 haiman one pretty much my favorite race 05:54 on it the very Roubaix and well he 05:58 obviously enjoyed winning and that makes 06:00 me laugh every time I tell you that but 06:02 that was his bite there he's got to do a 06:04 race wheels on that one pretty cool ok 06:07 so next up Canyon and what if Canyon got 06:10 for us well as usual Canyon lifting the 06:13 bar and we've got a pretty stunning 06:16 weight here of six point seven kilograms 06:18 a pretty stunning price if you can 06:20 afford these kind of prices and a pretty 06:22 stunning bike really we've got the Aero 06:25 bars can still see a few cables there 06:27 and we've obviously got do you erase the 06:29 I - but the showstopper on this one is 06:32 we've got the zip four or five for NSW 06:34 carbon clincher disc wheels and they 06:37 cost pretty much three 06:39 a half grand so to get them on a bike 06:41 like this that's pretty cool and they've 06:43 got the sort of wavy pattern on them 06:45 which is supposed to be more aerodynamic 06:47 is there a disc version of this yes 06:50 there is a disc version bit cheaper 06:52 because it hasn't got those wheels on it 06:54 it's got the four oh four wheels on it 06:57 without the wavy pattern a little bit 06:59 heavier but hey still a very cool bike 07:02 with neat app on it eat up so cool isn't 07:04 it although that's a lot of money to 07:05 have dangling in the mud all day if 07:08 you're out with a ride and it starts 07:10 raining there we go so that's Canyon 07:13 offering next up giant giant in sixth 07:16 place right then 07:18 it's the propel a bike that I've 07:20 absolutely loved over the years but the 07:23 big butt on this one there's two big 07:25 bucks for me 07:26 there's the stem but looks like it's but 07:28 just kind of weird and then the 07:30 paintwork I don't know what giant I 07:32 think in there but it looks like 07:34 something it looks like a crazy design I 07:37 went crazy with it maybe it'll grow on 07:39 me I don't know anyway you're looking at 07:41 9 grand for this version do to comes 07:44 with the giant arrow wheels slightly 07:47 shallower at the front deeper at the 07:49 back which is a pretty cool setup in the 07:51 wind because it means the front wheel 07:53 doesn't get affected as much but you get 07:54 the aerodynamic benefits at the back 07:56 I've done a video on this one that you 07:58 could find on my channel that's probably 08:00 enough about that one 08:01 is there a rim brake version not really 08:03 not unless you buy what basically looks 08:05 like a repainted last year's model so if 08:07 you really want rim brake you can if you 08:09 want don't get the new frame so that's 08:11 giant and then we have in seventh place 08:13 Ridley and they're offering is the 08:16 riddling Noah 08:17 that's the Aero bike and I think I'm 08:20 right in saying Andre Greipel rides this 08:23 when he attempts to win sprint stages 08:25 this is my probably my least favorite 08:28 looking of all the bikes we've looked at 08:30 today Ridley don't seem to be helping 08:32 themselves with their photography it all 08:34 looks a bit soft and I don't know it 08:37 just isn't punching out out at me I 08:39 think they could have made that look 08:40 better so you've got pretty shallow 08:41 wheels on it I can't find a price I 08:43 can't find a weight I'm not sure they 08:44 sell many of these in the UK 08:46 what do like is I like the rotor crank 08:50 set and chain rings and 08:52 of this the di - yeah I've got disks on 08:55 it and is there rim break version yes 08:58 there is I think actually looks better 09:01 doesn't it it's good 09:02 I'm aerobar on it don't really like the 09:04 wheels though I'm not a big fan of they 09:06 look like so cheap aluminium folk crumbs 09:09 to me Darren I can't find a price and 09:11 what I did find a bit weird perhaps one 09:14 of you guys all know is the rotor crank 09:17 arm changes between the two very very 09:19 slightly what that's all about 09:21 there we go right so those are the bikes 09:24 in the Aero category I think probably I 09:27 think this one's my favorite I love the 09:29 paint job on this it's gorgeous 09:31 what I'd like is that but the e type 09:34 gearing on it but not as keen on that 09:36 paintwork I'd like to see that the 09:38 handlebar set up in real life it did 09:41 have big girl wings on at one point a 09:43 few years ago and they looked a bit 09:44 weird I can't tell if that's the same so 09:46 there we go 09:47 part three is coming up and then part 09:49 three I look at the lightweight 09:50 offerings from the manufacturers and 09:52 then in part four I'll be looking at the 09:54 time trial bikes so if you like my 09:56 videos give them a thumbs up and 09:57 subscribe