2017 UCI World Tour best manufacturer PT1

The 2017 UCI World Tour season is nearly finished, with only a handful of races left. In this video, Part 1, I go back through this years results and workout which manufacturers have been the most successful. Some of the results I found surprising. Then in the next 3 parts I look at the offerings from the top 7 manufacturers in the Aero, Lightweight and Time Trial categories to see which I would consider buying if I had a large suitcase full of cash!
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Video Transcript
00:00 the 2017 UCI World Tour has pretty much 00:04 finished there's a few races left that 00:07 one's been done currently watching the 00:09 tour of Turkey that's all at the moment 00:11 but what I did was I've looked by in 00:14 fact I've watched every single one of 00:15 these races but what I've done is I've 00:17 gone back through all the results and 00:18 taught it up which manufacturer won each 00:22 race so take for example pay Ruby that 00:27 was won by Greg Van evermart this year 00:29 and he rides for BMC so I put that down 00:32 as a mark for BMC so basically there's 00:35 been a hundred and sixty five races now 00:38 if you include the Tour de France Giro 00:40 d'Italia and the Vuelta a Espana each of 00:43 those stages I discounted as as if they 00:46 were an actual single race so each 00:49 manufacturer that won a stage got a 00:50 point if you look at the eighteen World 00:53 Tour teams there's two teams Bora hums 00:57 grow and quickstep floors that ride 01:00 specialized bikes and there's actually 01:01 two teams movie star and Katusha a 01:04 person that ride Kenyan bikes so they're 01:06 the only two manufacturers with two 01:08 teams each so we need to bear that in 01:10 mind 01:10 so after totting it all up which took 01:12 quite a long time I worked out that 01:14 specialized one of their bikes had won 01:17 39 races BMC 20 Pinarello 15 Scott 14 01:22 and so on so what I did is I took that 01:24 data and I turned that into a little pie 01:26 chart to get a visual idea of which 01:29 manufacturer has done the best this 01:31 season clearly bear in mind they've got 01:33 two teams specialized away at the top of 01:36 the pile however even if you took their 01:39 39 wins and split that as if it was two 01:42 different teams they would still pretty 01:44 much be at the top alongside BMC who 01:46 have only got one team so look at the 01:48 pie chart things that occurred to me 01:51 BMC I never expected them to be second I 01:53 don't think of them as as big as that so 01:55 that was a bit of a surprise for me 01:57 Pinarello third what with Chris Froome 01:59 winning the Tour de France and the 02:00 welter probably not such a big surprise 02:03 at their third fourth Scott yeah I was 02:05 quite surprised that Scott were above 02:07 giant and Kenyan so expected Kenyan to 02:09 be higher Scott I've obviously got or I 02:13 could 02:14 as their team orica-greenedge this year 02:18 Orica Scott okay they're called Erica 02:20 Scott this year changes every year and 02:23 then Canyon who have got two teams you'd 02:25 expect them to be higher so that's 02:26 probably disappointing for them 02:27 giant pretty much the biggest bicycle 02:28 manufacturer in the world so that's 02:30 disappointing for them and then Ridley I 02:32 think of us being a fairly small company 02:34 so to be in the top top seven that's 02:36 that's pretty good really you've got 02:38 some losers in there so I suspect Marida 02:41 would expect better Civello would expect 02:44 better cannon day or to expect better 02:45 trek you would expect a lot better they 02:48 only won three percent of the World Tour 02:50 races in 2017 laughs yeah fair enough I 02:53 guess Colnago are gone 18 Bianchi Ridley 02:57 probably one of the most miserable 02:59 manufacturers gonna be factored who 03:01 sponsored a World Tour team this year 03:03 and they're way down 03:05 pretty much level with Diamondback you 03:06 don't even have a UCI World Tour team 03:09 who still managed to get to UCI stage 03:11 wins so the reason I did all this 03:13 research is because I want to work out 03:15 which bike if I was gonna buy a new bike 03:18 right now I would contemplate buy with 03:20 the knowledge that certain manufacturers 03:23 win a lot more races than other 03:25 manufacturers possibly implying that 03:28 that manufacturer makes the better bikes 03:30 that's up to you to decide whether you 03:32 think that's correct but that's one way 03:34 of looking at it the more races you win 03:36 on that bike the bear the bike is 03:37 obviously it's up to the rider but it's 03:39 chicken and egg isn't it good riders not 03:41 gonna ride a crap bike and vice versa so 03:44 this is part one of a four-part video 03:46 that I'm making this has explained how I 03:48 got my results and then in the other 03:50 three parts of this video I'm going to 03:52 look at the offerings from these 03:54 manufacturers in three different 03:56 categories we've got the arrow bike 03:58 category the lightweight bike category 04:01 and then the TT by category and in the 04:05 other parts of this video I'll go 04:07 through all the offerings in those 04:09 different categories from those top 04:11 manufacturers so if you like the idea of 04:13 looking at those bikes stay tuned for 04:16 the other parts of this video that 04:17 should come up afterwards and give me a 04:20 thumbs up